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Clockwork Installation Manual

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Micafire, Aug 17, 2013.

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  1. Micafire

    Micafire Exotec Gaming Director, Developer Wannabe Clockwork Customer

    Hey, I made a .html based manual of installing clockwork, it includes images and is organized in order to set the server up.

    I am currently taking suggestions and ideas, to improve it.

    I am allowing it to be shipped with Clockwork releases if kurozael likes it.
    And hopefully this can be deployed with the downloads in the future updates.

    It's easy to modify so that way kurozael can put any changelogs, etc to his liking.

  2. diablo1675

    diablo1675 Guest

    No means to be a topic killer, but there's a wikipedia. Maybe kuro should make a redirection board to it.
  3. Micafire

    Micafire Exotec Gaming Director, Developer Wannabe Clockwork Customer

    @Diablo I understand, I just felt like making this manual

    @nikizor Why do you have to always be so negative?
  4. diablo1675

    diablo1675 Guest

    Understandable, and who knows, maybe it'll really help people.

    And don't worry about Nikizor, he's the biggest post basher in Cloud Sixteen history. He almost never has anything good to say, and instead of listening to us, and making it Constructive Criticism, he's just postbashing everywhere.
  5. sants1

    sants1 I'm an asshole. That's all. Active Member

    Lol at nikizor for deleting his post.

    But anyways, great guide!
  6. diablo1675

    diablo1675 Guest

    The mod did it, after I reported it.
  7. cash wednesday

    cash wednesday [UWG-Owner] [EpicBoii] [YeetNigga] Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Refrain from necroposting please. Locked.

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