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Important GMod Retirement

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by kurozael, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. kurozael

    kurozael Cloud Sixteen Director Staff Member Administrator Investor

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  2. Zig

    Zig Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    yo remove the drm now
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  3. SmallS

    SmallS shut the fuck up smalls Clockwork Customer Active Member

    fuck bro what am i gunna do with all my kurobucks??:(:(:(
  4. Sixx

    Sixx roleplay crusader

    i wholeheartedly wish you the best of luck, you've provided almost every person here with some of the best and most memorable gaming experiences and you've contributed to the world of RP in a way very few other people have

    la la la sixx suck's kuros dick la la la get over yourself you know it's true
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  5. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Clockwork Customer Active Member

    vonel can't live in conna's flat anymore everyone pay your respects
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  6. kurozael

    kurozael Cloud Sixteen Director Staff Member Administrator Investor

    Thanks Sixx, I hope that's true because it'll make my legacy mean something. I also hope that Cloud Sixteen can now move on to become more than what it is with Timefuser, so we'll see how it goes when the first game is released on Steam.
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  7. The kurozael Redemption Arc
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  8. Digital Junkie

    Digital Junkie Active Member

    DRM can't be removed until 2019, what if Timefuser is a flop?
  9. kurozael

    kurozael Cloud Sixteen Director Staff Member Administrator Investor

    I'm not really thinking about things flopping or not flopping, I'm just making a game and having fun doing so. Until the DRM is removed, the free Clockwork developer keys should be enough.
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  10. You'll be back in a few months...I just fucking know you will....you simply will
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  11. CQBgamer

    CQBgamer That one guy who makes 100 threads in Support Desk Clockwork Customer Active Member

    RIP HL2RP 1.2

    Anyway, best of luck kuro, and thank you for all the work you've done
  12. chuck

    chuck king of private sector Active Member

    Who cares? HL2RP is dying. You stopped developing for Clockwork a long time ago. I don't think you made this announcement to inform people of your GMOD retirement. Everyone already knew that you'd abandoned the project. You only made this post to shill for this new game you're working on.

    Why not just make a post about the game instead of thinly veiling it behind a "retirement" post? I already know the answer to that question. This is purely rhetorical.
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  13. The numbers aren't dying, but the quality obviously is.
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  14. SamWillington

    SamWillington Clockwork Customer

    don't cry because it's over, smile 'cuz it happened
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  15. duck

    duck Phant0m Legend

    I will make updates and fixes for CW, so I want people to know that even though kurozael is no longer going to make updates, CW won't just stay the way it is forever. It won't receive only fixes when gmod breaks something, I'll make features and fix shit that's broken even the way it is right now.
    I mean, he said almost 2 months ago he would do this - long before this new project.
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    Last edited: Jan 27, 2018
  16. CPT. Maxii

    CPT. Maxii Clockwork Customer Active Member

    I respect you kuro, always have, and respect your decision. It is good to move on, everyone needs change. The community, but also you.
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  17. Sixx

    Sixx roleplay crusader

    Why you gotta be so pissy and cynical about every little thing? Were you bullied as a kid? Honestly mate fucking behave yourself, plenty of people care about RP - Not just HL2RP, and you wouldn't even be on this forum in the first place if you didn't, considering you joined barely two years ago, years after the "quality" in RP started to decline.
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  18. Squirrels Mcgee

    Squirrels Mcgee fallout 4 = "power armour hoarding sim" Active Member

    so clockwork for s&box isn't happening?
  19. Sixx

    Sixx roleplay crusader

    oh god yeah i never thought about this actually, if not we're going to be relegated to Gmod forever
  20. kurozael

    kurozael Cloud Sixteen Director Staff Member Administrator Investor

    I’m still very much excited about a S&box project :)
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