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Befriend the person above you.

Discussion in 'Fast Threads' started by Xenoxia, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. Xenoxia

    Xenoxia Active Member

  2. The Dovahneer

    The Dovahneer i can change my title Active Member

  3. Xenoxia

    Xenoxia Active Member

    You're not very good at befriending people. But that's okay, I'm sure you're a friendly guy. You just have to open yourself up a bit :)
  4. Sim2014ftw

    Sim2014ftw le professional leaker

  5. Xenoxia

    Xenoxia Active Member

    It seems you too are also unable to befriend people. I'll be your friend though. :)
  6. Sim2014ftw

    Sim2014ftw le professional leaker

  7. Roth

    Roth 45 Spesiale Maatskappy Crusader Active Member

    hi sim! i'm sure we great friends already! ^w^
  8. Sim2014ftw

    Sim2014ftw le professional leaker

    but i uhh
    your image
    makes me wanna puke dude
    no offense
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  9. Roth

    Roth 45 Spesiale Maatskappy Crusader Active Member

    what are you talking about?

    he's so cute! <3
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  10. Sim2014ftw

    Sim2014ftw le professional leaker

    bruh pls
    it's not cute
    its sorta cute
    but i know you masturbate to it everyday
    and that makes me sick
  11. Roth

    Roth 45 Spesiale Maatskappy Crusader Active Member


    i don't jerk it to him D:

    i think he's cute to snuggle with though~
  12. GamCal

    GamCal Active Member

    I can't do this.
  13. i want to kill myself
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  14. Sixx

    Sixx presidential #1 Moderator Legend

    Already one of the greatest people I know :D
  15. Daohlocks

    Daohlocks The Bible is my favorite sci-fi novel. Active Member

    Sixx is a good guy.
  16. Aflac

    Aflac Big Guy Crusader


    Daohlocks is friendly and seems genuinely interested in the betterment of the community
  17. Kennyy

    Kennyy Active Member

    frozen is cool
  18. Songbird

    Songbird ❤️ Staff Member Moderator Investor Veteran Active Member

    One of the better new users.
  19. klark

    klark α Templar

    Do you sing? Are you even a bird?
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  20. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Staff Member Head Moderator Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    idk who you are

    but u cool ig

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