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[Clockwork] Simple Body Group Changer

Discussion in 'Plugins' started by TJjokerR, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. Still worried about the skins thing.
  2. Silverdisc

    Silverdisc Maelstromgaming TLOU RP coder

    I wrote a plugin for skins yesterday and I'll release it pretty soon :D.
  3. Datzy

    Datzy Guest

    Bumping for this :s
  4. In logic it seems possible, in practice? I'm not sure.
  5. Datzy

    Datzy Guest

    Well, looks like I'm going to have to write it myself :-(
  6. Datzy

    Datzy Guest

  7. Songbird

    Songbird ❤️

    Probably it's odd to bump this thread again, but is it me, or bodygroups don't save in character data?
  8. Monkah

    Monkah Guest

    Hey everyone!

    I'm using the TnB TS2 addon and for some reason, bodygroups don't appear to be avaliable.

    Jason West has used '/CharBodyGroupList Jimi'.
    '2' is not a valid bodygroup for this model!
    Jason West has used '/CharBodyGroupSet Jimi 2 2'.
    Successfully changed Jimi Bean's 'body' (0) bodygroup to '2'.
    Jason West has used '/CharBodyGroupSet Jimi Torso 2'.
    Any idea what could be wrong? The bodygroups are there but it won't set...
  9. Garrus

    Garrus I like dragons, yargh. Active Member

    TnB TS2 addon? What is that? And if you are using TnB models, that's probably because TnB does not use bodygroups from what I have seen. It's basicly the resistance and medic uniform. At least for HL2RP that is. If this is what I am understanding. What is TnB TS2? Anyone wanna enlighten me on this nice little thing.
  10. Monkah

    Monkah Guest


    AKA about 30 models each with 2-3 skins and ~30 bodygroups.
  11. I'm getting this same issue except with the Enhanced Combine and Helmets addon (which have bodygroups, too, btw)
  12. Alexxeyes

    Alexxeyes Founder of Melon-Byte Community Active Member

  13. Bump. This is a serious issue with the plugin. Doesn't work for the TnB workshop addon or the Combine model addon. Someone take notice. We're in the dark here. Thanks.
  14. Enough arguing.
  15. ParaShock

    ParaShock Clockwork Customer

    I know the problem of bringing dead threads back...but...

    I don't think this works. I popped it into the HL2RP plugins folder. When that didn't work, I tried the clockwork plugins folder. Still didn't work. I don't need a certain addon for this, right?
  16. I don't want to revive a dead thread either, but it is not working for me. Only addon I've tried that doesn't have all lowercase letters in it's folder.
  17. ParaShock

    ParaShock Clockwork Customer

    Actually, one guy modified it and posted one that works. It's on the near-bottom of the first page of this thread.
  18. TheGerba

    TheGerba Because HL2RP that's why

    I noticed with a body group stool I had once used on a server the 1st person view looking at your legs , the pants and shoes remained the same while 3rd person and everyone looking at you saw the body group change... If that makes sense
  19. Arbiter329

    Arbiter329 Owner of Arc-Factory Roleplay Active Member

    That's because the legs you see in firstperson mode are actually a different entity, and not actually your legs.

    So, skin changes and bodygroup changes don't effect it.

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