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Does anyone else agree about this?

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by MrOmbuh, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. My friend finally decided to give hl2rp another try. Too bad his past experience was hl2rp in it's prime. He now sees there's atleast 100 servers (from the screenshot I overreacted on how many hl2rp servers there actually is, but still....)

    I have to agree with him a bit. Plus the way he describes the horror is hilarious[​IMG]
  2. connall

    connall Guest

    HL2RP is popular and everybody wants to be an admin has always been my experience. Many (myself included) fall pray to "I can make it better." but making it better becomes rather impractical. It does baffle me the popularity of it seeing how it carries the opinion of being "Shit." by alot of people.

    I've moved on from HL2RP now though so I don't care anymore.
  3. TJjokerR

    TJjokerR Formerly known as TJjokerR Active Member

    People without their own community always accuse communities of being shit and of doing it the wrong way, though they would be just as bad at running a good community themselves.
  4. The thing is- EVERYONE has a different perspective of a perfect HL2RP.
  5. trurascalz

    trurascalz C16 Developer Legend Active Member

    Give it a while and slowly it will filter out with failed communities/staff wars/no money then the 'good' ones will be left. I do agree with op, but then with
    That also has a point

    I also do love the smell of a new hl2rp server
  6. It's not really that people fail at running a community. It's actually pretty damn easy. The problem is people that would join a hl2rp server now just run their own.

    This is just my opinion, but I think if there was only like 10 hl2rp servers. The HL2RP community would be much better.
  7. connall

    connall Guest

    Maybe. It is easy to run a HL2RP community, the problem is making it interesting for anybody that's not a rebel or combine. Which is where the frustration stems from and in turn the want to make their own community.
  8. sants1

    sants1 I'm an asshole. That's all. Active Member

    Look, to have a GOOD HL2RP server, you have to be UNIQUE. Of course, mine isn't unique. But this thread really made me think, well. This is my name currently :p HerozGaming |IC-APPS| |24/7| |FRIENDLY ADMINS| |EVENTS| Rofl. Yea. I looked at this thread and went, oh. Because of this I will be changing it. Thanks.
  9. Martinerrr

    Martinerrr Guest

    A wise person once said this somewhere on FacePunch. (not exactly, I just rephrased it for drama)
    "HL2RP is about power, many communities were founded in order for the founders to have power.. For the founders to actually be the power."

    Basically, HL2RP is about the Civil Protection. They way they are lead and the way they control the city in a dystopian ruling. This ruling is done by ordering people around, which is fun for people that are the Civil Protection and not so much for the people that are the citizens.

    What will happen?
    People that are the citizens will strive to become part of the Civil Protection to order others, instead of being ordered by others. Which in some cases, is not enough and will result in them creating their own communities to do basically anything they please with the population that joins their server.

    Of course not all servers are like my dramatic opinion above but a lot of them are.
  10. Soret

    Soret derp Active Member

  11. Yes, exactly.
  12. TJjokerR

    TJjokerR Formerly known as TJjokerR Active Member

    Well if you put it like that it seems easy to fix, let everyone be CP or citizen. Spawn a dozen npc citizens that have complex AI's using Garry's new nextbot shiz

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