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Other Everyday Carry (EDC)

Discussion in 'Other Interests' started by Aflac, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. EmperorJericho

    EmperorJericho Slav Lives Matter

    Nice. Thanks.

    Reminds me a bit of these custom made dogtags I got when I used to play SWG, when I RPed as a Stormtrooper

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  2. Aflac

    Aflac Big Guy Crusader

    Important additions to work EDC
    - nitrile gloves for dealing with humans and other nasty things
    - police radio (I'm a supervisor this year)
  3. TheFancyAlchemist

    TheFancyAlchemist World famous hl2rp connoisseur Active Member

    -Bathing suit
    -Red T-shirt
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  4. Aflac

    Aflac Big Guy Crusader

  5. crash

    crash Active Member

    iphone and a few $20's lol
  6. EmperorJericho

    EmperorJericho Slav Lives Matter

    Okay. Update.

    -Samsung Galaxy S7
    -Sottomaring wrist watch
  7. TheFancyAlchemist

    TheFancyAlchemist World famous hl2rp connoisseur Active Member

    Haha no am lifeguard

  8. Delta

    Delta Active Member

    Wool hat, wool gloves, wallet, 64GB USB stick, guitar pick, phone, and pocket lint.
    Wool hat because, it's Summer, I don't know why I carry it. Although I like to wear it when it rains, or gets suddenly cold. It's Canada after all. Gloves because they're a weird cross-breed between wool and some other substance. The palms are padded so I can hold a phone, and press the buttons easily without having to take a glove off. Got them at a cheap store two years ago, and they seem to work fine. Wallet that had my ID, cash, key, cards, etc. Pretty much anything I need to walk around with, but apparently it's weird to carry a key in your wallet. USB stick full of games, and shit; however I can truthfully say that it is totally not but very likely full of porn. Guitar pick because I consider it lucky, I found it in the freezer at a grocery store that was at least two hours away from any musical-related shop. Started carrying it around in case I ever needed it. (I've never needed it, and I play bass anyways.) Phone as well, but I don't use it for anything other than music. I also have an obscene amount of pocket lint, which acts as the poor man's pocket sand when in danger.
  9. SireElite

    SireElite what's the big fucking deal? Templar Active Member

  10. Aflac

    Aflac Big Guy Crusader

    Lifeguards at my beach are super chill
    Lmao they always put down the most beers at our end of season party
    (Besides the cops)
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  11. Sixx

    Sixx presidential #1 Legend

    i was totally gonna dish out a warning for major necro and then i realised aflac started the thread

    uh I just carry my iPhone and my wallet with me, although I rarely ever leave the house without my backpack and I usually just carry a jacket and some cosmetic shit in there if I need it ig
  12. Aflac

    Aflac Big Guy Crusader

    Necroposting is a dumb rule in most boards anyways, I think its more to keep people from dredging up old drama and stupid fast threads in order to powerpost, which doesn't matter anymore since we don't have postcount based usergroups

    Also I've bought a new knife if anyone gives a shit:
    Benchmade Griptillian
    Blackwash finish and tanto blade tip
    bit of an upgrade from my kershaw
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  13. Aflac, Why do you need all these knives what you doin' lowkey?
  14. Sixx

    Sixx presidential #1 Legend

    @Aflac start a knife appreciation thread
  15. Aflac

    Aflac Big Guy Crusader

    Knives make awful weapons I'd just CCW
    but they're super useful tools
  16. EmperorJericho

    EmperorJericho Slav Lives Matter

  17. Aflac

    Aflac Big Guy Crusader

  18. Dan22

    Dan22 Active Member

    UPDATE: it's been almost a year and a lot has changed with my setup. I now carry a Moto G4 in a leather case and now a driving license, tissue and some change. Also finally, a bic pen because uni and stuff.
  19. Generisk Løytnant

    Generisk Løytnant Active Member

    My EDC has been reduced to my phone.

    Samsung Galaxy S4.
  20. corrin

    corrin hot boat sex Active Member

    car keys, keycard for my apartment, student id and a multitool

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