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Other Blue Castle Network: Cyberpunk 2043

Discussion in 'Communities' started by Stor Sjöberg, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. Stor Sjöberg

    Stor Sjöberg Clockwork Customer Active Member



    Cyberpunk 2049 is a strange, retro, consumer-based, oppressive society completely dominated by technology. 2049 is the sequel to the last BlueCastle server, Cyberpunk 2029.

    The year, as stated, is 2049- fifteen years since the cease-fire between the Chinese Empire and the State of Japan, now known as the Third Sino-Japanese War. The uneasy peace has left the two superpowers butting heads- sparking a new Cold War. Heat and tension have caused the Japanese government to militarize its country, dropping their Article-9 policy adopted over one hundred years ago. The City of Neo-Tokyo is the equivalent of what used to be called a Police State- run by a Japanese-American corporation known only as PATHFINDER Security; life has become more authoritarian. The police brutal, criminals on the rise, and the black market economy reaching heights never before seen.

    Now the largest city in the world, Neo-Tokyo is a diverse melting pot of culture and has turned into a goldmine for the Mega Corporations that run the city, such as Darwin Enterprises, Arasaka, Pathfinder, and Network 54.

    BlueCastle’s Cyberpunk 2049 world is based on the original works by Talsorian Games Inc. With slightly modified lore to fit in an RP universe, an interesting server has been carefully crafted for fellow Roleplayers.

    You can find our lore mega-thread here! Contains a timeline of events and other interesting information!


    Civilians are the biggest part of Cyberpunk, they’re what keeps the world moving and the economy flowing. It would be impossible to list all the possibilities a player can take on their character; visit bars, get augments, create a movement, deal arms, sell drugs, become a legendary Net-Runner. The possibilities are endless and open in Cyberpunk.


    Pathfinder Security Solutions, simply known just as ‘Pathfinder’ is an American based Private Military Company. All Police funds and assets were sold out to Pathfinder in the late 2030’s; granting them access to running the City's Police and Detective Network. Players can apply for this faction to become part of creating a better and safer future on our forums. Climb through the ranks, learn specializations, and maintain order in such a chaotic and ever-changing world.


    A Scientific Corporation dedicated to creating state-of-the-art augmentations, and human advancement as a whole. Since the Yellow Rot outbreak of 2029, Darwin has lost a lot of credibilities, and their stocks saw massive sinkings. Now, twenty years later, the company is starting to build their way back up the ladder by cleaning up their name.


    C-SWAT is one of the many various ‘Psycho Squads’ within Neo-Tokyo. They are a specialized sub-group established to deal with Cyberpsychos. Cyberpsychos are individuals who have augmented themselves either too much- or too dangerously and have slipped into a state of perpetual rage, violence, and general rampaging. C-SWAT deals with the most dangerous criminals and psychos of Neo-Tokyo. A truly elite force to be reckoned with.

    Where is the location of the server?

    The server is based in Neo-Tokyo, Japan.

    What is the lore inspired by?

    It’s inspired by a large mix of Cyberpunk movies, games, and novellas- specifically, a lot of the groundwork for our timeline is from Cyberpunk 2020.

    Is the server open to character authorizations?

    We’d love to see what you have in mind for your character, and have no problem with making authorizations for you on our forums below. Be prepared to make a plausible backstory and have basic information at the ready.

    Businesses and organizations?

    We’ve purposely made it so that player-made factions and organizations will be the superpowers of the server. We really want the Roleplayers to shape what 2049 turns into, and are open to allowing people to have businesses to keep our economy healthy and happy.


    Homepage: https://bluecastlenetworks.com
    Forums: https://bluecastlenetworks.com/forums/
    Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/bluecastle
    Community Discord: https://discord.gg/TRBsbdm
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    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018 at 12:35 AM
  2. cold

    cold ej rockwell's worst nightmare Clockwork Customer Active Member

    good luck
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  3. matlock

    matlock Honorable Active Member

    Good work on the images, and you seem to have done well on the summaries as well. Wish your server the best of luck. :)
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  4. Aberidius

    Aberidius Can I lighten that coin purse up for ya? Staff Member Store Support Clockwork Customer Active Member

    I've never played on any cyberpunk server but I wish you good luck!
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  5. chuck

    chuck king of private sector Active Member

    allow me to remind you that you will never meet the level of @5ym5 's servers, EVER!!!!!

    good luck, though..... last time i played on one of your servers i was greeted by a TOTAL lack of understanding of cyberpunk lore... it seems as if you've done your research, MAYBE, but i won't ever find out because i dont plan on joining..
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  6. Stor Sjöberg

    Stor Sjöberg Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Aye, thanks for your positive vibes <3
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  7. Zig

    Zig Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Isn't this the server that died like four times?- better yet with the extremely toxic players?
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  8. Stor Sjöberg

    Stor Sjöberg Clockwork Customer Active Member

    No. It was the most popular Cyberpunk server two years ago in the serious RP genre (in Gmod). It's the server that only went down twice: once a year ago when we were in our prime- put down on my own accord for personal reasons, and another time when we were approached with an offer to have the entire game mode redone by a proper developer.
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    Last edited: Dec 16, 2017
  9. Zig

    Zig Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Yeah, I heard it failed along side with other servers such as HL2RP.
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  10. Stor Sjöberg

    Stor Sjöberg Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Don't know where you heard that from, but alright mate. There's no point in trying to argue literal facts.
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  11. chuck

    chuck king of private sector Active Member

    i like how you hardly addressed his point about there being toxic players on your servers. i can attest that the players on blue castle network are some of the lowest common denominator. they don't know anything about the lore, they can't spell, their quality of roleplay is absolutely garbage, the list goes on

    i don't know why you've included yellow rot in your server. it was made for one story arc on 5ym5's server and even then it barely worked. i remember playing on your server and seeing that you employed the yellow rot system to block parts of the map off, requiring a gasmask for passage. something like gassing the sewers in a hl2rp server. very lazy.
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  12. Stor Sjöberg

    Stor Sjöberg Clockwork Customer Active Member

    To be frank, the reason I didn't address it is because it's extremely irrelevant. If he wants to think my players are "toxic", he can do it all he wants. You're judging 30+ Roleplayers really for no reason, so I can't be arsed to try and address it. This isn't an attack and defend thread, nor do I want this to end up getting locked, so unless you have actual crtitisicm I'm going to politely ask you to stop flaming my player base.

    As for Yellow Rot? It's used because when we first started it was included with the assets 5ym5 offered me. I owe all of my original Cyberpunk success to him, he helped me practically set up the entire server and kindly offered me his assets. Our lore, however, branched out in a completely different direction then his server, and Yellow Rot was mostly eradicated (which you would know about if you did some research). I hope this answer your question as to why Yellow Rot is included in the lore of 2049.
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  13. Zig

    Zig Clockwork Customer Active Member

    How is it irrelevant? You posted a thread here to advertise your server, and I brought up that I thought the playerbase was toxic and not very captivating. Chuck provided some details towards that matter, nobody is flaming your community. Community threads aren't held away from critique, positive or not- so if you think that's attack and defend, you're simply already too defensive about your server. Everything on this thread has been genuine critique.
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  14. Stor Sjöberg

    Stor Sjöberg Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Genuine critique? Please.
    The comment is irrelevant because calling the player base of a server "toxic" is an opinion, not fact, and I'm not going to argue it. You can't just group 30+ players together and call each and every one of them a bad person. Because one or two people aren't good at spelling doesn't make all of them bad players. Chuck's "provided details" is just flame and simply untrue, hence it's irrelevant to me, and I won't be touching on it. Some of the best Roleplayers I've ever met have come from these Cyberpunk experiences, and I'm sure it will continue to provide. If you don't personally get along with the players of the Community, it doesn't make them toxic; simply just stay away.

    My main concern is that these threads get easily locked to often because it just spins out of control into arguments that aren't related to Community Advertising. So please, I'd like to keep this on track. If you want me to go into further depth onto something that isn't related then contact me elsewhere, keep this thread for questions, comments, and ('genuine') concerns.
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  15. Zig

    Zig Clockwork Customer Active Member

    But it's still on track and your reply didn't clear up any of the "accusations" presented.
  16. Stor Sjöberg

    Stor Sjöberg Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Spelling: Not everyone in the whole world is a fantastic speller, nothing I, or the community can do about that. Fortunately, 9/10 of our players can speak and type in full, proper English.
    Lore: There isn't an official Cyberpunk lore. Our lore was based off of works by the creators of the Cyberpunk 2020 Pen & paper game, as well as inspiration from 5ym5's Cyberworld, then finally sprinkled in with our own flavours. Our Lore was carefully documented on our forums. All the Administrators new it, as it was a requirement; and it's the player's choice whether or not they want to read through the lore documents, all it does is hinder their experience if they don't.
    Members are of the lowest common denominator: I don't even know what this means, I'm assuming he's saying we're all unintelligent. While I can't speak for everyone's personal IQ level on my community, I can tell you, I, myself, am not unintelligent.
    Quality of Roleplay is bad: Simply untrue, towards the end of 2029 there was some extremely developed characters that either met heart-wrenching ends or joy-filled escapes from the city of Kyoto. I can't help you if you didn't have good experience; although I imagine you probably made a character, played for about thirty minutes, and then left (because frankly I have no idea who you are), so it's really on your plate. Everyone who actively and positively participated in 2029 had an amazing time, and I will continue to do my best to provide the same quality in 2049.
  17. Zig

    Zig Clockwork Customer Active Member

    1. Guess that's what he saw, I didn't bring up people's spelling
    2. I didn't ask about that either, maybe you should have replied to Chuck
    3. He means people that don't know how to roleplay in particular or have really bad tastes. e.g user2g
    4. Quality of roleplay comes with the playerbase, and in this case Chuck and I feel as if it's lacking on both ends
  18. Stor Sjöberg

    Stor Sjöberg Clockwork Customer Active Member

    You're the one who wanted me to clarify his "accusations", so I did.

    All of them knew how to Roleplay, it was a Roleplay server. Minges or players not on the server to RP were kicked or punished accordingly, and new players were either taught how to RP or kicked with links to basic Roleplay guides.

    If you don't appreciate the quality, that's fine. A lot more people can say otherwise.
  19. Zig

    Zig Clockwork Customer Active Member

    I didn't specify whose accusations :rolleyes:
  20. Stor Sjöberg

    Stor Sjöberg Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Okay. Great.