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[Clockwork] Simple Body Group Changer

Discussion in 'Plugins' started by TJjokerR, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. TJjokerR

    TJjokerR Formerly known as TJjokerR Active Member

    [b][Clockwork] Simple Body Group Changer[/b]

    by Cervidae Kosmonaut

    As per request by Soret I made this plugin which allows you to permanently change bodygroups on specific models for players.

    Download: [ Link #1 ]

    - 2 Commands to list bodygroups available for a players' model and to change them.
    - Saves to the character's data.
    - Different bodygroups for different models can be saved.

    /CharBodyGroupList <string Name>
    This will list the available bodygroups for the specified players' active model. Use the numbers that are listed here in the /CharBodyGroupSet  command to make changes.
    /CharBodyGroupSet <string Name> <number BodyGroup> <number State>
    Set a bodygroup for a player to a certain state, you can find bodygroup numbers and available states using the /CharBodyGroupList command.
    Bugs & Problems:
    Bodygroup changes will not be displayed in the character selection screen. Right now there is no fast clean way to do this, so I will wait for Alex to add a hook that is called after all characters have loaded from the MySQL.
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  2. RJ

    RJ no pay Legend Clockwork Customer

    Awesome! I've done something similar to this with my HL:C gamemode. Good work :)
  3. Soret

    Soret derp Active Member

  4. Soret

    Soret derp Active Member

    There is one problem tho, it not lists out the available faces.
  5. TJjokerR

    TJjokerR Formerly known as TJjokerR Active Member

    Faces arent bodygroups then. The code automatically goes through the available bodygroups, if it's not listed it's not there.
  6. Soret

    Soret derp Active Member

    Oh now I understand what is the problem, it needs to look for additional skins on the model, since skins are separate from bodygroups apparently.
  7. TJjokerR

    TJjokerR Formerly known as TJjokerR Active Member

    I'll expand this plugin with a skin changer as well then, tomorrow.
  8. Soret

    Soret derp Active Member

    You only have to set the bodygroup tool to list out skins too, that way you can merge them into two commands only.
  9. TJjokerR

    TJjokerR Formerly known as TJjokerR Active Member

    That wouldn't make sense, seeing how skins and bodygroups are 2 entirely different things.
  10. Kezter

    Kezter Certified Old Fag

    This still working even after the new update?
  11. Soret

    Soret derp Active Member

    He never finished the set skin option.
  12. Otto The Pup

    Otto The Pup Active Member

    Sorry to necrobump, but is there a working version of this or does the current work?
  13. Otto The Pup

    Otto The Pup Active Member

  14. Probably bumping this terribly, but anyone able to make something where you can change the skin too?
  15. Matt

    Matt No name burritos Active Member

    What exactly are you asking Denton like a command that changes your skin? If that's your question it already exists /Charsetmodel *player name* *model name*
  16. That's for models, not skins.
  17. Garrus

    Garrus I like dragons, yargh. Active Member

    If it has a skin, it would be in the body group list. Also, theres a wierd glitch where if you try to view bodygroup lists for other than yourself it just lists yourself. As in your own body groups.
  18. Skins and bodygroups are two different things. Like, if you right click (context menu) on a model that has bodygroups and skins (fine example: enhanced citizens redux) you'll see what I mean, because enhanced citizens redux has bodygrouped clothes and such and the faces and whatnot are skins.
  19. Datzy

    Datzy Guest

    Would it be possible for me to make it so that equipping an item will change bodygroup?

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