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alexanderk does armachair general

Discussion in 'Creative Media' started by alexanderk, Oct 10, 2015.

  1. Sim2014ftw

    Sim2014ftw le professional leaker

    Looks dope. Please do.
  2. alexanderk

    alexanderk a Templar

    I'll continue updating this, then. =)
  3. prom queen

    prom queen Guest

    Kan nie wag vir meer updates!
  4. alexanderk

    alexanderk a Templar

    Update: I've made it to A-10 pilot now, so I'll publish vids of that as soon as I start doing official ops. Woo!

    Thunder 6-4
    - 2nd Lt (T) Koch
  5. alexanderk

    alexanderk a Templar


    Sums up the operation we just did. We got absolutely wrecked pretty much 1 hour in. Spent 2 hours trying to rescue people.
  6. alexanderk

    alexanderk a Templar

    From my most recent A-10 training =)
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  7. alexanderk

    alexanderk a Templar

    I found a series of missions that could be cool to play with others if anyone here is interested. It'll have one mods (two depending on the amount of people), totalling at about 100Mb if not less. If anyone is interested, post here.

    Missions: http://whiztler.github.io/Wolfpack/
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  8. alexanderk

    alexanderk a Templar

  9. alexanderk

    alexanderk a Templar

    @Aflac has now joined me on the dark side, expect videos from me soon tm
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  10. Arma 3 has been something I've been wanting to get into for a while now, but it looks very intimidating watching you play, Alex. Oh well, I'll just stick to single player missions...
  11. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Staff Member Head Moderator Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    I've been trying TacBF again from lack of a super duper realism unit I can join. It's pretty gucci
  12. alexanderk

    alexanderk a Templar

    TacBF is fun, seems its popularity has died down a lot sadly
  13. Aflac

    Aflac Big Guy


    I'll make a video during tomorrows ftx
  14. Generisk Løytnant

    Generisk Løytnant Active Member

    i would play
    but some communities require me to actually participate
    which is problematic
  15. Aflac

    Aflac Big Guy

    I forgot

    here's some random screenshots

    bravo digging trenches

    bravo observing a russian who had hung himself in fear of the oncoming devil dogs

    task force moving along our exfil route
  16. klark

    klark α

    why the fuck is your sharpness so high
  17. Aflac

    Aflac Big Guy

    I assume you're asking why my anti-aliasing is low?
    Old map (and thus tree textures/tree mapping are uglier) and I have mine turned down a bit
  18. Aflac

    Aflac Big Guy

  19. alexanderk

    alexanderk a Templar

  20. Aflac

    Aflac Big Guy


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