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Battlefield 5 (2018)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Blizzard, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Blizzard

    Blizzard Clockwork Customer

    Hey guys,

    So I've done some digging on DICE's next project:


    I assume Battlefield 5 will be released next fall around November. Keep in mind, Battlefield 1 was released around a year ago. Next year around this time it'll be two years, so who knows, maybe they are cookin' something up for us :D
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  2. chuck

    chuck king of private sector Crusader Active Member

    god, who gives a shit - battlefield "1" was garbage and battlefield 4 was an incomplete game.

    the only way i'm buying another battlefield is if it's Battlefield: Bad Company 3


    battlefield 3 was a great game, but this one is the tops.
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  3. Blizzard

    Blizzard Clockwork Customer

    Yeah I don't like BF1 at all, but I like BF4.
  4. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Staff Member Head Moderator Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

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  5. ShadowUnholy

    ShadowUnholy Professional Nepper Active Member

    I rather see a Remaster of a game
    I loved all of the Battlefield games:
    Bad Company: 1/2, BF2: Modern combat, Battlefield 4, Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 1 Along with BF: 1943

    Modern Combat was my first and will always be my favourite
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  6. ShadowUnholy

    ShadowUnholy Professional Nepper Active Member

    I always get every Battlefield game. I will get BF5 when it comes out
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  7. Lt. Dan Taylor

    Lt. Dan Taylor Active Member

    Battlefield 2142 revamped would be nice, Battlefield 1 is just cringe and I'd rather pretend it doesn't exist.

    I'm kind of sick of the mainstream shooters going 'back to the basics' but then not utilizing the 'basics' as if years getting hounded by corporate elements to make games 'bigger, better, crazier!!' left game designers braindead and unable to just like, sit down and look realistically at situations and try to find a fair blend of accuracy and plausibility to levels of over-the-top fun.

    There are games that do it well (Battlefield 3, Day of Infamy, Battlefield 1942 + 1943, etc) and there are some that do it terribly (CoD WW2, Battlefield 1, Battlefield Hardline)

    If they're cooking a WW2 game with silenced SMG's and fucking magazine-reloaded Kar98k's then basically they can go fuck themselves.
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  8. Blizzard

    Blizzard Clockwork Customer

    If they do make a WW2 game I hope it can be in the style of BF3/4. I'd want to drive around the King Tiger tanks hehe. Although if it's anything like BF1 DICE can kiss my ass.
  9. Ghost Prodigy

    Ghost Prodigy Clockwork Customer

    Battlefield 3 > 4 and 1
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  10. SireElite

    SireElite what's the big fucking deal? Templar Active Member

    bf1 isnt garbage?
    graphic wise and 'battle, michael bay, intense heat" moments topped it off too
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  11. Lt. Dan Taylor

    Lt. Dan Taylor Active Member

    you are a funny guy
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  12. SireElite

    SireElite what's the big fucking deal? Templar Active Member

    u never experienced a huge fucking battleship in the sky get dropped in the middle of map with like 60 explosions at once?
    idk about you but thats pretty awesome lol

    don't think i hate on the other battlefield games there better than battlefield 1
    i'm only saying multiplayer wise and graphic wise it did really well smh
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    Last edited: Nov 14, 2017

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