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Arbiter's Plugins and Plugin Store

Discussion in 'Plugins' started by Arbiter329, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Slashraider

    Slashraider Active Member

    This is happening to me as well.
  2. Arbiter329

    Arbiter329 Owner of Arc-Factory Roleplay Active Member

    Definitely going to look into these issues with nut vendor once I get a chance.
  3. Soviet Jesus

    Soviet Jesus Change is a good thing, at some points.

    How are you supposed to refill the vendors
  4. SevenLions

    SevenLions Post 123 for a Door Giveaway!!! Clockwork Customer Active Member

    You're supposed to press Shift and then click E on the thing your restocking, but it seems not to work. In which Arbiter is working on.
  5. JaesonCZ

    JaesonCZ Hello =)

    Hello i just want to ask if we can wait for new Promotional Code soon? I want to buy camera but i need another 0.49 ? :D So some Promotional Code can realy help me :p Thanks.
  6. JoelZim1

    JoelZim1 Anyone who's not shocked by quantum theory ha

    Maybe you could like, not break the rules Black Tea has for trying to port a different framework plugins to CW.
  7. Arbiter329

    Arbiter329 Owner of Arc-Factory Roleplay Active Member

    If author of a different framework/Black Tea ask me to take it down I will.
  8. Im geting a problem with the a different framework ones and it will make my server glicth out is there any advice on that?
  9. Arbiter329

    Arbiter329 Owner of Arc-Factory Roleplay Active Member

    Hm, kinda vague information there. Any specifics about the issue?
  10. Arbiter329

    Arbiter329 Owner of Arc-Factory Roleplay Active Member

    Big sale! 65% Off any of my plugins with the code TAGZ7R7BX8.

    Offer Expires 4/21
  11. Dont be sad. My friend wasted 80 bucks on two copies of Dead Island, one for me, one for him. The next day, Dead Island was half off.
  12. Arbiter329

    Arbiter329 Owner of Arc-Factory Roleplay Active Member

    New Product added to the store!

    This product is Metropolice Uniforms and it adds Uniforms that can be worn by Citizen characters to get the Combine HUD Vocoder, and Voice commands along with an MPF Sounding name that uses the CID for the MPF Digits!

    It also has commands for promoting, demoting and setting Division! No more being limited to only admins being able to promote! Now any high ranked Unit can promote or demote!

    Further more, when your purchase, there are two versions available for download. A version of the plugin that uses MPFv5 models and a version that uses default HL2RP Models!

    Lastly, as with all my plugins, I'm willing to provide support and help you modify the plugin to your liking! Just message me on the Forums here, on steam, or submit a support ticket on my site!

    This plugin is currently for sale on the store for $14.99, so come on by and pick it up soon to help your server stand out!
  13. NanoHD

    NanoHD Guest

    I have a feeling the ranks part will have some hardcore-conflicts with Viomi's custimization plugin.
  14. Arbiter329

    Arbiter329 Owner of Arc-Factory Roleplay Active Member

    All you gotta do is make your own MPF Uniform items, which isn't terribly hard since there's an MPF Uniform base I've included.

    Ranks don't change your uniform for Suited MPF. Instead, your Uniform is set depending on what uniform item you wear.

    You can also input a custom Rank using the Promote command, if you want to set their rank to something non-standard.
  15. Arbiter329

    Arbiter329 Owner of Arc-Factory Roleplay Active Member

    Message me on steam what specific issues you run into when running the plugins together. I'll see about making a compatibility patch.
  16. diablo1675

    diablo1675 Guest

    Was this not RJ's plugin? I'm fairly certain he talked about having made it, for his own Community.
  17. RJ

    RJ no pay Legend Clockwork Customer

    I'll most likely be releasing it soon. My HL2RP server has gone to shit. Just gotta fix some bugs and legacy savings.
  18. Arbiter329

    Arbiter329 Owner of Arc-Factory Roleplay Active Member

    I actually made this one a long time ago and recently added some polish and decided to release it.
  19. diablo1675

    diablo1675 Guest

    Very well. :)

    In that case, very nice!
  20. Arbiter329

    Arbiter329 Owner of Arc-Factory Roleplay Active Member

    New free Plugin: Primary Needs v2

    This is the newest version of my Primary Needs plugin, key features are:

    Drink from lakes! On maps with water, you can drink from the water by standing in the water source and using the /Drink command.

    Disable the System for Select Characters! Want someone to be exempt from Hunger/Thirst/Sleep? Then simply set that need to -1 using the admin commands and it will be hidden from the F1 menu, and will not raise. To re-enable it, just set their need to 0.

    Easier to make items! Now you only need to add 'ITEM.hunger', 'ITEM.thirst', or 'ITEM.sleep' to have an item decrease hunger/thirst/sleep on use! An example of it's use would be:

    ITEM.hunger = 35;
    In which, the item would lower hunger by 35 on use.

    (Items that use the old system will still work, this is just for easier use.)

    When installing, be sure to delete the old version first, as to avoid conflicts.

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