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Cloud Sixteen Presidential Poll

Discussion in 'Other Interests' started by matlock, Oct 22, 2016.


2016 Presidential Candidates

  1. Democratic Party | Secretary Hillary Clinton | Senator Tim Kaine

  2. Republican Party | Businessman Donald J. Trump | Governor Mike Pence

  3. Libertarian Party | Former Governor Gary Johnson | Former Governor Bill Weld

  4. Green Party | Dr. Jill Stein | Ajamu Baraka

  5. Constitution Party | Darrell Castle | Scott Bradley

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  1. Dan22

    Dan22 Active Member

    Well at least all this campaigning is over, I am British and even I was getting tired of hearing about it.
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  2. cash wednesday

    cash wednesday Owner of U™N™D™E™R™W™O™R™L™D™ GAMING Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Well now that the democratic part is over, this thread has outlived its use.
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