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Arbiter's Plugins and Plugin Store

Discussion in 'Plugins' started by Arbiter329, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Arbiter329

    Arbiter329 Owner of Arc-Factory Roleplay Active Member

    New Product!


    This plugin adds a cloak command that is usable by GHOST and EOW Units.

    When standing still, the Unit is completely invisible and one cannot spot them! However, when the unit moves, they begin to shimmer until they stop.

    To see an example of this, check the images on the store!

    I also have discounted all giftcards 30% off! Link

    So buy a giftcard, use it yourself, or give it to a friend!

    Offer ends this Saturday (September 20th 2014 - 12:00 AM)
  2. Necrosis

    Necrosis Guest

    Cloaking looks a lot like Active Camoflage on the workshop. Is it just a plugin SWEP?
  3. Arbiter329

    Arbiter329 Owner of Arc-Factory Roleplay Active Member

    It's a command, not a SWEP.


    They all go in the schema's plugins folder. If they say Clockwork, it just means it's compatible with all schemas.
  4. Arbiter329

    Arbiter329 Owner of Arc-Factory Roleplay Active Member

    New Sale! 35% Off all products over $9 until Friday ( September 26th 2014 )
  5. Arbiter329

    Arbiter329 Owner of Arc-Factory Roleplay Active Member

    New free Plugin: Scanner Mines

    This plugin adds the ability for Claw Scanners to deploy Hopper Mines.

    Pressing Crouch while a Synth Scanner will allow you to ready a mine, and puts you in the holding a mine animation, and pressing crouch again will drop the mine.

    A mine can be readied every 20 Seconds.

    Note: Hopper Mines may not explode, this seems to be an issue with Clockwork. I'll see about getting a patch out soon.

    As usual, the plugin can be found in the OP.
  6. antonpersson99

    antonpersson99 Clockwork Customer


    EDIT: When you are fixing so it will explode, You maybe could make so it doesnt explode when a MPF come close?
  7. MistyPanda

    MistyPanda I hate everything! Active Member

    Sorry for the late reply.

    But the Vendor gets an error for me.

    [ERROR] lua/includes/modules/draw.lua:72: 'hl2_MainText' isn't a valid font
      1. SetFont - [C]:-1
       2. draw_SimpleText - lua/includes/modules/draw.lua:72
        3. unknown - gamemodes/cwcidertwo/plugins/vendors/plugin/entities/entities/nut_vend/shared.lua:231
    TEST [lua/includes/modules/json.lua][lua/includes/modules/draw.lua]
  8. Crater

    Crater Hostell Roleplay Active Member

    You're attempting to use it in Cider Two, which doesn't have the hl2_MainText font.

    To fix it, you'll have to change hl2_MainText (found inside gamemodes/cwcidertwo/plugins/vendors/plugin/entities/entities/nut_vend/shared.lua line 231) to whatever Cider Two's main font name is. To find out the Cider Two equivalent, look inside either your cl_theme.lua or (if that doesn't exist) your cl_schema.lua. In one of these files, you'll see several fonts being created. There should be one that's c2_MainText or something like that - that's the name that you want to put in place of hl2_MainText in the Nut Vendor file. I'd find it myself but I don't have a copy of the schema, so best of luck.
  9. RJ

    RJ no pay Legend Clockwork Customer

    Sorry for the buzzkill:
  10. Arbiter329

    Arbiter329 Owner of Arc-Factory Roleplay Active Member

    Am I missing something? I fail to see the relevance.
  11. RJ

    RJ no pay Legend Clockwork Customer

    Take a look at the stealth implant.
  12. Mannulus

    Mannulus I hate everyone equally. Clockwork Customer Active Member

    I recently acquired the Medical System and noticed something wrong with it. Whenever someone gets injured they don't bleed or have any effects of injury that go with it. We were able to use defibs and oxygen masks correctly but stuff relating to blood did not work. So setting their health to 50% and using blood bags did not raise it. Any ideas as to why?
  13. SevenLions

    SevenLions Post 123 for a Door Giveaway!!! Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Because Arbiter can't be bothered to fix it rapidly because he has much more important things to do than fix plugins for a dead gamemode. It's brutally honest but face it, HL2rp is dead, just like God.

    User was given a stern look for this post by NightAngel (Derailing).
  14. Mannulus

    Mannulus I hate everyone equally. Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Oh. I wish there was a notice before I paid for said product. Was there any...ideas how to fix this?
  15. Rhenz

    Rhenz Who needs a map? Staff Member Moderator Crusader Veteran Active Member

    Contact him on steam. He's on quite frequently.
  16. RJ

    RJ no pay Legend Clockwork Customer

    You know what's most funny? How people say HL2RP is dead like God even though all of the evidence is blatantly sitting right there showing they're alive.

    *grabs popcorn*

    User was given a timeout for this post by NightAngel (Responding to derail/further derail).
  17. !

    ! Active Member

    Where is the 'blatant' evidence that God is 'alive' or that it ever was?

    User was given a smack on the wrist for this post by NightAngel (Responding to derailment).
  18. Lev

    Lev certified honorable guy Crusader

    This is a plugins thread, not a discussion about if someone is real or not, or if HL2RP is dying. Get back on topic.

    User was given a bitchslap for this post by NightAngel (Fuck off, Lev).
  19. !

    ! Active Member

    I agree...

    However, you can't zing a post in someone's favor and then tell us to get back on topic when we argue against your point. Stop back-seat moderating you tit.

    User was given a timeout for this post by NightAngel (More derailing).
  20. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Staff Member Head Moderator Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    he is a moderator ?? ???? ????? ??? ??? ? ????

    User was given a finger wagging at for this post by NightAngel (Responding to the derails, further derailment, spamming emotes).

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