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Important Game Server

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by kurozael, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. kurozael

    kurozael Cloud Sixteen Director Staff Member Administrator Investor Crusader Templar

    Hi guys we're looking for ideas for a game server that isn't GMod. If you have ideas for games you enjoy playing that you'd like to see a Cloud Sixteen server for, here's the place to discuss that.

  2. The Dovahneer

    The Dovahneer i can change my title Active Member

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  3. Brandon

    Brandon ಠ_ಠ Active Member

    ArmA 3 Mission Server or a Wasteland server.

    Maybe DayZ? I dunno.
  4. kurozael

    kurozael Cloud Sixteen Director Staff Member Administrator Investor Crusader Templar

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  5. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Staff Member Head Moderator Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Obviously no one has the time nor dedication to run a C16 server, because this has been done about three times and has never fallen through.

    BUT, I would be happy to see the CS:GO and TF2 server, like last time.
  6. alexanderk

    alexanderk a Templar

    Other things took priority :)
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  7. NightAngel

    NightAngel Fuck off Lev Active Member

    There are still other things that should be taking priority, like schema renames and dev keys. -cough-
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  8. Rootie Patootie

    Rootie Patootie Active Member

    I'd be grateful for something like a tf2 server, but seeing C16s population and activity I don't think it'll get much players.
  9. SS13

    Without vonel obv
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    Last edited: Jan 25, 2015
  10. kurozael

    kurozael Cloud Sixteen Director Staff Member Administrator Investor Crusader Templar

    @NightAngel - there are quite a few of us, we are capable of working on things simultaneously.

    @Rootie Patootie - considering Cloud Sixteen gets 50,000 unique visitors a month due to our advertisement systems, we stand a good chance if we do it right - plus, the idea of the game server is to bring members to the forums from outside of GMod.
  11. willy pete

    willy pete i'm going to cut off your face and wear it Active Member

    CS:S, or possibly Rust?
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  12. NFPD

    NFPD Plums! Active Member

    Rust would be coo' for C16
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  13. I'd play Arma 2 oa if you guys played with ace.
  14. Nightrader

    Nightrader Active Member

    CS:GO is always good for community servers.
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  15. Left for Dead 2 versus.
  16. Mr. Meow

    Mr. Meow will code for food Clockwork Customer

    I'd agree with Nightrader, CS:GO is good. It gets my vote.
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  17. Brandon

    Brandon ಠ_ಠ Active Member

    Maybe even make a trading server for CS:GO? Those seem to be very popular if you can put a proper one together.
    Still a grand idea trading server or not. ;)
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