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Cloudsixteen Gamemodes

Discussion in 'Casual Discussion' started by Macbacon, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. Macbacon

    Macbacon Cross Gaming Director

    So, it's been a really REALLY long time since i have been here.
    I am curious though is the clockwork gamemodes still being worked on? I mean i don't know how long i have waited on Severance but gave up after sometime. Have that been shut down?

    Also how is everyone?
  2. Aspect

    Aspect Hey Pal, did you just blow in from stupid town? Active Member

    Well, there's still HL2RP, Cider 2, Phase 4 and Atomic.
  3. Macbacon

    Macbacon Cross Gaming Director

    Yea, I got those except Atomic. But still anyone got news about Severance?
  4. Aspect

    Aspect Hey Pal, did you just blow in from stupid town? Active Member

    Idk what that is, sorry :p
  5. Macbacon

    Macbacon Cross Gaming Director

    Oh, you haven't been here that long. It's a older zombie gamemode.
  6. Aspect

    Aspect Hey Pal, did you just blow in from stupid town? Active Member

    Yeah I searched it up and saw in the wiki. Looks interesting. I've heard of a gamemode with zombie apocalypse but I never heard it's name.
  7. Sixx

    Sixx presidential #1

    Severance was a miscarriage, expect it to come out when HL3 does. It's a shame, it was my favorite OA schema :(
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  8. Macbacon

    Macbacon Cross Gaming Director

    It was one of the more better gamemodes. Had some real cool times with that gamemode.
  9. Blizzard

    Blizzard Clockwork Customer

    I am not even sure if HL2RP is being worked on anymore. Last edit was 12/18. I personally think kurozael should make it open source.
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  10. duck

    duck Phant0m Legend

  11. because nobody in management works on it anymore
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  12. duck

    duck Phant0m Legend

    Why does that mean it should be open source? People who purchased it received a completed product. They aren't entitled to updates, and the public isn't entitled to the source just because it isn't being worked on much.
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  13. maybe stop making people pay $30 for a mod for a mod for a mod for a game from 2004
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  14. SireElite

    SireElite what's the big fucking deal? Active Member

    he has a point, clockwork is 4x the price of gmod itself lol
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  15. duck

    duck Phant0m Legend

    Who is making you pay $30? Is there someone holding a gun to your head forcing you to buy it? You know what I do if I think something is unfairly priced? I literally don't buy it. What a crazy idea. If you guys think $30 is expensive for an entire gamemode, gmodstore must be a nightmare for you. If all you guys do is compare things to the price of gmod, you're gonna be in for a reality check, because most addons for gmod are $5.00. gmod itself is severely underpriced, so comparing addons to it in the first place doesn't even make any sense.
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  16. WestCoastKillers

    WestCoastKillers all links to the manifesto Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Last time I checked somebody was poking around the severance GitLab . . .
  17. nobody's forcing you to buy it, no, but there's a glaring lack of alternatives. n u t script is the only other viable option that i can think of, but it doesn't have the popularity that clockwork has.
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2018
  18. duck

    duck Phant0m Legend

    Because it's inferior. It doesn't have nearly the amount of features CW has, and that's not me fanboying for CW, that's me telling it like it is. Ask anyone who knows how to read lua and every single one of them will tell you CW has more features.
    $30 is not a lot of money for an entire gamemode. Maybe it's a lot of money if you don't have a job, but if you don't have a job, you can't complain about how you can't afford things.
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  19. considering the fact that you can get garry's mod and half life 2 for under $30, i'd say that hl2rp is a bit overpriced, wouldn't you?
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  20. kurozael

    kurozael Cloud Sixteen Director Staff Member Administrator Investor

    How about it'll be $25 for as long as people will pay that for it, that is basic economics. Things only have value because other people are willing to pay that amount for them, as soon as sales begin to decline and a pattern emerges as such the price will obviously decline with it. It is very basic business.

    The $25 you pay is not the same as buying an "end-user" AAA game from Steam. You're not buying a game, you're buying a license to host a gamemode FOREVER, and you can make donations from that gamemode that can earn your money back in no time.

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