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Default Union Card for CWU

Discussion in 'Requests' started by ag55, Oct 27, 2018.

  1. ag55

    ag55 NOPE.AVI Clockwork Customer

    So I've retrieved the union lock, and I'd like to give the union card to the CWU class by default. I'm unsure what hooks to use, as I'm quite new. If anyone's got any helpful links or resources that's would be great. Any suggestions or pointers in the right direction would help massively, thank you.
  2. _HappyGoLucky

    _HappyGoLucky Clockwork Customer Active Member

    so for some reason kuro (or someone please dont berate me) added a method to give default inventory in the faction file

    in your CWU faction file, do this
    FACTION.startingInv = {
        ["union_card"] = 1
    i've never actually used this but im psure thats how you use it

    heres the function for it
    -- Called when a player's default inventory is needed.
    function Clockwork:GetPlayerDefaultInventory(player, character, inventory)
        local startingInv = cwFaction:FindByID(character.faction).startingInv;
        if (istable(startingInv)) then
            for k, v in pairs(startingInv) do
                    inventory, cwItem:CreateInstance(k), v

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