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Fallout: DUST

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Roth, May 5, 2017.

  1. Roth

    Roth 45 Spesiale Maatskappy Crusader Active Member

    fucking wish i had a pc to play this mod

    anyone play this? if you haven't holy FUCK prepare to be amazed and pissed off at the same time while playing it
  2. Profit

    Profit Clockwork Customer

    every enemy can basically one hit you and has unlimited ammo, supposedly you can one hit them but getting the ammo to do so is next to impossible
    most spawns lead you to your death unless you can pull some serious bullshit and live
    the storytelling is really good but i cant see it while im busy running away from everything because i dont stand a chance and even if i do kill people my sanity drops

    id recommend frost for fallout 4, npcs dont have unlimited ammo in that one and theres a better chance of survival, but maybe im just bad
  3. DUST is a Post-Apocalyptic survival simulator with an emphasis on lore and story. DUST completely overhauls nearly every aspect of the game to better represent an apocalyptic survival-horror atmosphere. Combat, weather, perks, loot, enemies, you name it. Some areas have even been visually overhauled. All vanilla NPCs have either been killed or changed beyond all recognition. You will not be able to complete quests or join factions. There is but one quest in DUST. Stay alive.

    DUST takes place 20 years after the events of New Vegas. As you explore you will slowly learn the story of DUST, but unlike vanilla Fallout, you are not the main character. You are simply a bystander, and must create your own story. There is one way to win DUST. A true survivor must escape the Mojave. With help from notes and keen observation, one may be able to learn of the exit. Even then, the player will have to go a long way to get out.
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  4. buddyfrancis

    buddyfrancis Surfin' Poo-S-A

    Would be a great mod if I didn't get shat on by tunnelers as soon as I stepped out the door
  5. Roth

    Roth 45 Spesiale Maatskappy Crusader Active Member

    the tunnelers are the biggest threat, but they only appear away from the main roads (they replace creatures like geckos, boatflies and mantises). sticking to thte main road means you'll face hostile survivors and cannibals.

    best thing to do is run from tunnelers, make sure you get a sprint mod of some kind (i don't reccomend PN, breaks balance a bit) and jump among rocks. there's a mod for DUST where if you kill enough tunnelers they become 'scared of you' and turn into friendly mobs, which is pretty balanced imho
  6. buddyfrancis

    buddyfrancis Surfin' Poo-S-A

    I've also heard the mod turns most of the DLC into a hellish nightmare, like Honest Hearts
  7. Roth

    Roth 45 Spesiale Maatskappy Crusader Active Member

    places like the divide, zion, the sierra madre and the big empty are changed, all or the worst, as you would imagine

    zion is indeed the worst, but i couldn't spoil why.
  8. corrin

    corrin hot boat sex Active Member

    divide is inaccessible
    sierra madre is
    the path to the ending after you manage to find the path to the ending through exploring vegas
    didn't visit the big mt
    is literally just the same with an unkillable monster chasing you around with no path of escape or anything and with a fucking ugly green fog

    i hate the monster i managed to cheese him into attacking me when i was hiding inside a cabin and when i had him at his last hp bar he fucking ran away

    dust was piss easy tbh and i played on the highest difficulty. it's just a matter of outrunning the tunnelers and then quickly killing the first guy you see and taking his loot and then legging it. the hard part was getting up to the ending. the mod does a terrible job at leading you to the escape through scattered notes and maybe terminals.

    i'm gonna try frost for fallout 4 once i have nuka world. maybe it's a little tougher
    Last edited: May 18, 2017
  9. Roth

    Roth 45 Spesiale Maatskappy Crusader Active Member

    divide is actually accessable through zion (yeah makes no sense i know)

    and that's the point since the mod isn't just all about escaping. you can go to the strip to see what the NCR did, you can go to the fort to see what happened to caeser, you can go to the sewers and freeside to see how they escaped, and there's a few notable characters you can meet, including a certain powerful figure.

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