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Black Ops 4 ??

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Schulze35, Oct 16, 2018.

  1. Schulze35

    Schulze35 Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Zombies looks lit
    What yall think ?
  2. Schulze35

    Schulze35 Clockwork Customer Active Member

    You make a lot of good points. However I care mostly about the Zombies storyline. That everyone is copying PUBG And Fortnite with this battle royal shit is dumb. However Zombies has been great on all Black Ops Games. Hopefully Bo4 too
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  3. no but zombies
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  4. Blackout is good with friends, popping people with the AUGER is great.
  5. thats like saying konami makes better metal gear titles than kojima did
  6. Alright

    Zombies is way too fucking complicated, add a classic mode with none of that exlir/armory/loadout/ bullshit. I thought people liked zombies because it was relatively simple?

    Most of the weapons and operators are re-hashes from Black Ops 3, remove Prophet and Ajax.
  7. lol triggere!!!!
  8. t. prophet/ajax main
  9. Gregory

    Gregory Investor. Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Zombies pretty sick but god damn... them bugs
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  10. kurozael

    kurozael Cloud Sixteen Director Staff Member Administrator Investor

    Me and the squad having a great time on the HC Control mode.
  11. Gregory

    Gregory Investor. Clockwork Customer Active Member

    I'm buying this for ps4 soon, so if anyone has it and is down to play