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An Overview of Oasis RP (Formerly known as Zinx RP.)

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Cornholio, Jul 12, 2018.

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  1. Let me say quickly that Oasis Roleplay is unequivocally one of the worst RP experiences I've ever had. And throughout this review, I will try to emphasise why my experience, in particular, was as bad as it was.

    Firstly it is important to understand the context of the Server:

    In itself, I feel that the overall themes conveyed in this article are interesting (Albeit, niche.) and actually seem like the basis for a good RP, the only problem being is that all of the lore is totally disregarded on the RP server itself with staff members frequently spawning NPCs and using their ESPs to track down players who try to make it into the city, and due to the fact that there are only IC applications (All held in city.) Everyone is constantly stuck as a vagrant in the Outlands; Which leads onto the next biggest problem: A death in the Outlands it always a PK.

    Now it's clear that the staff wanted players to gain some equipment before making the trip to the Oasis but because of the S2K and PK rules in the Outlands, everyone is too scared of losing their characters so there is never really any RP. And because the server is so small and people are constantly hiding from each other it took me a good 20 minutes to find anyone before they turned around and gunned me down without a word. In fact, it turned out that this mysterious gunman was one of the Super Admins.

    Soon after I made a new character and asked the Super Admin why he shot me and he said it was because "your a nigger". Now normally I'm pretty chill about being called 'nigger' on games, despite it being really crude some people see it is a joke and TBH I'm totally fine with that. However, when you're already having a pretty shit experience and a super administrator calls you a 'nigger' it's pretty fucking detrimental. Soon after I went onto Discord where I was renamed 'Nigger' after my complaints and told to "calm down".

    Overall I feel that the server is very unfinished and has questionably one of the worst staff teams I've seen on an RP server.

    I'm sorry this review isn't seamless (It's my first one :p) And I'd also like to apologise if it seems overly subjective in some places, I just had a really shitty time.
  2. TacticalToaster

    TacticalToaster Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Holy crap, that staff team seems, well, special. I've been apart of staff teams that joke around with the n-word, and I don't mind at all, and by joke around I mean calling regulars and buddies the n-word, not a random that did nothing wrong. It does seem like a cool premise, but the staff team alone is off putting. I'm normally for strict PK rules, since it makes people want to care for their character as if they were living and wanted to live, but I see the big problem with the PK system for this server. It seems like that there is literally no way to guarantee safety besides hiding, and getting to the city sounds like a hassle if the admins want the only players who get in to be rich/have shit. Does dying to NPCs count as a PK? If so, that makes everything worse.

    If you could, send me the IP and content pack. I'm on vacation, but I'm going to check it out once I'm back home.
  3. Aspect

    Aspect Who I am depends on who you learn it from. Active Member

    I want to see for myself.
    IP and Content pack, like TacticalToaster asked, please?
  4. VerrockLedorBerk

    VerrockLedorBerk Active Member

    I've been there, i got perma'd and they said they wanna permaban me cause i wanted to break into a room and hide through, i said that the door is rusty from what it is but hey they must be savages lol
  5. VerrockLedorBerk

    VerrockLedorBerk Active Member

    what's ur steam mate
  6. Aspect

    Aspect Who I am depends on who you learn it from. Active Member

    nvm I think im fine


    I thought it was a cw server?
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  7. they switched from CW to a different framework an hour ago :(
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  8. VerrockLedorBerk

    VerrockLedorBerk Active Member

  9. dumped the link on your profile feeeeed
  10. Freelok

    Freelok Active Member

    It looks like an attempt at roleplay gone completely wrong. It's really stupid that the server seems to depend on players having gear- it obviously causes some issues. I run a Cyberpunk server, and several people in my community have told me that their server is absolutely abhorrent, and I've seen that it just recycles old (framework) plugins and it tries to brand itself as something original. The lore is lacking, the maps overused, and the servers staff seem shitty. Like everyone else has said, I don't quite care if people say nigger. However, punishing someone for "being a nigger" (I do it myself but only to retards who are minging) is stupid. In theory the server could work, though it obviously isn't executed right.

    also one of the players downvoted my steam guide so FUCK THEM
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    Last edited: Jul 13, 2018
  11. VerrockLedorBerk

    VerrockLedorBerk Active Member

    you know what's funnier, they ban you for saying the N-word, the hypocrisy in that shitty server lol
  12. Quick update:

    Since making this post I've received a few messages from the Oasis Staff. (Who did in fact ban me for making this post.) However, one of the most amusing messages I've received so far is in fact from the Super Admin who killed me OOCly for being a 'nigger'. I hope this helps further highlight the incompetence of certain staff members on Oasis RP as a whole.

    WRATH-Today at 12:56 PM

    would you kindly stop chatting shit
    we've been up half a day and already u got kids shit talking the server
    Steam Community :: 검은 구름
    second guy's a minge who got banned ages ago

    getting minges on us isnt cool
    like honestly if u want to chat shit:
    A, get some more material
    B, stop being a butthurt little bitch cos u cant get ur way
    C, u sound autistic and u probably get fucking bullied
    D, stop with that redneck pfp cos ur fuckign BLACK dude
    ur condoning KKK activity against ur own fucking skin colour and get all hissy when someone else calls u a 'nigger

    In addition to this the Super Admin has also come to the conclusion that a PFP must convey your political views and can't be used ironically or jokingly.
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  13. VerrockLedorBerk

    VerrockLedorBerk Active Member

    he must be eitherway mentally retarded, cause i returned to his hl2rp server and majority of the rebels failrped when i was on with my friend through.
    Even their old admin Oscar Holmes was more fucking loyal than his other shitty staff members tbh.
    and funny that he's a minge tho
    wrath's the guy who will be always vague in trying to explain why you got perma banned, it's obvious we need someone to take their server down. cause of how fucking trash it is.
    They haven't learned since then as i can see.
  14. Freelok

    Freelok Active Member

    "cos u cant get ur way"
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  15. VerrockLedorBerk

    VerrockLedorBerk Active Member

    man it's satisfying to make fun of a shitty server owner isn't it :D
  16. oper8or/TehDurpLord

    oper8or/TehDurpLord Clockwork Customer Active Member

    holy shit this is more of a dumpster fire than my own shit. didnt think it was possible but here we are
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  17. Regards from a friend. Just happened to notice you omitted a lot of dialogue from the exchange you had. Thread should be deleted for toxicity and pertaining to a a different framework server, thank you! :D
  18. Freelok

    Freelok Active Member


    I saw the thread and commented, i have zero idea who half of the people who have even viewed this thread are.

    Calm down, these were genuine "reviews" of the server. No one is trying to make a drama fest here; I was having a laugh and that's that. It doesn't matter much, I think ten out of the 21 people who have even looked at this thread still even roleplay.
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