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Other Everyday Carry (EDC)

Discussion in 'Other Interests' started by Aflac, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. Aflac

    Aflac Big Guy

    I didn't want to post in FT because I don't want mindless shitposting, hope thats aight random moderators @indigo @cold

    Everyday Carry is pretty straightforward "hobby". What do you carry on your person everyday? Does it change based on where you're going, what you're doing? What should you carry if you don't?
    Here's the subreddit for lots of examples https://www.reddit.com/r/edc

    But anyways here's my items that go in my everyday (pocket) carry:
    Left to right, top to bottom.
    - Leatherman Wave in Blackwash, work carry only.
    - Matte Black Zippo, don't smoke but it comes in handy socially + practically. Usually only work carry
    - Kershaw Cryo in Blackwash, this is my general everyday carry knife
    - Moto X Pure (2015) case, looking to replace with otterbox this summer, I only use the case when I need it (its a pretty phone).
    - Kaweco Sport, just added in recently for funsies, its a fountain pen. Not sure if it will stay in rotation
    - Opinel No. 8, my lighter, more "formal" knife carry. Comes with me to social and business stuff
    - Wallet, idk its generic, will probably get a joojoob or saddleback this summer.
    - Valar Morghulis coin, I was suggested to keep a "lucky" item on you, if really just to have something to play with when bored. It's sort of a boondoggle, but I like it. Valar dohaeris.
    - Breathsavers, who doesn't love sugar free mints?
    - Huntsman comb, I on and off carry it. My hair is rarely long enough to warrant a comb but I like having it when it is, plus its saved a few mladies
    - Fenix PD-35 flashlight. Probably the single most useful item in my EDC besides phone, I use it more than I ever do my knife. Have $100? Buy a nice flashlight.
    - Keys, car fob, house key, computer key (has backup unlock for my Surface plus some basic programs for fixing peoples things), gym card

    Yeah that's mine. You don't have to go in depth, but I like to see what people carry. I would break down my bag carry but its pretty nicely packed and all my school stuff is in it right now so maybe later
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  2. Dan22

    Dan22 Active Member

    Samsung Galaxy S3 (leather case which acts as a wallet as well), Learners driving license, tissue and some change. Exciting.
  3. The Dovahneer

    The Dovahneer i can change my title Active Member

    nothing really but some change/money if some happens to be in my pocket
  4. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Legend Clockwork Customer

    LG G3, Dash Wallet, 32GB Flash Drive, House Keys, and some pencils/pens.
  5. Iphone 6S, keys and loose money because I can't be fucked to use a wallet
  6. Generisk Løytnant

    Generisk Løytnant Active Member


    I carry a laptop bag filled with a GoPRO camera and mount set, a respirator, knife, flashlight, lantern, hard knuckle gloves, and a black mask, 'cos it's been pretty chilly over here.

    e: oh, and a phone. can't forget the phone.
    e2: if you still haven't guessed, the respirator's for urbex. hazardous materials, yo.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2016
  7. Sim2014ftw

    Sim2014ftw le professional leaker

    i just carry my clothes and im ready to go
  8. TimTimTommy

    TimTimTommy birds are my fetish

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  9. TheFancyAlchemist

    TheFancyAlchemist World famous hl2rp connoisseur Active Member

    The fuck you need a respirator for? What country are you in?
  10. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Legend Clockwork Customer

    chernobyl, ukraine
  11. Generisk Løytnant

    Generisk Løytnant Active Member

    lmao i'll let you guys guess what it's for
  12. TimTimTommy

    TimTimTommy birds are my fetish

    Holy shit. I told you about that kid? LMAO fucking edgiest kid ever, wore leather jackets to school everyday and had the haircut of Macklemore.

    We also called him Mackelmore and he got so pissed off about it. God I miss Iowa.
  13. Rhenz

    Rhenz What Comes Next? Active Member

    - Wallet(includes money, license, ID, etc).
    - Keys(house and car).
    - Phone.
    - Headphones.
    This is just general things, but it's quite often I have a backpack or my camera bag.
    - Notebooks.
    - Writing items.
    - Calculator.
    Camera Bag:
    - DSLR + Lenses.
    - Various SD cards and USBs.
    - Lens wipes and other care items.
    - Gum.

    Too lazy to post pictures, sorry.
  14. I carry my keys on a lanyard, my 4th gen ipod (really just for music, i don't carry a phone), headphones, a blade of some kind, and my wallet
    gee i'm just a special one aint i
  15. Mr. Fluffy

    Mr. Fluffy Active Member

    -64 GB USB-Stick filled with a shitton of cracks and other software
  16. Roth

    Roth C16's furfag mascot (better than Cinder)

    @Dex is a division sleeper agent

    anyway i just carry a phone and wallet
  17. 64 gigs of porn amirite
  18. Mr. Fluffy

    Mr. Fluffy Active Member

    My porn is kept safely on my phone c:
  19. Roth

    Roth C16's furfag mascot (better than Cinder)

    yeah furry porn on the phone is some bad shit tho. like if you got mugged and had all your data sold off you could also get shamed for having weird shit on there too

    i still keep some on my phone tho lol
  20. Why would you save porn on your phone? It seems like a waste of space when there's a plethora of porn across the Internet and you choose to save it on your phone.

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