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Other CW: Fall of Tungusskiy

Discussion in 'Communities' started by Lord Raymond, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. The Incident leading to the fall:
    In 2019 the Chinese Government declared they would no longer trade with other nations...Halting all trade and income for many countries. Negative relations with the world caused the media to profit off of fake stories and Rhetoric that lead to hostile actions between the Chinese and the US. The UN demanded peace between the two but it was ignored and the words fell on deaf ears. In 2020 the China and Russia both sealed a trade agreement and worked out their differences leaving every other nation in the dust. Russia provided money as assistance with China's air polution problem and once the crsis was resolved the two nations acted as brothers and joined together against the US and its allies.

    In 2023 after years of conflict bombs were dropped onto Russia. President Donald Trump was pressured by his staff and the Citizens of the US to take action. He used Nuclear weapons to punish the Russians and bend the knee of China. This did not work and Putin didn't back down. He instead returned Nuclear fire. Weeks later the President was reported dead along with those within Washington state. Confirming 7.406 million deaths.

    The Secretary General of the United Nations gave a single order a month after the bombings...To end the conflict. The United Nations council agreed to calming the situation in Russia by sending a select division of troops going by the title of UNTUN. United Nations Tungusskiy. An army of UN troops of poor equipment and resources sent to halt the now rising factions of Tungusskiy, and the Russian Armed Forces.

    Search and rescue was also an important task to these troops due to the inaction of Russias Government.

    China and America had both went silent. No responses from them were present for many years. And still so.

    The year is now 2038 and the chaos still rises. Many factions have come to Tungusskiy...Including Mercenaries and freedom fighters from all walks of life.

    Many come to this small area of the world for the sake of income. Some come to help and rebuild. The result? Things get worse...

    Factions you can expect to see in the server:

    Strandeds: Once citizens of Tungusskiy no longer, stranded by their government and doomed to death. Their only hope for salvation is to find a safe haven and of course survive by any means.

    Bandits: Amidst the chaos and the lawlessness, the first to lift their heads are shady characters, unembarressed by the lack of morals that their actions contain they continue to take what they want and do what they want in these lands...

    UNTUN: These are UN Peacekeepers sent as a Joint Task Force group to liberate the land of Tungusskiy of its hostile groups and to save as many Strandeds as possible...

    Russian Armed Forces: Once Tungusskiy turned into a chaotic place that could even match up to hell, the Russian Government deemed it necessary to wall off the entirety of Tungusskiy sealing it from the outside world with only a few checkpoints in and out of the place. They are under orders to search and kill anyone that they find within Tungusskiy.

    Morning Star: This is a Volunteer group mainly comprised of people from a lot of other countries, they intend to save as many people as possible in Tungusskiy and to create a safe haven within Tungusskiy...they appear to also have been here much earlier than the UN.

    Fireflies: These are more organized bandits who follow a proper command structure of sorts, they appear to be slightly better equipped but still bandits nonetheless.

    Free March Mercenaries: Most are unclear as to why they are here but the reason is that they are here for the sake of profit, they were hired by the Cartel to retrieve as many samples as possible from the now mutated never before seen creatures from the Exclusion Zone.

    Interested in joining our community? Well here you go!
    Server's IP:
    Content Pack for the Server: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1472855677
    Join our Discord Server!: https://discord.gg/cHPUTW
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  2. SireElite

    SireElite what's the big fucking deal? Templar Active Member

    only thing putting me off is that content pack, i mean can't you pack the addons or something? never seen a list so far
    otherwise i'd love to play!
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  3. Freelok

    Freelok Guest

    These are way too many addons. If you know what you're doing you could easily condense all of these into less then 15 addons. Other then that it seems interesting enough.
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  4. the content pack already shows the owner can't make a properly made server, I prefer having a server based off command and conquer generals shockwave with a story where general leang verses general ironside with thousand of addons that are actually useful and especially turn it to useful addons inside a folder
    also your discord doesn't work
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