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bombass cyberpunk games

Discussion in 'Fast Threads' started by chuck, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. chuck

    chuck king of private sector Crusader Active Member

    yo what's good i really like cyberpunk and if you ain't into that get the fuck out
    i made this thread to conversate with fellow cyberpunk niggas- or as i call them, cryo-ass choobs. heh
    let's start right now with: E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy
    man what can i say about this bombass game? the first like 3 levels are so fucking sick on that bombass city map with the double dragon statue and all the bandits and federalists it's bombass... i love the guns you can get like the muhfucking monokatana basically
    - your legs are OK
    - you have gained brouzouf
    - sick ass city map
    - you're pretty much a ninja motha fucka
    - secreta is a sick ass faction
    - hacking is cool but like shitty because you can cheese it
    lowlights (CONS)
    - the later levels fucking suck. it's just waves of enemies over and over, really gay
    - i'm too STUPID to figure out the lore
    - whoever wrote the dialogue isn't a native english speaker
    - i didn't finish the game because i got bored
    buy this game anyways. it's really confusing at first but i read a steam guide and it wasn't confusing any more.

    okay what about: Deus Ex (original/combat evolved/Deus Ex Souls/number one)
    oof nigga if you ain't played this game yet what the fuck is you doing. i installed the graphix overhaul mod for it so that might make me a faggot whats it caleld oh yeah it's GMDX (Give Me Deus Ex) which released a new version recently install that shit STAT nigga
    - this game is fucking incredible. it feels cyberpunk.
    - the lore is great, it ties into the later games n shit too
    - JC Denton
    - Oh my God! JC! A bomb!
    - Alex Jacobson's bombass Eriffon jumpsuit, he's a decker ladies and gents!
    - stealth pistol
    - the levels are so good dude so is the twist
    - i found a that secret room in that chink lady's house where you get that sword back on accident lol
    - ugly as fuck
    - i didn't finish the game because i got bored
    - literally nothing else it's all opinion the game is objectively good
    you kinda have to be in a mood to play this game. i played it on my tv because i pawned my computer monitor because im poor but it was a good choice also i dont think i had internet so my options were limited

    next up: wow this actually isn't a game but it's cyberpunk RP server by 5ym5 and nitsel
    this was a good server for many reasons. it has died every time it was launched in like 3 weeks tops lol but those 3 weeks are so good and jam packed with fun
    - 5ym5' combat system. it's really cool and fucking sick
    - cybernetics/chrome/robot arms/ NOT AUGMENTS, cool shit boosted stats had descriptions
    - guns were sick
    - nitsel
    - i met a lot of my current friends on that server. i met corb there, then outro, then zombo, etc
    - rp was good most of the time. you could really do whatever you wanted
    - rp_caldern_tc
    - madd proppage
    - iced this one bitch on my cop characte rhahah haha fuck
    - not as good as Site 86
    - hardfire
    - some of the players were complete and total fucking idiots
    - most recent iteration (cyberworld, fuck you hardfire)
    - cashflow was on there so that was pretty bad
    - roleplay got bad when it fizzled down to farm money and rob people RP. everyone did this and bought guns/cybernetics
    - 5ym5 erp'd with one of canoness' friends or maybe canoness herself i dont remember

    idk if they're gonna relaunch it it would be sick if they did that during the winter because

    wow let's see here's a big surprise: Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    no one saw this one coming, huh? it gets a lot of flak in the "cyberpunk" community because some people don't think of it as a cyberpunk game. i think that's true to an extent, it's more of a post-cyberpunk game.
    - bombass sneaking system
    - augments were cool
    - i liked the hacking
    - adam jensen
    - i never asked for this
    - sexy ass malek (wasn't sexy in the normal sense but she was a girl)
    - girl's bathroom
    - china was cool
    - david sarif
    - jensen's ACRONYM jacket
    - pritchard was not as cool as alex jacobson but he was cool
    - scsi adapters
    - black dudes in detroit (motor city bangers!!!)
    - stupid ass energy bars
    - boss fights in unmastered version
    - ugly yellow overlay in un mastered version
    - idk what else

    buy this game NOW the HD version not the gay ass original

    next up: yo SYSTEM SHOCK 2

    okay okay. i admit- maybe this isn't a cyberpunk game. it's more sci-fi than anything, but it has nano bots and psy powers and shit so i'm including it also i've run out of games
    - bombass lore. this shit is fucking twisted up to the max nigga WOO fuck
    - the inventory and hud is off the chain
    - this shit legit scared the fuck outta me dude.
    - graphics overhaul: must have.
    - this is one of those old games that are hard but you can still play through it and it's like skill based you get me
    - look at you, hacker
    - sexy AI
    - ugly as fuck without graphix overhaul
    - hard to get into if you have a pea brain (me)
    - old, control scheme is fucked
    - hard as FUCK but that ties back to having a pea brain
    - much like DX1, you must be in the mood to play this game
    it's cheap. buy this game dude it's really good

    discussion please discuss this post
    i have not played neotokyo even though i know everyone says its a really good cyberponk game
    also have not played deus ex mankind divided
    also do not know about any other cyberpunk games i hate those top down games like shadowrun

    admin note: this thread is not a joke/flame bait please don't remove it i worked hard and wish to discuss cyberpunk games
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  2. MibNic

    MibNic Guest

    i played system shock 2 and deus ex while young, later read neuromancer and got into the punk subculture, then I ended up a skinhead for some time before i became religious again. either way, they're both absolute gems despite system shock 2 being biopunk if anything.

    5's cyberpunk rp had some sick-arse moments, such as:
    the rise of the LAMP wrestling federation
    the city wide search for the man who stole a gun from a wrestler who died during a match, because we wanted their money and belongings
    burning the slum-area as Wessex Red after trashing an apartment
    killing off crazy joe's entire family with Hiroshima
    the public lynching of a VSS member as a demonstration of the Wessex crew's supremacy
    the death march in solidarity against "Fives" and the republic
    readying for war against the republic, despite the fact that it never ended up happening
    killing off members and supporters of the republic who refused to repent and join the court of the Wessex crew, or become a vassal
    the 4v1 fight against a Satanist chick, which was extremely fun as it was gratuitous and over-the-top
    the eternal alliance between the Wessex crew and the Kouli crew
    reporting for an independent news source as a media, focusing on police brutality and getting my camera smashed multiple times

    the fall of Wessex Red due to cyberworld's combat system, which made brawling feel redundant
    the rise of the deputies, a group of cowboys who fought the lawless and the nullers who refused to become citizens
    buying out a bank to get at the safe, only to find out the safe was government property and get it stolen from us

    although the server died miserably, it was an enjoyable run.

    one final thing I also enjoyed, was plastering these everywhere at the time of the republic's rise:
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  3. corrin

    corrin hot boat sex Active Member

    IIRC Streum On Studio weren't good at English when they were working on EYE. The lore is just scattered around the game so you're not really at blame for not figuring it out. It's still a great game though.

    DXHR? It's mediocre. Definitely isn't that comparable to DX1. If you wanna play DX1 with added challenge, go play it with the recently released GMDX mod.

    SS2 is great. The voiceacting and level design is pretty good and coupled with graphics mods it's a must play, but IMHO you should just play SS1 (get the remastered edition off kat.cr or something) first before diving into SS2. Also, you gotta remap the controls since the controls are all over the place.

    Neotokyo is a strictly multiplayer game, and yeah, it has cyberpunk elements to it but that's normal since the developers were inspired by Ghost In The Shell IIRC. The game itself has a small community and we usually play a couple of games during Fridays. You can be notified of in-progress games if you join the ANPA group or something.
  4. You play NeoTokyo?
    Hit me up fam http://steamcommunity.com/id/19300techsupport/

    I used to be into the competitive scene back in 2010. A group of friends and I tampered around with our own team 'Highly-Homosexual Owls' but we had a fallout and I stopped playing NT however, I recently found out that NT was released on Steam and I've begun to slowly re-adjust.

    I definitely noticed some weird changes, I preferred the old Jinrai pattern but I suppose the black-on-grey is alright too. This might just be me but It seems like the NSF were changed too, I remember the blue being a bit more lighter and now it's darker however, that could've just been the older version of source acting up weird.

    Regardless, I really adore PUSHBAKs art-style (he fiddles around with ARMA 3. if you go on his profile you can see some of his neo-tokyo concept art that he pushed into ARMA 3 and it looks really fucking great. i dont know how he did it as im not keen on how ARMA works but he did) and can't forgot Ed Harrison's soundtrack. I haven't heard much about Ed Harrison anymore but, I hope he's off well.
  5. Squirrels Mcgee

    Squirrels Mcgee fallout 4 = "power armour hoarding sim" Active Member

    I've tried playing NEO-TOKYO but I could never get into since there were barely any players, and the players that were there had been playing for a long time so I just got stomped every game.
  6. chuck

    chuck king of private sector Crusader Active Member

    how could i forget this sick game Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is one of those games that's more like sci-fi and 80s wow themed than cyberpunk but uhhh robot chrome arm idiot
    - fun game, good shooting / sneak
    - really nice visiuals
    - cool voice acting
    - really campy
    - u can flip people off xd
    - this game doesn't run all that great even on my high end system it'll drop to like 52 on ultra when there's a buncha lights
    - i didnt finish it because i got bored
    - uplay sucks
    - kind of obnoxious
    - racist cause a black guy dies
    buy this game if u want idk
  7. [​IMG]
    "Snatcher is a cyberpunk-themed graphic adventure game directed and written by Hideo Kojima and produced by Konami. It was originally released in Japan for the NEC PC-8801 and MSX2 computer platforms in 1988"
    I emulated this game a few months ago and it's really fucking great. However, it's hard to find a uncensored emulated version(at the time - atleast for me) as numerous copies were censored because "muh gore"

    I don't want to spoil much but It's easily one of my favorite Kojima works.
    Soundtrack is pretty good too.
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  8. chuck

    chuck king of private sector Crusader Active Member

    hideo kojima is so fucking good what a literal god. i have high hopes for death stranding
  9. hey are you excited for that cyberpunk 2077 thing
  10. chuck

    chuck king of private sector Crusader Active Member

    oh yeah i totally forgot about that

    after witcher 3 i know that the game is gonna be superb. i know a lot of cyberpunk fans that don't like the look of it, however, because it's too futuristic and more "post-cyberpunk"

    but yeah im souped for it
  11. Lt. Dan Taylor

    Lt. Dan Taylor Active Member

    too bad it'll NEVER come out.. (I seriously hope it doeS)

    Pre-rendered trailer from January of 2013

    No words after that

    Projekt Red pls I want them Ciri bombass eastereggs
  12. chuck

    chuck king of private sector Crusader Active Member

    bombass dude chuck signing off peace out nigga keep it cryo choomba
  13. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Staff Member Head Moderator Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    soundtrack is lit af as well.

  14. You really shouldn't take people who say that seriously. There's no such thing that labels whether or not you're 'cyberpunk enough'. There's only sub-genres underneath the broad title that is Cyberpunk and they're all dictated by the golden rule:
    High Tech. Low Life.

    Where as Post-Cyberpunk is:
    High Tech. High Life.

    I haven't really seen any Post-Cyberpunk related things because at that point it crosses the threshold and is considered 'Utopia' rather than 'Dystopia' < which is the core of Cyberpunk.

    However, they could be referring to the typical 1980s pop-punk cyberpunk genre, which seems to be the most popular.

    The only title that I can come up with that's even remotely High-Tech / High-Life would be NeoTokyo. The only thing that renders it 'Cyberpunk' are the numerous references to Ghost in The Shell / Akira and the obvious body modifications of both NSF / Jinrai. Otherwise, it's pretty much 21st century japan with a slight technological boost.

    Edit: ^^^ I'd like to think Cowboy Bebop see you space cowboy somewhat leans towards post-cyberpunk too. (Even though it's more-so on the various frontiers, but you get what I mean.)
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  15. kief

    kief kind bud Templar

    being serious here, good game to play, kinda hard to get used to and the story gets weird near the end

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