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CW:Atomic | Flaming Phoenix's Fallout RP

Discussion in 'Communities' started by Flaming Phoenix, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. Lore
    War...War Never Changes. In 2077 atomic fire annihilated the earth, swallowing it whole in nuclear destruction. Those who survived did so by hiding in massive underground complexes known as vaults. When they opened, their inhabitants set out across the wastes to establish life once more, establishing villages and tribes. As time passed what once was the American southwest united under a single banner, forming the New California Republic, a single nation dedicated to rebuilding the old-world ideas of democracy and civilization. But all was never well…
    To the east lied a sleeping giant known as Caesar’s legion, a massive resurrection of the Roman Empire of old; now at odds with the New California Republic, and Caesar had his sights set on the newly occupied territory of the New California Republic; the Mojave.
    In 2277 The legion entered the Mojave to take the area. To their surprise the New California Republic had already taken hold of the area some six years before. Enraged by the invasion of the Mojave by the profligates, Caesar readied his Legion to destroy the NCR and conquer the Mojave.

    After establishing their main Mojave base at Fortification Hill, Caesar ordered the Malpais Legate to storm Hoover Dam in a battle that would be known as the First Battle of hoover Dam, the New California Republic managed to fend off the attack, albeit only due to the brave sacrifice of the NCR Rangers, who lured them into Boulder City, and blew up previously rigged C4, destroying most of the Legion force.
    The Second Battle of Hoover Dam occurred in the year 2281, it is unknown what circumstances led to the NCR victory at the dam, but some tell legends of one skilled courier...others say he was just lucky. It is difficult to determine fact from fiction, folklore from reality, but what we do know is that the New California Republic pushed back the Legion at the Dam.
    Following the NCR victory at Hoover Dam, Caesar mysteriously died, most likely from some sort of brain tumor, this caused a civil war in the legion, one side led by Legate Lanius, and the other by Vulpes Inculta. The Civil War bought time for the New California Republic to push against the beleaguered Legionnaires; quickly pushing them out of Nevada entirely, and into Arizona, wherein the fighting still continues.
    However our story begins in the north. Following the second battle, the New California Republic sent a large expeditionary force north, to push against a final holding of Enclave, they did not stand much a chance against the vast Army of the New California Republic. The NCR army pushed through Oregon, and into Washington while leaving behind small colonization forces along the way.
    In 2284, the Brotherhood of Steel gained interest in Montana, hearing of a vault being present in the state they dispatched a small expeditionary force in order to secure the vault, and the technology within it. They were successful in this endeavor, and now have a small presence in Montana.
    Caesar’s legion, now unified beneath the banner of Legate Lanius was not far behind the Brotherhood’s arrival, planning to colonize the state mostly occupied by tribes and other raiders, as well as exploit what natural resources were left in it. As the Legion began their expansion into Montana, it was no surprise that the New California Republic colonial forces would be right behind them, soon arriving in the lawless wastes of Montana, beginning what would inevitably be another long and brutal war of attrition with Caesar’s Legion.

    This is a list of factions that players will be able to join, fight, or lead.
    (Joining factions is 100% In-Character)

    The New California Republic(NCR)


    The NCR controls a in which the player will spawn in, to start their journey. Players may enlist to the NCR, purchase residential or commercial property inside their town, or venture out into the wastes to discover what lies outside the NCR’s safe walls.

    Caesar’s Legion

    Caesar’s Legion, now ruled by Legate Lanius has a presence in the wasteland, and they are actively recruiting. The Legion’s goal is to take the Montana Wasteland in the name of Legate Lanius. This faction is planned to be player led, and players interested can easily obtain entrance to this faction in the early stages of the server.

    Brotherhood of Steel
    The Brotherhood of Steel have secured a Vault hidden underground within Montana’s wasteland, protecting the high tech equipment. Player’s with a higher intelligence will have an easier time joining the ranks of the Brotherhood. Remember not to flash your technology around them!

    Crimson Caravan


    The Crimson Caravan is a group of traders that hold up shop in the NCR Town, and have wandering traders throughout the wasteland. Charismatic players will have a fun time working as a trader, persuading customers into paying more caps than they should, or buying equipment from Wastelanders for a fraction of the price their equipment is worth.



    The Raider faction is made up of players whose goal is to torment the Wasteland. Any player can start a raider faction, but be forewarned, the NCR nor the Legion respect the presence of Raiders.

    Wasteland Creatures


    This faction is given to players who prove they can Roleplay properly, and understand that as a Wasteland Creature dying is not the end of the world. This faction is fairly in depth, players will start at a weak stage in their creature, and over time grow and become more dangerous. Ex. Players who wish to be Deathclaws must start out as a baby Deathclaw, and over time and advancement through the Deathclaw’s life will grow into an adult.

    Our community is full of helpful admins whose goal is to make the Player’s experience fun and have lots of opportunities to uniquely shape their character. Passive Roleplay is the basis of Roleplay, but our admins love to host fun events on the server. Our normal events are not server-wide, local events for small groups of people, such as NCR/Legion patrols, bands of raiders, or even groups of Wastelanders. Due to our local events, many events could be going on at once in different locations throughout the Wasteland. On our server we have a unique rolling system that correlates with the Player's S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats. A more in-depth guide can be found on our forums. Our forums have sections for server suggestions that we check regularly to improve the Player’s experience. We also have a character sheet page where Players can explain and personalize their characters. In our server every individual Player matters and it is our goal for them to have fun!

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