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HL2RP Acentri Network

Discussion in 'Communities' started by BriskHound, Aug 11, 2017 at 9:53 PM.

  1. [​IMG]
    [An image capture of two Metro Police Officers vigilant of the night.]
    [The image above, depicting the current life of espionage units.]
    [A propaganda image, showing a ground unit and an elevated officer.]

    Acentri is about the common life of citizens but has been spruced up to have something meaningful to happen to each character. To have a story, to have a drive of what generic servers lack. This server is a gateway to Half Life 2 Roleplay. Teaching players and allowing the veterans to thrive and allow them to do what they'd never have the opportunity to do on other servers. The server aims to be orthodox, but unorthodox at the same time.

    Acentri Network is a welcoming community, we invite new and veteran players to join us. We're a working community and cherish any reasonable feedback. You can join us on;
    and on discord;
    Our Workshop collection;
    Our Server IP(Which opens 7:00 PM EST N.A.);
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2017 at 11:01 PM
  2. SireElite

    SireElite what's the big fucking deal? Active Member

    thread is alright, add some colour or something to make it more lively lol
    but alot of content and pac3? :/
  3. We don't rely on Pac3, We're playing around with it and most likely won't use it unless we have reason to do so.
    It'll be restricted for the time being.

    Users will not have access, to add.
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  4. Tyrex

    Tyrex Active Member

    i have no particular interest in joining, but i'd like to give some advice in that there really isn't much to this that actually explains what your community is like, it just looks like a summary of hl2 canon to me
  5. Ah, Sorry. Thanks for the feedback, I'll be sure to add something to it.
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  6. Humblebumbled

    Humblebumbled Active Member


    To clarify, what makes your server unique? What events and changes have you made to make it more interesting?

    A personal question of mine is what are you planning to do with your economy? IE: how will contraband get in and out of the city, who will provide these goods and how?
  7. I'm curious of what you're trying to get at. I'm super curious if you're seriously adding anything to make the gameplay improve.
  8. Tommy

    Tommy used to be relevant Honorable

    your thread looks better than i thought you'd come up with

    as others have said, make sure you're mainly focusing on what makes your server unique, as opposed to just telling everyone the hl2 lore - anyone who actually views your thread as a server they might join should, hopefully, already know the canon

    as long as you can get your anger under control, keep darth cat from spawning himself weapons, and keep a firm but friendly grasp on your server staff, i think you'll do well