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Cyperpunk2020: Ruined Potential?

Discussion in 'Casual Discussion' started by 6 Dogs, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. Hello, my friends, Today I am going to be thoroughly evaluating the server going by the name " Cyberpunk2020 " - Apparently run by some community named " DystopianCloud ". To start things off, I want to clear the air about this being a biased review - as I will be reviewing this from both ends of the spectrum as far as good, and bad things going on within the community during my time in the server - though the time was cut short. Let's run down the list of things we will be covering.

    - Quality of Staff / Willingness to help new players
    - Lore
    - Scripts / Custom Additions to the framework
    - Quality of roleplay
    - Quality of rules
    - Population / Population quality

    Firstly, We will be starting with the quality of staff - Please make a reference to this spoiler as it will be an extremely helpful example as to what the topic will mainly consist of.

     http://forums.cloudsixteen.com/js/xenforo/xenforo.js?_v=073095e7:222: Uncaught TypeError: Property 'group' of object #<error> is not a function
    [PM] someone: i know it sucks but please have patience with the police force. If I were to let anyone go on the police there is no high command, no backup, no supplies,. It would do more harm for the server image right now than good. You might not understand but I am the project lead here.
    Koro has connected to the server.
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: but
    [PM] someone: The other COP already made one of my admins leave the community because I had to RETCONN his asspulled cop unit
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: well
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: idk then
    [PM] someone: No buts. Any more arguing and I will re-think your roster position. This is the 3rd person I've had this conversation with.
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: ...what?
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: im not arguing with you
    [PM] someone: If you can't have patience I will find the roleplayers that will.
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: what the fuck? I asked you a question.
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: ohhh wwooooooowwww
    [PM] someone: you asked me if you can flag up, i said no, you tried to convince me
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: is this how you treat your players?
    [PM] someone: Don't start with that shit. Every insulted player starts with that.
    [PM] someone: Seriously. Either control yourself or leave.
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: You literally said youd rethink my roster position for liter-
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: LOL IM NOT ARGUING WITH YOU
    [PM] someone: Here you are still PMINg me.
    *** [Black Slicked Back Ha...] would chuckle at the sight of the host of the party having a good time, proceeding to look around for a place to sit before taking up the spot
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: jesus christ bro you seriously need to treat people with some respect.
    [LOOC] Sabine Baehr: lots of couch spots
    [PM] someone: Here you are not saying 'I understand, I'll have patience and see what happens by the end if the week.'
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: people will leave over stuff like this
    [PM] someone: This is a classic case of me not giving you what you want and you not liking it.
    [PM] someone: Normal people would understand my iteration.
    *** Sabine Baehr would turn to take a glimpse of the view. "I'm Sabine. I live here."
    [PM] someone: And respect it, and stay for the year long server.
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: PErsonally I dont have a problem with not flagging up - I have a problem with you carrying an attitude over nothing.
    [LOOC] Sabine Baehr: CORVO
    *** [/On the younger side ...] nods slowly, this time not at the music. "Katiana, but call me Kat."
    [PM] someone: I don't care if you have an problem. You asked me to flag up. I said no. you sai BUT. I said NO. You got hurt. Here we are. Relax
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: and it';s a little disheartening that you're going to push a punishment against you for even trying to convince you
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: no offense, thats childish af
    *** [/On the younger side ...] looks past her at the other conversation.
    *** Sabine Baehr nods her head to the beat, tapping her foot as well.
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: I see what you're doing. You want me to insult you so you get an excuse to ban me.
    [PM] someone: you're rushing things like everyone else. I'm not letitng it happen. Sorry lad. Wait for the police force to be introdduced or leave.
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: So you're telling me you'd rather have me leavwe than be civilized?
    [PM] someone: Now you're being delusional. Stop pming me. Roleplay or turn off your computer.
    Sabine Baehr yells "I'm a kamikaze gonna-"
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: holy fuck you're so disrespectful
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: no wonder your staff quit
    [PM] someone: I'd rather you leave because you're showing you cannot have patience or respect.
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: how have I not been respectful
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: have i insulted you?
    [PM] someone: Are you under the age of 18?
    *** Sabine Baehr would open her pack. She looks at the two she has left. After a bit of contemplation she shrugs, throwing her one.
    [PM] someone: it would explain your behaviior, lack of patience and self control.
    *** [/On the younger side ...] catches the cigarette, finding an old flip-lighter. It's a bit rusty, but it still lights the cigarette.
    *** Sabine Baehr turns her ears, hearing something about someone needing work.
    Suspicious Banjo Music has connected to the server.
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: My behavior?
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: Im pretty sure I've done pretty decent roleplay up until this point
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: Or did the time I spent making an app just not matter to you?
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: or maybe my char development thus far?
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: It seems you don't care about anyone but yourself.
    *** [Russian accent/On the...] looks at the other two again.
    *** [Black Slicked Back Ha...] would proceed to press his right middle finger into his palm, a red ring flowing before fading away, smiling at the man before winking at him, a blue ring flashing around his iris before fading
    [PM] someone: All this is about is you wanting to flag up. NO ONE IS FLAGGING UP UNTIL THE EVENT NEXT WEEK. I don't care how torn you are to get on a cop and RP. You don't understand the server running. Or How this iteration is playing out. If you did you WOULDNT WANT TO FLAG up.
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: It's becomming aparent thats the case, especially considering you're threatening me for reasoning with you - taking it as being argumentative.
    *** [Male / Caucasian / Mu...] gives Corvo a suspicious look.
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: I literally just told you Im fine with your answer. I'm not fine with you acting this way.
    [Black Slicked Back Ha...] says "My employer may be interested in...Funding this business"
    [Male / Caucasian / Mu...] says "What's more is there to say? One on one fist fights, first to submit loses."
    [Black Slicked Back Ha...] says "Depending on how much profit you'd be pulling."
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: I'm beginning to see how someone could be perma banned over trivial matters, now.
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: This explains the permas for nothing but ( VAC )
    *** [Male / Caucasian / Mu...] shurgs, drinking down the final sips of his smash.
    [PM] someone: Say less or face a ban. You are flaming.
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: Or maybe the bans that say Click close to uninstall gmod = you've sat here and told me to turn off my computer, over what - Nothing.
    [PM] someone: When posting a complaint on a specific administrator or player, you must provide some sort of proof, or it may be disregarded.•Generalised complaints (on a mass of people or a particular faction) do not require proof, but useless moaning or attacks of any kind will be removed if they are wholly unproductive.•Flaming, flamebaiting, and other forms of pointless instigation of drama/conflict are subject to removal.
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: I'm seriously doubting reporting you is going to do any good.
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: you're the owner.
    [OOC] Ricky Fuego: stuck
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: and frankly from your demeanor - and youre actions throughout this conversation I am seeing more deep rooted issues behind your lack of playerbase.
    [PM] Chris Stevenson: it's just the truth.
    someone has banned 'CyberStellaris' permanently (VAC).
    Disconnect: VAC.
    Disconnect: VAC.
    Read the logs carefully, and youll see that the party is simply explaining to the owner of the server - going by the name " savvyge " I believe - a want to flag onto their police officer. The owner is very quick to become aggravated - and actually handles the request in an extremely combatitive manner. Telling the individual to " Turn off their computer ". Scroll to the Bottom of the logs - you'll see that individual was promptly banned for ( VAC ).

    During my time on the server, I had the opportunity to witness many people being banned for the reason " VAC " - And through these logs I'm seeing that it was as I suspected. They were all banned for things unrelated to the cheat system - and we can primarily point towards this reason being used as the owners personal " Scapegoat " to save face in light of banning individuals for even lightly disagreeing with him. It is clear to see that within the conversation it's noted by " Chris Stevenson " - For the sake of this, well call him the " accused ". He notes that he doesn't have a problem with not being allowed to flag on - moreso having a problem with the owners attitude.

    This is the quality of staff - as the owner directly mirrors the quality of the staff team as a whole. It was also found during our time on the server through the invitation of an individual who will not be named, that was indeed using ESP - for educational purposes of course through this process - that the administrators were doing something not beyond the realm of thought.

    Rewind before this incident - admins spotted my friend and I setting up an ambush for a local bar owner. The mission? Kill this man for disrespecting a woman, and attempting to get her into his human trafficking organization. There was only one problem with our plan.

    You see, the bartender walked towards his business - but that was until the owner himself - " Savvyge " - Noclipped in, and remained in observer. He then promptly stopped walking, and turned around. Fast forward ten minutes, we move our ambush into an alley. The owner noclips again when the ambush takes place - this time, they don't stay in observer.

    There the owner stands, an AA12 in their hands. Coming up with an excuse that they were " Role-playing " with the bartender before the ambush. THis was not the case - they were in fact roleplaying with the woman he previously attempted to bamboozle into human trafficking. It was not hard to tell - after all...If ESP couldn't make this apparent, it was apparent by them standing in the middle of the Plaza.

    That's mostly the bulk of it. As far as the custom items - I mean, they have a ton of custom items that do literally nothing except mimick a sound that other can hear to emulate an action being carried out - but nothing more.

    Long story short.

    1. Their staff is shit.
    2. Their owner is a child.
    3. They will metagame.
    4. Mildly disagree - and you will get VAC beaned.

    Don't waste your time on this server. It's just another shitty CW server run by a depraved 12 YO with no sense of reason.

    As for their rules? You can't mug people for personal gain - and they based a lot of their rules off of nebulous clouds guidelines.

    Smooth one, cyberpunk - smooth indeed.
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    Last edited: Sep 6, 2018
  2. Freelok

    Freelok Guest

    I offered to develop for their server in a merge deal, and the owner said "My word is the law, and I am the complete ruler."

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  3. Hey I know you.

    I know about that - and personally it doesn't surprise me. Are you the developer that ditched out because he was being a dick? That might explain why he doesn't even have a proper loading screen / Website set up. His staff team has been dropping like flies recently. I don't blame you.
  4. Freelok

    Freelok Guest

    I offered and he said no. Never dropped out or started.
  5. Nobody is crying - the review is to put it into the open that the server itself is a waste of time due to their staffs ignorance - the rest is simply lesser and isn't primarily focused on due to the need for dragging out an extensive explanation on the fact that several of their plugins are literally placeholder and don't have a set use - not being needed. You would be reading about over 20 addons that don't do anything except make noise.

    Nobody is trying to be the next " Dub ". Time to get off your high horse - Pistol P.

    It would be especially nice to actually see you be wholly constructive on other individuals reviews considering the fact that you write reviews yourself. Seems like any time someone else reviews something you get all pissed.
  6. magnum p.i pistol p
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  7. Freelok

    Freelok Guest

    The admin who left messaged me on steam about the whole ordeal.

    [Monday 9:26 PM]
    Kill me now man

    [Monday 9:31 PM]
    Soviet Freelok:

    [Monday 9:31 PM]
    Just, gettin' slightly annoyed with savvage

    [Monday 9:31 PM]
    Soviet Freelok:
    Why's that?

    [Monday 9:32 PM]
    Oh we tried to make an event right. Well, some shit was relayed to him, and he said that my character (which he said that the character was approved for detective shit) shouldn't be there and..here I'll just post le shiet
    [5:58 PM]
    How is it

    [5:58 PM]
    Goin' good so far.
    Did a small event.

    [6:03 PM]
    Queen has some issues

    [6:03 PM]
    Whatcha mean?

    [6:04 PM]
    Something about your asspulled investigator swaying IC too much
    For being an event character
    That I don’t even want in there tbh

    [6:04 PM]
    Wait. Wat?

    [6:04 PM]
    Corvo is to be working alone and in secret
    If he’s failing I will take note and punish him ic from my tac

    [6:05 PM]
    Oh. I was told for peeps to come in and shit...
    I can just ignore it and pull out. My b :\

    [6:05 PM]
    Idk something about things being ruined for some parties by said event
    Just retconn it

    [6:06 PM]
    And I was informed that the guy corvo called in for TAC and w/e and so I had my detective come over for the assistance and to sorta partner up because detective life. Kek

    [Monday 9:34 PM]
    Soviet Freelok:
    Huh, that sucks man.

    [Monday 9:34 PM]
    Idk. It's just that there's so much fuckin' red tape with savvage sometimes
    I'm use to Cortex Roleplay, where the shit you make, people can interact with w/e motive and method they see fit.
    Sorta like D&D
    But Savvage just makes it too fuckin' tight and becomes way too fuckin' edgy.
  8. Beer

    Beer Guest


    I have met my friend "X" while rolepalying on the server, it was quite funny actually. We both met while talking about starting an ICLy Mafia, making plans for a few minutes. During my conversation with him, i have mentioned that i have recently found a very interesting amount of money on the ground, most likely left by a dead Admin character, to be more exact, the sum of 12k Cyber EuroDollars. That sum was extremely valuable, because mainly the economy is extremely potent, everything costing really little (Except Guns). After mentioning of my treasure find ICLY, shortly after the owner of the server has redacted this amount of money (Clearly being found icly due to a dead character or so.) With the excuse that "You are not supposed to have that", even though, it was lost due to an RP situation gone wrong.

    The server itself has really bad event and staff management, both being poorly conducted. - To be fair, there was 1 good event, but it was presented extremely poorly, by admins noclippin' and shooting their guns around, making players reach an unidentified alley where dead bodies were found, both filled with loot and such. It was a good find - To be honest, a good way to give players some loot, i, being fast and sneaky, i took most of it in under 5 minutes, leaving the other players with no loot, because i got there first, lying my way out of finding "Nothing" icly, because the event had drugs in it, and gangs fight over that stuff...Eventually, i have asked the admins what i can do with all of that loot, an admin noclipped next to me, taking the form of a Mafia dealer, buying the drugs off of me, i have got guns and several money from that transaction (Bear in mind, this was before the discussion with my friend and before my tokens were reducted), that even was poorly managed but still kept it interesting and real, but the admins should try a more IC approach rather than OOC shooting guns in observer and such. And noclipping around.

    Anyways, another really poorly presented event was when Police Officers where actually called in..Accompanied by 1 HL2 Hunter Helicopter (The 'Transport' Vehicle) and several frozen in-the-air drones with a poor global /event, 2 police officers rappeling off of the Hunter helicopter. Shortly after, a poor /event with a riot infront of the PD, down the stairs, followed by Combine NPC spawns on the catwalks, followed by a random M9K Weaponized shootout for 10 minutes. After that, the admins spawned dead drone loot on the ground. That was quickly picked up without any roleplay, because everyone was script hungry.

    Other than the fact there were admin salesman all around the map, freely abused by admins (They have unlimited strength characters, they always roll over 300+ And have infinite money and infinite weaponry), the players are kept poor, barely having much, other than the admins favourites that get some guns..Like me, i was given a .45 ACP, from the drug deal with the admin. I have kept that gun and never used it, until we wanted to ambush a bad guy (Read original post for story), i was kicked for impropper roleplay because the person i was shooting at was allowed to dodge a bullet from point blank, which i disagreed with. And that got me kicked, and my gun stolen away from me, the admins have accesed my inventory without my permission and stolen my items, the items i have worked for OOCly and ICLY, i regret spending time on there. After getting into arguments with the admins about their decision-making and unfair targeting, i was given a ban, with the reason ( VAC ) and (CLICK CLOSE TO UNINSTALL GMOD).

    This post is a long-story-short, since i don't have time to write the full story, but most of it was already covered by the author.

    So :

    - I got my money stolen from me by the admins
    - I got abused by the admins, frozen, tp'd randomly, guns stolen, items stolen...Ect
    - I have been falsely banned and kicked.
    - I have been following server rules, but the admins bended them and made me look like the rule-breaker.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 6, 2018
  9. Zig

    Zig Guest

    I'm pretty disappointed about all of this, overall, the guy running the thing didn't seem like such a bad guy at heart- but it's a shame that what I thought were first day speed bumps turned out to be deep-dwelling issues in the server.
  10. Played on the server for 5 minutes, didn't do anything and got banned for (VAC). permanently. I don't know what the website is, and I never created a character.

    Really hope the owner of the server sees this, because honestly, this is not impressive.
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  11. Just another classic clockwork case of having a great concept - but having a beyond horrible execution. Feel bad for anyone that is still under the façade that they give a shit at all - it's apparent through the owners own words he cares nothing for his player base - nor has any capacity to reason with anyone displaying even a moderately different opinion than him about what should happen in his server. Guy literally tells you you're arguing with him if you give him an idea to try and be " helpful ".

    And with this new evidence from OG Pistol P?

    Oh, nah - Shameful, to say the least.

    Imho one of two things are gonna' happen. Either his server is going to get a legendary 20 wave mingeraid bitchslap like autonomy did or natural selections going to ensure he gets that " cool guy owner " 0 player count he's working so hard towards LOL.
  12. Yeah for real that server didn't look so good when I joined. I mean, the server LOOKS good, seriously, it does. But the staff just seem to ruin it.

    For instance, I had read the rules upon joining and saw that there was no ERP allowed or something like that. Well, I came across a tattooed shop owner char right in the middle of it. Guess what? That turned out to be a staff character, disregarding one of their own rules. And the BEST part is that it was the owner himself.

    Pretty much explains the ERP problems that were discussed. It's literally his fault.

    Another time I saw that same character (and therefore, the owner) dropping a shit ton of augments all around the place. I've heard there was a fucking lot of scripts in the first few days of their launch, so that probably explains that, too.

    Yeah, pretty damn bad.
  13. I don't really understand the relation between your point about ERP not being allowed and a tatooed shop owner character. Was the staff character engaging in ERP, despite it being one of the rules to prohibit it? It wasn't quite clear from your post.
  14. First of all, i played on the server and i got free FLAGS! PE, second of all. The owner is 10.
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  15. Yes, the character was engaging in ERP despite it being against the rules. I'm also 99% sure it was the owner of the server. So they disregarded one of their own rules, and later complained about it. Sorry for any confusion there.
  16. I've noticed the owners really fast to block you, too. So I'm pretty sure appealing a ban would do literally nothing.

    Gotta' admit though - guys a funny dude. Tells you to report him on the forums despite knowing he's the owner, and will essentially just autodeny your report because I mean, come on.

    12 year old owner logic - duh?
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  17. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Staff Member Head Moderator Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    why do all cyberpunk servers end in complete failure
  18. kief

    kief kind bud Templar

    nobody gets 2020 enough to do it besides @5ym5
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