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Other alexpill

Discussion in 'Communities' started by Zig, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. Zig

    Zig Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Shifting and pushing through eons, the world began to wrap itself around an idea of human mortar. Globalization had lead to an ever lasting feeling of disconnect from reality, personalities were now dead. The human mind was no longer at a state which it would attempt to trick itself into believing in individuality. Schools no longer taught children to be creative, instead pupils would flock together in belief that they were no different from each other- and that nothing could set them apart in the human cog of productivity in society. Based on these conceptualizations, mass employment was an expected product. It took no convincing, idea marketing, or payoff for anyone to set foot into what was believed to be the largest conglomerate workforce the Earth had ever seen.
    Earth has been overtaken by globalization of its people, castrated into a race between titans to ascend from the dirt. You are nothing but an instruction and basic requirement for it's path. Individuality is dead, all have conglomerated to work together in the second coming of the great pyramids. Slaves of the system roam wild and spread like disease, few are left who can leave the system. Those who leave the system are
    sent out into the remains of their own civilization, the lights left on and cities carrying on carelessly- with the cells empty. Anarchy and crime spreads through these glob-houses. The few that remain outside of the nurture simply count their seconds until death.

    The city is abandoned- but almost left as an illusion to the outsiders. Ones who think that their work will reward them with returning home. All that remains for them upon returning is the chaos of their own remaining people. Law has been cast aside for those who remain without work, and the government has no interest in keeping outsiders alive who are tempted to disrupt the cycle.

    Alexpill is a futuristic roleplaying schema set in 2085. Global wars ensued a wildfire which eventually led down a tube of chaos. Originally constructed on the ideas of basic dystopia, Alexpill's goal is to illustrate the ultimate goal of testing moral fibers of the individual player- as well as create a satisfying and creative gamemode. This server draws heavily from the writing conceptualizations of Cyberpunk, Deus Ex, Blade Runner, and conspiracy theories. It also draws gameplay inspirations from collections of past-popular gamemodes in hopes to be its own successor; such as Phase Four, Cider Two, and Half-Life 2 roleplay.

    The ultimatum of Alexpill is to allow players to create and assemble their own diverse environment, built cooperatively with the administrative team and the playerbase. It's expected that players work together to survive the hell- creating their own factions, building their characters, taking part in the events, and most of all including themselves in the eventual journey and reasoning of your suffering.

    Alexpill includes a multitude of various tools to allow players to interact with one another. I've worked for a while on these features to ensure positive results, and I'm happy with every single thing that's been added to the server thus far. Please take a look at our various screenshots and media that surrounds the server.


    Steam Group (Announcements and such): http://steamcommunity.com/groups/alexpill
    Forums: http://alexpill.com/
    zigbomb: http://steamcommunity.com/id/zigbomb/
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    Last edited: Mar 8, 2018
  2. Digital Junkie

    Digital Junkie Active Member

    Can you link the countdown mr. bigzomb.
  3. I had the pleasure of checking out a rough prototype: I think that if all the development follows the road it's been on, it will shape up to be a great gamified roleplay schema. I recommend playing just to try out the script, which has a lot of interesting features.
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  4. Zig

    Zig Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

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  5. Reagent

    Reagent The Reagent Menace Active Member

    Looks fresh, good luck!
  6. Can't wait to play a Robo PI skulking the meatspace looking for skulls to crack
  7. Zig

    Zig Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    please visit https://www.taconbanana.com/ for that
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  8. Digital Junkie

    Digital Junkie Active Member

    Typical Tekka Reskin...

    Did I hit a nerve you Zigger?

    I'm gonna check if my guys are still here for futurebound.
  9. sweet, looks like 2018 is shaping up to look good
  10. RJ

    RJ no pay Legend Clockwork Customer

    I'm looking forward to the release!
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  11. Looks neat. I just hope it doesn't attract a player base of script mongers who only incentive to be on the server is to stuff their pockets. I've been told servers that learn more towards gameplay than roleplay are never worthwhile, but I think with the right people this could go very well.

    Also, please tell me that microphones were only enabled in the S2K video because it was a scripted test.
  12. Digital Junkie

    Digital Junkie Active Member

    Its like phase four but serious...
    Hope to see you there mr noodle
  13. Zig

    Zig Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Microphones were enabled because it was my test server and it's easier to talk than type. This server is attempting to cut half and half, distributing the ability have fun gun play but interesting roleplay experiences. People so far seem to be relatively confused so far- simply because they're so used to one thing being the other and for good reasons. Usually servers that try to blend these don't really have an effective line themselves on which they define gameplay and roleplay.

    I found that the main experience and reasoning for the scripts was mostly for the sole use of roleplay and inevitable gunfights that will ensue. I wanted there to be a reward for getting all of these things- simply besides making your character look cool and drawing another bar on the top of your screen, so I decided that having gameplay features to spice things up would be my best crack at it.

    I'm glad you asked about your concerns, because they're honestly frequently asked questions. With a malleable environment that I'm giving to the player, it's in my best interest and my best hopes that all players take advantage of it to make really neat experiences, just as I will be.
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  14. chuck

    chuck king of private sector Active Member

    Good job. Looks great. I will play this.
  15. dead flag blues

    dead flag blues "...ours is a world of nuclear giants..." Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Liking the amount of effort you've put into this. I'll definitely be keeping an eye open, @Zig.
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  16. klark

    klark α Active Member

    i enjoy the focus on gameplay, nice
  17. Zig

    Zig Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    It's both. I discovered quickly onward that with the much slower pacing of a long time server, having an over-arching plot is much harder to achieve because between events (which are spaced out quite farther) people lose interest. I found the best way to deal with this was to mix and match gameplay mechanics which would make the schema enjoyable to play while the story progresses.
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  18. robot

    robot Moderator Staff Member Moderator Store Support Clockwork Customer

    Thread pruned, keep it on topic.

    This is not the place to start drama.
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  19. Zig

    Zig Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

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