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Are valve games Connected ?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by ansty, Jul 20, 2018.

  1. Ok so there is a realy crazy theory about a connection beetwen Day of deafeat Team Fortress Half life Portal L4Dewd and counter Strike.

    Ok so by now you are probably asking what. Allow me to explain will go in a nice order

    Day if Defeat is ofcourse first showing the events of world war 2. We know from callenders placed around the maps in TF2. That the game takes place in the late 1960s and we also know from the TF2 comic a day in hell thet team fortress classic is canon. This means that TFC may take place before during are shortly after the events of TF2

    This is followed by the Black Mesa accident which takes place in March 2003 as wriiten in the book raising the bar. It is keept secret but due to low geopolitical instability results in public unrest and the terrorism seen in counter strike. In this theory the terrorist unleash a biological weapon that then causes the infection seen in L4D. Prety crazy right. Anyway all of you know about the connection beetwen portal and half life, But there is more.
    In portal 2 a pre-recorded voice says "We are currently expiriancing technical defuculties due to currcimstances of the potentialy appocalyptic significance beyond our control " This may be hinting toward the infection seen in Left 4 dead 2 so what could be posible is the the infection was defeted. However armies of earth would be weakened by this and so would the economy and overall stability which gives our favority stunstick carrying gasmask maniacs a perfect time for invasion. Valve has said that there is a gap of 20 years beetwen HL1 and 2 that means half life two takes place in 2023. Well thats about everything that i could say.

    What do you think tell me down bellow in the comment section also all credit goes to the fans who took their time and effort to reserch this and to the guys who analyzed it and put it in a video link :
    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvTzt_5FRwY
  2. Michael Sandwich

    Michael Sandwich Get your free TVs! Active Member

    I find it unlikely that the half-life and left 4 dead series are connected. Maybe Counter Strike and L4D1 and 2 are connected but i find it unlikely. With the Portal 2 message i think they're speaking about the portal storms or the combine.
  3. Amnis

    Amnis Clockwork Customer Active Member

    The Portal series mentions the concept of infinite alternate universes (the multiverse). Basically, anything that can happen has happened, will happen, or is happening. So, if you want to get very hypothetical, then Portal could very well be in the same universe as Spider-Man.

    Are they though? No. And trying to piece all of them together outside the context of alternate universes would create a lot of inconsistencies. Any references you see to Half-Life or other Valve IPs in Left 4 Dead is probably either an easter egg or assets being reused. Easter eggs do not imply that they are part of the same universe.
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  4. alexanderk

    alexanderk a Templar

    isn't there actual plotlines linking HL and Portal together? with Portal being long after the events of HL, when the systems finally started malfunctioning... I thought there was a plotline where Black Mesa and Aperture were competitors in the teleportation market
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  5. Sly

    Sly Some kinda Sly? Clockwork Customer Active Member

    HL and Portal are connected. There's mentions within the Portal series. As for the others, no, they aren't tied together to my knowledge
  6. As Sly said, I believe the only games officially connected are Half Life and Portal, but interesting thoughts.
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  7. I believe L4D is self-contained. CSS and DoD aren't terribly stylized so they could probably fit into the Half Life/Portal timeline prior to the Resonance Cascade.

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