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Discussion in 'Communities' started by Wiz, Feb 24, 2018.

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  1. Wiz

    Wiz Clockwork Customer Active Member


    "Less of that half life 2 roleplay bullshit"

    I hope you enjoyed that amazing motto, but in all seriousness that's what my HL2RP server Cloud Roleplay is about, basically there's no need to do a /me every time you take a step, it's highly unnecessary and lots of people have said to me that without them it actually IMPROVES immersion and experience.


    I could just go through a list of many useless features that every server has but i'm not going to, instead i'm going to list the features that are DIFFERENT from other servers such as;

    • A completely custom map, City Three, you can see my progress here.
    • A more lenient policy on madbluntz members, the group is to raid bad servers not good ones, we actually have some madbluntz members who have prevented raids from them.
    • An extremely versatile owner (me lol) who takes suggestions seriously and actually does shit.
    • A server that keeps hl2rp friendly and fun, none of that boring /me takes one step garbage.
    • Clothing using bodygroups (we have trousers and shirts)
    • Functional ration factory.
    • Friendly staff team.
    • (maybe) not hard applications.

    And much more.


    We are also looking for a very experienced scripter in lua to make and fix plugins for us! We used to have a daily 20 players but had some setbacks, help us takeover the hl2rp community with communism! (just kidding take it over with fun)

  2. Aberidius

    Aberidius Chief Technology Officer Staff Member Administrator Store Support Clockwork Customer

    Doesn't look appealing at all.

    You say that you're mentioning things that are different from other servers but here are points that literally other servers use aswell.

    How do you plan on keeping it fun? Right now you look like the ordinary "We are unique, we have entertainment all the time unlike others."

    Bodygroup clothing isn't unique, there's a plugin for that.

    Friendly staff, thats what everyone says.

    I dont see how this server is any better than the others that exist.
  3. Digital Junkie

    Digital Junkie Active Member

    I actually like to /me when I walk, why would you ban it?
  4. I unironically support this. I hope your server does well.
  5. Reagent

    Reagent The Reagent Menace Active Member

    wow just what i always wanted
  6. redcatjack

    redcatjack Moderator and Map Developer Staff Member Moderator Clockwork Customer

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