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Other BurningMadness's Plugin Thread

Discussion in 'Plugins' started by BurningMadness, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. BurningMadness

    BurningMadness Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Hey i'm just coding my server and time to time i like to talk and help other communitys who ask for it, and i find that peoples are interessed by specifics plugins, but why should i brother giving it one by one when i can just share it. So here we go, i hope i will keep coding and will be able to share more of my works.

    Made by RJ this plugin aim to make a specific faction or model into a set of family, for exemple the combines will be combine and wont be attacked by combine but the rebel npc will. It also allow you to press E on a combine soldier to move him.
    What have i done ? I basically fixed and added more to this plugin.

    This plugin include: Citizen, Combine, antlion, zombie, anti-citizen
    How do i modify or add more factions/Models ? Sv_hooks at line 26 you can modify models and factions, and check sv_relationships, its where all the magic work.
    So far anti-citizens are know by their playermodel, so if you have more playermodels you shall add them to the sv_hooks, you don"t need to include the full model path
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