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HL2RP Freemangaming Revival CW:HL2RP | New Server | IC/OOC Apps

Discussion in 'Communities' started by Jeb345, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. Kyundi

    Kyundi male_04 Active Member

    • User was warned for this post (Offtopic).
    wow! you can drink!
    woah, what an achievement!
    woah-hoah, better blame every time you get angry or something on being drunk!
    woaaoow, you can pretend you're drunk and not be responsible for your actions and type in a slurred manner!
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  2. Outcasted

    Outcasted i have terrible titles Active Member

    u dnt kno me
    Also, not what i was trying to say. I'd type a paragraph long counter statement how I'm not some edgy 15 year old getting drunk in his parents basement but I'm on my phone rn

    TS is still a shitshow and I think people completely abandoned the whole nice MPF thing. The bad units get promoted and the good ones are left in the dust. My opinion still says the server was better than before just stating the flaws so u can fix them
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    Last edited: Mar 23, 2015
  3. soon as i join the server i get a cp spamming me with voice commands whilst trying to talk to someone for the content pack "isolate" "isolate" "isolate" "move along" "final warning" within 19 seconds
    gang of blacks killed some guy in the souvneir shop and this moron MPF rounded up everyone in the plaza and apartments, pointed his gun at us and told us who did it like what the fuck how we to know?
    you only have access to 33% of plaza
    takes about 1 minute to walk the entire plaza and thats pretty much the only part we're allowed to roleplay in without getting PKed not much player freedom
    i traveled the map and there is combine bases everywere, what the fuck i thought this was based in a city not the goddamn nexus
    run for 5 seconds and i've run out of stamina
    every fucking building has been biolocked or blocked off, feels like dynexrp to me
    why build a goddamn playground if we get detained for walking into it?
    CWU own half the slums with the secret door
    CCA own the diordna as a "off duty bar" and because they can use the secret door to go into the sewers which has been propblocked from within
    AFK area's around every corners
    big ass fencing blocking off the benches in the trainstation for no good reason
    traintracks blocked off with 2 combine shields

    the only good thing is the ration machine is on 24/7 until some elitist asshole who gets accepted into the MPF forces people to his brand of RP and turn it permamently off

    why call it freeman gaming when there isn't much fucking player freedom on the server?

    seems like bad malpractice when every hl2rp does this
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  4. Outcasted

    Outcasted i have terrible titles Active Member

    me being a unit on the server pisses me off when people call the entire police force bad.

    Let me sum up what I try to do.
    When there's a firefight I sit out cuz I dislike combat. Every morning I get a cup of coffee and part plaza, talk to my informant about anything suspicious. The following hour I do PT unyil people get on.
    (I'm an 04, almost died twice. Tell me how ridiculous it is that a unit that is normally in nexus has almost died twice.)
    Any who, I turn in my report and talk to people on steam. Some unit like me have good motives, which by default makes the MPF really good
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  5. ** MPF-C45.GRID.EpU.33315 is holding the man by the throat, lifting him up, quickly.
    ** MPF-C45.GRID.EpU.33315 would throw him halfway through the street behind him towards the wall on the man's left, to the unit's right.
    he has "superior strength through augmention / superior speed through augmention" in his description
    biggest powergame i've seen since 2013
    if your units are running around with that in their descriptions there is something seriously wrong with your MPF
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  6. So your implication of an Elite Protection Officer who has Moderate Augmentations to his advantage along with crucial timing on obstruction against an ordinary citizen in a P2L situation is stating that he does not have the personal strength to throw him down the small width of a street?
    To clarify you, Postal, that the citizen had one Civil Worker attacking him from behind, a JURY 05 to deal from the front and an EpU who definitely holds the advantage in a group situation who moved in whilst our "man" in the roleplay was extremely occupied, three versus one.

    Would you rather have a fitting description of what sort of augmentations he would have, or simply have it stated "Moderately Augmented"...?

    EpU's are designed for this purpose. I see no obstructions here.
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    Last edited: Mar 23, 2015
  7. Rhenz

    Rhenz What Comes Next? Honorable Active Member

    I do not believe they're designed to be terminators.

    I also think you have some valid points, but I've had hands on experience with some of the MPF on the server. Most are pretty bad.
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  8. TF7 Rules

    TF7 Rules worth the 25 bucks, totally Active Member

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  9. Still rooting out the inexperienced and trying to get them into a better system, teaching them the guides, training them personally or punishing those that deliberately cause problems... I've had my share deals with a few already.

    As for EpU's, in every aspect they are not Arnold Schawrzneggers or hunter-killers... still got flaws for 'em but they are still ruthless if they choose to be.
  10. GaryUserName

    GaryUserName There's No Girls With Dicks, Only Guys With Tits Active Member

    @Rhenz Well, in Lore terms they are technically made to be terminators so they can simply help the UU but thats no fun.
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  11. lol i just walk into the back of the souvenir shop and found 6 shipments of clothing now i've got like 60.5kg of inventory
  12. Rhenz

    Rhenz What Comes Next? Honorable Active Member

    Which lore are we speaking about? Half-Life 2 lore, or server lore?
  13. The Dovahneer

    The Dovahneer i can change my title Active Member

    You're saying that you can lift a 120-180 pound human and throw them across a street?
    Do you have terminator arms? Are you the fucking hulk?
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  14. TF7 Rules

    TF7 Rules worth the 25 bucks, totally Active Member

    He can even survive an eletrical shock to the lungs (Dying ICly) then TP'ing out of the place, bullshitting every CP saying "I escaped and survived."
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  15. same with units with augmented legs or fucking mechanic legs
    shout oscar pistorius at them and they get angry
    even calling them crowbar legs or bladerunner gets them upset in OOC
    call them terminator and i mean by that,
    they have metal legs and they shoot people

    ive also now seen women with big boobs or cup sizes in their description or a really fat ass
    where can i find this plastic surgeon in hl2?
    they're also too short, like dwarf or smurf height
    or oompa loompas
  16. His name is Jeff.
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  17. @The Dovahneer Then in realistic terms you're talking about a rather extremely muscular person with hints of weight added living inside a dictatorship where probably one out of five or six people have the ability to cope with having an ordinary diet due to rationing. How inttteerrreeessssttiiinnnggg... not to mention that if he couldn't cope with an 05 or a CWU, then my friend in that case yes I am the hulk for that certain scenario.

    @TF7 Rules Lol. Are you implying that I /observere'd out of there WHILST being knocked out? That's silly and you know someone knocked out wouldn't even be able to move, let alone TELEPORT or OBSERVE. My body was eventually found and the unit was given oxygen. Don't bullshit me, TF7, or anyone else in this thread with that false accuse. xD
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    Last edited: Mar 24, 2015
  18. Aflac

    Aflac Big Guy Honorable

    alright guys if you have lore issues take it to their forums, this isn't the place.
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  19. TF7 Rules

    TF7 Rules worth the 25 bucks, totally Active Member

    With the "XD" you gave your post the hint of autism I was waiting.
    The unit was inside a locked area in a hidden place in slums, are you saying you went in /op chat and told them to go on observer and rescue you ICly?
    Plus, holy shit they are Sonic or something like that? The human brain can die of lack of oxygen in 10 minutes, and I think there are actually ICly more rebels inside the slums, so I really doubt that your meta friends could go through the slums legitly without metagaming every fucking step they took.
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  20. NFPD

    NFPD Plums! Active Member


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