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Other Blue Castle Network: Cyberpunk 2043

Discussion in 'Communities' started by Stor Sjöberg, Dec 15, 2017.

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  1. Reagent

    Reagent The Reagent Menace Active Member

    lol everyones in here like "oh dont fucking trust him! he'll fucking backdoor and ruin your server!!!" but this server getting bd by rogue devs isn't why its dead. read page 1 to see why this server is fucking awful.
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  2. Digital Junkie

    Digital Junkie Active Member

    Custom Cyberpunk.
  3. Phillipinc

    Phillipinc Clockwork Customer

    This is libel, I demand reparations. I do not like how people are throwing around my name like im some bad dude without proof to back it up.
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    Last edited: Apr 4, 2018
  4. Digital Junkie

    Digital Junkie Active Member

    Repirations cant be paid to a dead server.

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