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Other 1984-esque roleplay?

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by emms, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. emms

    emms eskimo Clockwork Customer

    how would a serious roleplay similar to that of the universe of george orwell's 1984 sound?
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  2. Bender

    Bender Clockwork Customer Active Member

    honestly i think something close to Ayn Rand's "Anthem" would be fucking dank
  3. corrin

    corrin hot boat sex Active Member

    banal. hl2rp city roleplay is already banal as is, really.

    unless you want to do something like SSTRP on a floating fortress like setting
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  4. Gmod role play itself is a microcosm of 1984 in something as basic as server management and the abuse of playerbases by donor-centricism. You'd be hard-pressed not to find a cyberpunk themed 1984 in any HL2RP server you join (both IC and OOC), and even harder pressed to find players worthy and willing to play great, original characters like Orwell's, let alone to find those with enough of an attention span to sit down and explore the themes of the literature in-depth.

    Also, it doesn't help that there's no graphic gun violence in 1984 (only on telescreens for the purposes of conditioning)... and if you're going to add in the violent conflict that Gmod players crave then, well, Laidlaw already has you covered.
  5. dead flag blues

    dead flag blues "...ours is a world of nuclear giants..." Templar Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Why not try something based off from "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep"? Dystopian settings are great for atmosphere but the whole 'oppression' gameplay gets redundant after playing HL2 servers.
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    Last edited: Jun 8, 2017
  6. If I remember correctly, aren't the majority of the people in the book aside from bounty hunter and the corp guys have substantial physical/ mental
    disabilities caused by the atomic war? I think it's pointed out in the book that Deckard stays on earth because of his job and not because of the UN's eugenic policy of only allowing fit and mentally able people to leave the planet. I personally think most people will dislike being forced to role-play their character that way.
  7. dead flag blues

    dead flag blues "...ours is a world of nuclear giants..." Templar Clockwork Customer Active Member

    @Mars If you remember an earlier rendition of Precinct.One, I would imagine it not being too far off from that (minus the HL2 integration).
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  8. MibNic

    MibNic Guest

    Zombo and I hope to produce a server based off of the School of Athens. It seems uncanny, but the release of this server may well kill HL2RP forever, as there will be no point to play on any other servers with it in existence.
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  9. noel

    noel Active Member


    P-1 was literally this, we basically took all the factions in 1984 and reformatted them into HL2RP. It was a good concept but people didn't seem to dig it that much, I think that was probably more due to the actual rules of the server and it's roleplaying standards not the theme so it could work if you make it actually fun (which P1 wasnt imo).

    Here's our faction picture to give you an idea:

  10. Perhaps a Brave New World server could work? It's kinda the opposite of a typical dystopian society, and the interactions between the different castes would be neat to see. The erotic elements and the fact there's no outlet for conflict might make it difficult to create a server in this setting, though.
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  11. noel

    noel Active Member

    and having ppl RP as literal braindead workers might be hard, at least it would be unique though
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  12. The lower classes aren't 'braindead' exactly, I think. They're given enough brain damage and physical impairments to make them servile or more easy to be manipulated by the gov. Still, I get what you're trying to say that people dislike playing as inferior characters. I actually mentioned it in my first comment on the thread. I guess I got caught up in my idea before I noticed the major flaw.
  13. noel

    noel Active Member

    It'd be cool to see, I think it would end up similar to black mesa or something, whether or not people would like that I'm not sure
  14. willy pete

    willy pete i'm going to cut off your face and wear it Active Member

    i'm sorry but nobody wants to rp being a worker drone in a drab world where any kind of individuality is punished by an overbearing omnipresent political entity.

    at least in hl2rp they won't throw you in some miniluv knockoff for being an interesting character
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  15. I was just throwing out ideas but I get what you mean. A custom schema needs a central conflict that new players can easily enter and it needs an open narrative that allows people to have a diverse set of characters.
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