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Atomic Abandoned Life|Fallout:New Vegas

Discussion in 'Communities' started by Doris, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]
    Abandoned Life takes place within the Mojave Desert, Year 2279(One year before, the events of F:NV).
    Abandoned Life also takes one year after the events of Project:Unity.
    Abandoned Life is an attempt to restore Fallout Serious Roleplay.
    This is officially my first thread, that belongs to an actual server that's mine.(I made 3 previous threads, for friends since their asses are to lazy smh)

    I'm Kamucaz&This is Abandoned Life, Abandoned Life is my attempt at restoring F:NV Serious Roleplay, as I've encountered lots of cringe on F:RP.
    Abandoned Life encourages you to take realism as far as you like(ex. rping stages of radiation-sickness, etc.)
    Abandoned Life Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AbandonedLifeRP
    Abandoned Life Content Pack: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=458358142

    2050--Resource War Begins
    2052-Vault construction begins
    2077--The Great War Begins
    2077--Canada gets annexed to South(by US)
    2079--US focuses on Atom-Generated Weaponry
    2150--The bombs fall across the Globe, Vaults across the nation become filled.
    2151--A mass-super species(Super-Mutants/Nightkin) is created using FEV(Forced Evolutionary Virus)
    2154--Vault 17 is raided by unknown sources&inhabitants taken prisoner by unknown sources, turned into Super-Mutants
    2155--Gun Runners begin their career manufacturing weaponry
    2162-Vault Dweller defeats The Master,Master's Army scrambles into chaos.
    2190--Vault 70 Opens, New Jerusalem is founded within ruins of Salt Lake City.
    2198--Enclave resumes work on pre-war technologies(power-armor variations)
    2215--Dick Richardson rises to power within the Enclave.
    2235-Enclave begins experimentation on Deathclaws, sending them throughout the Wasteland.
    2277--Fallout 3 Begins
    2279-Abandoned Life begins.

    The Brotherhood of Steel was founded around the early 2050's.
    The tools of war have changed, from bronze to iron then steel eventually plutonium.
    Those across the wasteland, have reported to see towering soldiers march across the wasteland covered in metal-armor.
    Brotherhood of Steel are one of the technological-factions within the wasteland their power augments their strength&protects them from arm, and makes them an elite force.
    The brotherhood lacks numbers within the Mojave Wasteland, however what they lack in number make up in extreme brute-force.

    200 Years ago, before the Great-War America's top ranking Political leaders had remained hidden in a base.
    Whilst, America is burning within a pit-fire, those Leaders remained safe; What is now known as the Enclave, is the result of Political Leaders breeding for generations, to bring kids.
    The Enclave spent decades attempting to improve pre-war weaponry and technology, They quickly grown advanced in the Wasteland.
    Vertibirds give The Enclave a massive advantage, over a majority of factions within the Wasteland.
    The enclave focus on improving pre-war technology unlike the BOS who focus on preserving it.
    The Enclave had engineered a virus, operated horrid experiments and had created a super-species of Deathclaws.
    One of the Enclave's horrid creations was a man titled "Frank Horrigan", It isn't clear what Frank Horrigan is.
    Rumor says, remnants of the Enclave remain in the Mojave Wasteland.

    The New California Republic had started out in a small-village titled 'Shady Sands', gaining a alliance with the BOS.
    The New California Republic had been successfully led by "President" Tandy, daughter of Shady Sand's Mayor.
    Soon, The Hub&Bone-Yard had gladly joined the NCR.
    The NCR was greatly keen on gaining territory, to the extent of playing dirty-tricks on Vault-City so they'd become unified.
    The NCR had greatly expanded throughout Arizona&Nevada, The BOS had quickly gave up their alliance with the NCR over power.
    The BOS&NCR had found themselves fighting bloody-battles over a place titled "HELIOS ONE", which was an excellent source of energy.
    The NCR makes up in excellent numbers however, Numbers isn't the only thing the NCR has. The NCR has The Rangers.
    Rangers are made up of the only elite members, unlike the BOS Ranger's aren't bred for perfection, They're chosen by loyalty and skill.
    The NCR had set sights on the Hoover-Dam, finding themselves throat-to-throat with a legion of blood-thirsty killers.

    There's a certain man that lies within Nevada his name is Caesar, Caesar uses the Roman Empire for inspiration, for his new-army.
    Edward Sallow originates from 'The Followers of the Apocalypse', being sent out on a mission to study Tribes across the wasteland.
    Edward thought it was his duty, to civilize these Tribes yet did he know, he'd create a blood-thirsty legion.
    Edward's fascination with Rome&It's leaders had caused Edward to change his name to Caesar, after relating him with Caesar.
    Caesar had forged the tribal's of Utah,Nevada,Colorado into a army, using 36 Tribes in all; Men who've survived mass-genocides of their tribes, were forced into Caesar's Legion.
    Caesar's Legion focuses on one simple thing..dying for their leaders, gaining Unity. One mass genocide at a time.
    Caesar's love of the old-times, doesn't keep him focused on old-tech, Caesar's Men are also equipped with new-tech.
    Caesar believes in slow-painful death, even his most elite's have the chance of suffering his wrath.
    Caesar's Legion is currently tied up in between the New California Republic, fighting over the Hoover-Dam.

    The Wastelander's are neutral Civilians who walk across the Mojave Wasteland.
    Wastelander's come from Vaults,Survivors of Bombs-Falling, etc.
    Wastelander's are able to create their own small-groups, not fully being Factions, create settlements/towns.
    Wastelander's aren't apart of any Faction, but are able to hold preferences over one faction.
    Wastelander's are targeted by certain Factions, or creatures across the waste; They aren't equipped properly to take on factions by themselves.
    Wastelander's are able to join up in Factions however, that doesn't mean Wastelander's can join any Faction, without being wary.
    Wastelander's can be deemed as "un-fit" or "scum", by certain amounts of Factions, which qualifies them as Targets.
    Rumor says, There's small amount of Wastelander's who lack human-appearances, but still have sentience.

    The Talon Company originates from the Capital Wasteland and have expanded far across the wasteland.
    Talon Company is a mercenary organization, They take various jobs, from bounty hunting to fighting against super-mutants.
    The men&women of Talon Company are vicious,elite,highly-trained killers. Killing anyone who doesn't wear their emblem.
    Talon Company follow simple orders, keep the Wasteland a lawless, disorganized place.
    Talon Company can be found anywhere, they put loot and cash ahead of everything else; They'll attack groups just for loot.
    Talon Company have a resentful attitude to "do-gooders" and will most likely hunt them down, without having a reason.
    Talon Company is ranked 3rd in Weaponry power, as well with brute-strength being directly under the Brotherhood of Steel.
    Talon Company are hostile to anyone but themselves, however they'll only engage in fighting if provoked.

    Super Mutants are mutated humans, products of experimentation by Forced Evolutionary Virus(FEV).
    They're much taller(ranging from 8ft-20ft), bulkier and muscular than pure humans, They have green,gray or yellowish skin.
    Super Mutants are immune to disease and is noted to heal from Radiation, rather than gain sickness.
    Super Mutants are gifted with super-strength&endurance, which makes them the ultimate power-house.
    Super Mutants are completely sterile, their cells rapidly regenerate which makes them virtually biologically immortal.
    Super Mutants have extremely tough skin,muscle and bone-structure are well enhanced beyond human norm.
    Super Mutants constantly grow and grow as time goes on, some will grow to the point of 3 stories high.
    Super Mutants used to follow the rule of 'The Master', due to The Master's death Super Mutants have split up.
    Super Mutants will prey upon Humans, for food and expanding their numbers to hopefully take over the waste's once again.
    The Enclave currently contain loads of FEV, which're used to create super-soldiers; Frank Horrigan is the product of Enclave.

    I hope you've enjoyed reading this thread!
    This thread will be updated constantly, since the Server isn't fully-released yet!.
    Forums will be coming up, later this week!
    Stay Tuned for more!

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    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 11, 2015
  2. Technically, isn't this against some sort of rules? Posting a a different framework server on a c16 clockwork forum? I mean, if people start joining and it gets popular, isn't that against the interest of c16, as then it populates a gamemode in direct competition?

    Sorry, just i felt if i didn't bring this up, someone else is going to.

    Where does c16 stand on promoting a different framework?

    Looks alright. Seems to hold promise, looking forward to the site.. (unless it's another pirated xf clone..) :cool:
  3. My bad, I never thought of it that way; I never really intended any sorta competition. I'll remove it I suppose.
    I was thinking of using nfoservers for the forums.
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  4. SirMush

    SirMush cool kid

    You've spent a while on it. You shouldn't.
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  5. No, No, No. Not the Thread itself!, That'd be seriously incompetent for me to just delete the thread, like that.
    I meant the section that points out I'll be using a different framework for the server; since I cant find the Clockwork Schema for F:NV.
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  6. Lev

    Lev certified honorable guy Crusader


    My bad. I was informed that we are supposed to be ignoring these kinda ads. Good luck @Kame!
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    Last edited: Jun 5, 2015
  7. Vamure

    Vamure ur dad is on grinder Active Member

    will the Enclave be the remnants? Like in FO:NV
  8. Sixx

    Sixx presidential #1 Legend

    If DUST can be an a different framework being advertised on C16 without issues then as far as I'm concerned, this can too.
    @RJ actually told me I'm not allowed to post about any of my a different framework schemas, but whatever man.
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  9. Yes, The Enclave will play the same role as in FO:NV However, They will be slightly more equipped rather than being a few old men playing poker in a crummy-town.
  10. Edit-- The Enclave also, won't be as common as the BOS; since, I don't think they'd still be as powerful anymore due to Frank Horrigan dying in FO:2,Liberty Prime taking out mass-amounts of the Enclave's forces over on the east-coast. but then again, this is far from the East..so, maybe they will make a come-back at some point, who knows?
  11. alexanderk

    alexanderk a Templar

    I for one think script competition is needed for a healthy environment.

    Anyway, looks cool. Good luck.
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  12. Dr. Clementine

    Dr. Clementine Active Member

    This looks beautiful. I am joining immediately (if anyone's on.)
  13. Update #1
    1)Added two new Factions(Talon Company&Super Mutants) w/ Information.
    2)Improved information for Wastelanders
    3)Official Group has been created along with Content Pack.
    4)Added/Corrected Information for certain factions, lacking proper/correct Information.
    5)Fixed Grammatical issues.
    Forums will be coming up, later this week.
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