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HL2RP Freemangaming Revival CW:HL2RP | New Server | IC/OOC Apps

Discussion in 'Communities' started by Jeb345, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. Deal with it NFPD, I honestly don't care.

    Right back at you though, just what I was waiting for. The first insult to be thrown and ofcourse it obviously had to be one of the most common; "Autism". You know why you are saying this? Because your argument is COMPLETELY INVALID and it's also because of the fact that you are immensely bullshitting your way through your replies towards me, having absolutely no counter towards what really happened in that scenario.

    Man, you had me inside the trainstation's sewers entrance and expect that to be "locked". This is the exact picture of the term "lol-webel". Like, seriously wee man, I literally watched you through the unconciousness HUD and literally all you did was drop me right inside the trainstation sewers entryway and left me there for dead. Obvious mistake right there.

    And it's best for you to stop switching from excuse towards excuse when it comes to "Oh he teleported out, oh he observed out, oh he /op'd chat".
    Nah pal, don't go any further because it's actually just ensuing the hilarity. Isn't it plainly strange that being defib'd out in the central plaza with people around watching you and saying that you took me to the slums in a quick and ordinary manner when infact all you did was climb down some ladders and leave me there and ran? Obviously people reported it to nearby units in the area.
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  2. Vamure

    Vamure ur dad is on grinder Active Member

    EpU: I'm looking for John Connor you seen him?
    Me: Nah sorry, by the way, where can I find guens, can you gibe me guens?
    EpU: Go down there and on your right is a gun shop, they sell a few "guens" in there
    Me: Ok, thanks, I did see John Connor hes in D6 doing sp00ky shizzel
    EpU: Citizen, Move it!
  3. sloth_

    sloth_ i swear im not slow Active Member

    the day i see a server that doesn't have units with augmentations will be a grand day
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  4. Vamure

    Vamure ur dad is on grinder Active Member

    Also Overwatch Transcosby Arms flag up every five minutes
  5. GaryUserName

    GaryUserName There's No Girls With Dicks, Only Guys With Tits Active Member

    What happened to the new "Zero-Tolerance" Policy?

    OT: Just some tips:
    No cp with augmentations
    No OTA every 5 mins
    Crack down on seriousness IC. OOC is fine but don't let it get out of hand
    Don't let LOOC determine the RP. (My own experience)
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  6. TF7 Rules

    TF7 Rules worth the 25 bucks, totally Active Member

    believe it or not, in hl2 the cps can actually die, there have been rumours that it doesnt but trust me, they aren't invincible.
    No, but seriously, I can't even kill an 01 saying that he has augmentations.

    i remember now in a cancerous server, a dvl came in the sewers and he was shot at the head with a sniper rifle...he said that the impact didnt do shit to him because he had a "TITANIUM MASK"
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  7. NFPD

    NFPD Plums! Active Member

    This thread is so gonna get locked because of the sheer amount of autism, inb4 warned for saying da word autism.
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  8. TF7 Rules

    TF7 Rules worth the 25 bucks, totally Active Member

    perma banned for using the word autism
  9. The Dovahneer

    The Dovahneer i can change my title Active Member

    I seriously got lost there.
    Anyway, can someone supply me with the height of the individual being thrown and the gender?
  10. GaryUserName

    GaryUserName There's No Girls With Dicks, Only Guys With Tits Active Member

    9,11 and male
    OT: Fix yo shit
  11. Aflac

    Aflac Big Guy Honorable

    Alright, y'all have done it now.

    These were coming regardless of site-wide policy, I've given one too many warnings in this thread.
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2015
  12. ok now there is a base in canals, wtf?
    there is a base called "nomad" just next to canals and a couple of feet away there is another base but its for OW's
    also why do the combine own every building on the map?
    3 out of 6 shops in plaza is owned by the CCA
    the slums "hardpoint" seems to get futher and futher away from the slums entrance and coming closer to the apartment steps
  13. African

    African The re-stocker of memes Active Member

    Here's some ideas you guys can use
    Limit ota deployment until they're needed, needed. OTA were the last ground unit resort when units were murdered to extinction in hl2.

    Also make shops able to be CWU owned, as in they can give paying citizens permits to own the store and sell.

    If your server has forcefields into slums or other useless areas, take them off. It's heavily suggested because it limits where citizens can go, this also means biolocks as they have the same purpose, keeping citizens out.
  14. Outcasted

    Outcasted i have terrible titles Active Member

    Oh boy, still need some improvements.
    • Remove unnecessary biolocks
    • Have someone decorate a bit
    • There's a lack of events
    • Make promo's easier
  15. When are players usually active on Freemangaming?
  16. Outcasted

    Outcasted i have terrible titles Active Member

    Population rises at approximately 1:05 Eastern Standard Time
  17. I'll take a look at it in the near future and give some feedback.
  18. Jeb345

    Jeb345 Youtuber Clockwork Customer

    Alright, i am out of the hospital and I see the thread. Dang, alot has happened.
    Sorry for any typos I may have, I am using my phone.
    I will use this thread now for a checklist of what we need to do.
    Heres the checklist so far:
    •Restructure MPF.
    •Restructure and optimize CWU.
    •Give players freedom to do as they please(to an acceptable extent).
    •Optimize IC/OOC applications.
    •Do more events.
    •Unblock a few D6 pathways.
    •Remove MPF augmentations.
    •Keep rations open constantly.

    Now what we have done so far is:
    •More events.
    •Unblock a few D6 pathways.
    •Give players more freedom.
    •Restructure and optimize CWU.
    •Keep rations open.
    •Removed playground so no more MPF giving you infraction points for entering.
    •Give players more freedom.

    Things we are still working on:
    •Restructure and balance the MPF.
    •Remove MPF augmentations.

    The MPF are less edgy, and they are more organized. They do use too many voice commands still, we are looking into reducing it. Possibly by removing the voices from sh_voices.lua. We are now implementing a FOB for OTA, so that they only flag up when things get really crazy such as an exogen breach. That way we wont have OTA flagged up every five minutes.

    We are hoping to enhance citizen RP aswell, by doing events for them(we do not know what kind of events yet, so if you have ideas, please feel free to speak). We are cracking down on edgy resistance as well. We have removed 5 edgy resistance in the past few days. So no more powergaming webuls who kill two OTA and then be like "I took their armor and now I cant be killed because the armor is augmented so now I cant be killed, you will need 50 cal."
    We added an antlion hive in the subway tunnels aswell as an in-game item called extract that you can get from the location.
    We added M9K(everything but the nukes and insane explosives and OP weapons) and we made some bio-locked so that if a unit gets killed, lolcitizens wont mingegrab them and raid the plaza. We still have some issues with the way the MPF officers issue punishments, and we are working on that.
    That is all I have to say for now.
    Here is the checklist of uncompleted things that we need to do:
    •Optimize MPF.
    •Optimize citizen RP.
    •Remove MPF augmentations.

    I will add to this as more suggestions roll in. And please, lets not derail the thread. Thanks everyone.

    EDIT: We will only have augmentations for OTA.
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    Last edited: Mar 25, 2015
  19. Outcasted

    Outcasted i have terrible titles Active Member

    Thata' boy!
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  20. Rhenz

    Rhenz What Comes Next? Honorable Active Member

    I also hope improving your staff and high ranking officers will go on those lists.

    It could use some work.
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    Last edited: Mar 25, 2015

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