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HL2RP Autumn Roleplay - Homefront

Discussion in 'Communities' started by Canoness, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. Canoness

    Canoness Active Member

    Hello, after some issues with Gearlock I've decided to close the city server down and open up a new one. I've been wanting to run a successful community for awhile that can replicate a realistic roleplay where each action has a consequence, and where survival is key. I've also been wanting to roleplay myself, but no other servers have captured my interest, I hope to do the same with others. I didn't want to cake this thread with graphic designs because I'd rather work on the actual server then spend a few hours making logos. Let's get started.

    It wasn't long that the Union had essentially colonized Earth and drained Earth of it's resources, oppressing the populations with the brutal police tactics of the Civil Protection and newly established Overwatch. Cities and identities were established in 2016, some were unhappy with the fact that the Union had came and ruined everything that was good in their world, some welcomed their new masters in hopes to find a better life in the new communist like regime. Religion, culture, and everything of the past was soon erased during the Union occupation, the Union had gone to glorify themselves and gain total obedience of the human race. This method had worked on their other worlds that they conquered, surely it would work with Earth. After some twenty years of occupation, the military that had conquered Earth left in packs. No one knows why, some say that they went to conquer other worlds, which could be true. Some even go as far to say that the Union had to fight another powerful conglomerate like them, and that it will be a matter of time before Earth is liberated. This could also be true judging by the sudden uprooting of the military force, and the panic of Naval forces still in space. Some have spotted entire fleets of Union warships moving out of Earth's atmosphere. As the Union left Earth, people were confused - in the Union's sudden leave, their advanced technology lay at the hands on everyone. People used it to form their own identity based on their city, quickly laying claim to the drained territories outside their land. The Union technology had the capability of replenishing land for farming and water supplies. Quickly, a network of cities formed in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas. It would be a very long time before people would regain their old-world materials back, and the Union had eradicated almost all pre-war blueprints to war-machines like tanks, weapons, aircraft and naval ships. The only known blueprints to exist that are not known by anyone but the famous City Twenty and Nineteen, two North African cities that would go to war soon. Water was a scarce resource, and it took time to fully replenish the water tables, in 2041 the last water supply was based in Tobruk, and both cities were running out of water fast. It was the only fresh water that wasn't contaminated with Union chemicals. All of the middle-eastern city-states had attempt to negotiate equal rights to the water, but both North African powers refused. An army of 6 million was raised by City Nineteen, and an army of 10 million was raised by City Twenty. Soon, T-90s and Merkavas were pouring out of factories, and soon almost every power in the Middle East and Southern Europe had chosen a side. It was 9:30 AM when City Twenty had fired the first shots, and soon they poured throughout West Africa and South Africa, including the North. They stormed villages and colonies belonging to City Nineteen, raping and pillaging civillians and strongholds. Soldiers dumped diseased bodies into whatever water-supply was left in the rest of Africa, dooming colonies. Eventually City Nineteen had pushed back these invaders with the help of their new technological advances, but now their army was down to one million. Other cities had backed off at the sight of the new terror that would rule all of Africa. But the struggle still continues, you play as a soldier of City Thirty - serving in Special Operations. Your training is average in terms of modern-day militaries, and you are often deployed to stealth situations. There will be an equal of support missions you must take, and your actions decide the fate of C19's victory. Vital points have been noted by C19, but they have a drained military, unable to split their military now. Your alliance to C19 is hidden, dying is out of the question - it could mean a new war if you were discovered.

    "We were sent to assist City Nineteen, many police units had to be attached to assault units in order to make up for the crumbling Empire of City Nineteen."
    Various units were indeed sent, and Metropolice Units are considered auxiliary forces - however they have a use as most have been re-equipped with the new armor City Nineteen has developed for a full military occupation, leading the way in deathly charges. You'll be have a unit free of application process provided you can roleplay correctly. Feel free to ask an administrator and we'll provide it to you.

    This'll act as an information section. We have little content you'll have to download besides maps, and honestly we don't like the fact that most servers make people download gigs of content. There will also be moments where players have to survive on what they can find, survival will be about a good 40% of the missions we plan to do. The war has had a heavy toll on food and water, and disease is still prominent. Because of special operations, we'll have some roles such as Rifleman, Support and Snipers for example - though in reality each person is equal, ranks don't really matter but they'll still exist. The key to success in this server is teamwork and unity, there will be times where players must endure a struggle that the whole platoon must take on together. Occasionally you'll receive support from regular soldiers if things go south, but they'll come in short supply. Because of realism, we want to say that if a legitimate death has occurred, it's a permanent kill. In order to compensate for this we have decided to make everyone an equal, in reality dying won't do much besides lose you character development. We do have common sense rules in place, I don't think we'll have any problems with erotic roleplay because that's generally looked down upon now. Don't be a dick is all the staff asks. We do have one fun mission planned for everyone, it'll be a tank battle between C19 and C20, so keep your eyes on this thread for that happening! We do have one thing to emphasize on, and that is because we'll probably get this a lot - special operations does not mean you are a NAVY Seal or a bad ass from a movie, you're essentially a regular soldier with more training than others, your senses are increased due to City Thirty pumping you up with doses of meth, making you more stronger, quicker - but most soldiers suffer from an addiction. Good luck, and remember that we guarantee you certain rights like freedom of speech. And on a last note, we have a no tolerance policy when it comes to trolling, D4nk Meme$, and anything else that might bring the server to unserious levels. We reserve the right to eject you from the server for disrupting the environment.

    Feel free to stop by at anytime, we plan to launch on the 30th of October. Feel free to add me on steam if you have any questions - http://steamcommunity.com/id/NordicResistance
    Rhenz for the logo.
    Ninja Nub for the great picture with the ruined buildings.
    Hauptmann for the last picture.
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    Last edited: Oct 25, 2015
  2. Regulator

    Regulator Active Member

    Kind of a blocky looking thread. Sounds nice though.
  3. Bismarack

    Bismarack The Roman days were the golden age. Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Very nice, I won't be joining though because real life has me by the groin. I hope you go far with this.

    Makes up for it with good stuff though, I don't like threads where they have tons of images but little info.
  4. AtlasTheSpacePirate

    AtlasTheSpacePirate How do I change my Title?

    Was hoping for RP based on the Homefront game involving the USA being taken over by Korea...

    Looks nice though I'm kinda' disappointed it's a MilitaryRP rather than a RP involving inhabitants of this post-Combine HL2RP. I miss Half-Life Consequences.
  5. Canoness

    Canoness Active Member

    At one point we have plans to do what you're talking about. And honestly, the only interesting thing I could see for a post-combine HL2RP would be a destroyed city or an outlands, will keep in mind though!
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  6. Sly

    Sly Some kinda Sly? Clockwork Customer Active Member

    I also had similar plans, even worked on it partially for a while. It was going to be more themed towards a future after they had taken over fully; But in the end, it was scrapped for other work.

    OT: Looks decent, I might pop in to check it out! :)
  7. Neat.

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