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HL2RP Boah Networks

Discussion in 'Communities' started by NoahtheBoah36™, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. NoahtheBoah36™

    NoahtheBoah36™ Clockwork Retard Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Boah Networks is back!

    Gamemode: Outlands RP.
    We aim to provide an experience which is a cross between our popular, previously run fallout roleplay and the more generally popular HL2RP concept, and have thus decided on an Outlands RP. We have everything from merchant characters who you actually have to interact with to sell your goods, an application process to have a custom class assigned to your group on the scoreboard, a system for getting money that utilizes ItemSpawner v2 by Gr4ss, experienced staff, and a desire to provide a fun and novel roleplay experience.

    Wait, hold up, what is Outlands RP?
    Outlands RP is a HL2RP set outside of the cities, where rebels and refugees clash with CP's assigned to the fringe and the full force of the OTA to survive. The world is harsh out here, and so is the life you'll lead, but it's worth it to stay away from the concentration camps that are the actual cities. Team up with a group of rebels, or create your own group. Or perhaps prey on the weak as refugees wander about -- killing them and taking their things to improve your own quality of life and power. Hide, or fight, when Civil Protection comes knocking... just beware their heavy equipment that's only one radio call away.

    Haha, psych! I know what Outlands RP is and you're not it, it's actually--
    Let me stop you right there. Outlands RP, in general, is not a very clear-cut theme. Every server I've been on claims to operate differently, and has a different perspective on what makes an Outlands RP. This is the Boah Networks way. I encourage you to try it. You may find your new favorite server!

    Eh, alright. I'd try it but there's probably too much content, so....
    No, there's not. Besides requiring CS:S to be mounted, there are less than 20 addons in our workshop collection, a fair amount of which are, at the end of the day, optional retextures. See, rather than use custom content that makes it so new players see errors all over the place, we instead use retextures of base HL2 models. And before you say it, no. This isn't a lazy coder decision. This is a matter of making it so players don't HAVE to download content to make the CP's look cool if they don't want to. Additionally, if you find other retextures of models out there, you can choose to install them instead to customize your aesthetic experience while still being able to roleplay with others. In addition, we preferred the aesthetic of these models to all that custom stuff out there.

    Okay, fair enough, I'll try it. Low content, possibly unique gameplay, why not!
    That's the spirit! Feel free to check out our discord and forums, linked at the bottom of this post. The IP will also be posted there for you to join, in addition to the content pack. We hope to see you on the server!

    Wow, wait a minute, this actually sounds really cool. I want to help out and be staff.
    Well that's good to hear! We're currently looking for experienced staff to help out. You can apply on the forums linked at the bottom of the post. We're probably going to start you off as an operator, but if you're diligent and dedicated, you'll be promoted to admin in no time.

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    Last edited: Apr 18, 2018
  2. Aspect

    Aspect Damn, okay. Veteran Active Member

    If thats true and youre not like those gay servers with m9k, tnb and shit, then it means 1 of 2 things
    1: your server sucks and theres nothing to do in it
    2: your server is fucking amazing and I dont have to download 98 addons to play for 5 minutes to get pked by an ota

    Tho the community name puts me off
    And tbh you should make a seperate content pack for the retextures

    But I'll probably check your server out

    Oh and the discord link doesnt work
  3. Aberidius

    Aberidius Chief Technology Officer Staff Member Administrator Store Support Active Member

    What caused the server to close the first time?

    Is there something that is actually unique or is it just a bunch of existing plugins that have been slightly modified?
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  4. NoahtheBoah36™

    NoahtheBoah36™ Clockwork Retard Clockwork Customer Active Member

    I'll fix the discord link.
    And the hope is to have plenty to do. Also, think about what content allows you to do: things look different, extra props... does content really add a ton of stuff to RP really?

    And I'll consider making a separate pack for the retextures, but at the same time a separate pack for 5 addons when you only have 4 that are needed seems stupid, and also I'd rather people get the retextures so they don't look at the shitty base HL2 models.

    First time it shut down was due to some community drama. First I banned a guy who had hacked the server and whored attributes (although I couldn't come up with proof, but truth about him lying during the investigation came out after he was banned) which caused large portions of the server playerbase to leave. The rest left when I leaked the ERP logs of some people. I made some poor decisions, but I've learned from my mistakes and I'm not going to repeat them this time.

    As for what makes it unique, most of the stuff in it is, in all fairness, utilizing plugins that are out there. What we offer in terms of uniqueness is the RP experience, as many of the items and scripts are from base HL2RP. Although, the junk items are created by me (despite utilizing Gr4ass's spawner plugin), and we also have uniform items for civil protection and OTA armor, with the idea that a citizen could theoretically steal this equipment and thus utilize it as their armor. The goal is to rely less on content and more on quality of RP. That being said, we did alter many of the item codes so they are spawned in batches of 1 rather than 5, to allow for merchant characters and promote merchant RP.

    Edit: Updated the discord link. Should work now. Sorry about that. Whenever I try to get permanent discord links it's always finnicky for me and I don't know why.

    2nd Edit: Also, if I may ask, why does the community name put you off? Does the idea that it's named after me bother you, or is it something else?

    3rd Edit (I'm a forgetful idiot :p ): I also forgot to mention that I am planning on diversifying and modifying the food scripts as time goes on to add more and thus make things less... static. For example, more drink options and the like, more diverse foodstuffs, etc. to add more roleplay value. However, adding in additional food items can be done easily over time, and I plan to do that as time goes on. I also plan on modifying the base foodstuffs as well to have more permanent and significant attribute effects.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018
  5. Aspect

    Aspect Damn, okay. Veteran Active Member

    Still tho that makes them download unnecessary stuff.
    Why would peoplp leave just because you banned someone who was breaking the server rules?
    Now that's bullying and I would have left too tbh :/
    Not sure if I'm a fan of that. I mean OTA uniforms are fixed to the body so it wouldnt make sense taking them off..
    Unless your server lore says otherwise
    Ye idk I found that a little weird xd. Not gonna let a server name influence me too much for the overall image though!
    Pernanent effects? Aw hell yeah
  6. NoahtheBoah36™

    NoahtheBoah36™ Clockwork Retard Clockwork Customer Active Member

    The people left when I banned the rule breaker because he had spread lies and convinced them that he was a victim. The story goes back a long time and if you want we can discuss it but it's water under the bridge and since then we've made up and are on cold but not hateful terms.

    As for the bullying, well, at the time I had it in the server rules that ERPing on the server would get your logs leaked. However, yes, I do agree it was wrong. I regretted it shortly after I did it for more reasons than just the player loss.

    As for the OTA uniforms being fixed to the body, I'm pretty sure that's not true, based on the existence of the Stripped Combine model. So, yes, the lore would say otherwise.

    And yeah, please don't let the name scare you away.

    As for permanent effects, yes. I'm planning on getting to work on that once I've met with my staff team about a few things -- however, certain foods may have positive and negative effects, making it so you'll have to work to offset the penalties. For example, UU food will probably have a net negative impact on your stats due to the toxins or whatever the hell it is the Combine puts in, whereas non-UU food will have little to no negatives at all due to its higher nutritional content.

    Edit: Also a quick update. In coding in extra food items I used a few CS:S models, so that's now required content, but it's still rather slim by comparison with other servers, as well as my past projects.
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    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018
  7. Aspect

    Aspect Damn, okay. Veteran Active Member

    Well yeah they take people and 'glue' the suit to the body permanently
    I think
    Even if thats not what happens in hl2, its really stupid seeing a rebel with an ota uniform tbh.

    Also the discord link is broken still
  8. NoahtheBoah36™

    NoahtheBoah36™ Clockwork Retard Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Okay, it should be fixed now, FINALLY. The discord link, that is.

    Edit: Also a changelog. Decided to add the extra VC's so there's now two more additional pieces of required content. Still only 11 addons.

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