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Gr4Ss' plugin megathread

Discussion in 'Plugins' started by Gr4Ss, Jul 20, 2014.

  1. And just a quick update: pushed some fixes for gaszones/radiation to the github (fixes the previously mentioned bug and a typo in radiationzoneremove). Also updates armor plugin to include all gasmask overlay texture files (and includes the files in the download).
  2. Jan Walton

    Jan Walton Active Member

  3. seigfred

    seigfred Dank af Active Member

    doesnt work fix it
  4. Monkah

    Monkah Guest

    Not being too helpful, you should post console logs.
  5. kurozael

    kurozael Cloud Sixteen Director Staff Member Administrator Investor

    [member=1476]Gr4Ss[/member] please check your PMs :)
  6. Zoo

    Zoo title

    Hi, I got a question regarding your Gas Zones plugin, in particular the items.

    So it says in the readme:
    -ITEM.hasGasmask = true; on it, in which case he'll also need filterQuality on his character data.

    What do you mean by character data and filter quality?

    I know filters need to have their charcoal replaced every now and then or something, but could you explain more?

    Also, a rebreather is like a permanent gasmask, for lack of a better word?
  7. The way the gaszones/radiationzones work is that they first check if the player his clothes item has the ITEM.hasGasmask field set to true. If yes, it will go look on the character's data (player:GetCharacterData("filterQuality")) for a 'filterQuality' field. If you are using my armor base, the filter_base that comes with it will do that for you when a player equips a filter. If you don't want to code your own gasmasks, just use that armor base and don't worry too much about what's in the readme (as it's all coded already, readme is there for people who want to code their own stuff).

    And rebreathers are gasmasks that don't need a filter.
  8. Zoo

    Zoo title

    Thanks, just one more thing.
    Is there a way to make it so gas does not affect a certain faction?
    For example, vortigaunts or zombies.
  9. Simply add "FACTION.noGas = true;" to the faction file (without the " ").
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  10. willy pete

    willy pete i'm going to cut off your face and wear it Active Member

    Hey, my heyzeus.

    Nice plugins. I've no use for them, but whatever. They kick ass.
  11. Zoo

    Zoo title

    Hey, uhh, two things.
    1. hl2rp armour doesn't seem to work. I can't find the armor_clothing_base you cite anywhere. I put the filter base into the file with the other ones, yet the items simply don't show up in-game at all.

    2. Gas zones don't work. I spawn one, walk around in it, nothing. I do /gaszoneremove, "there were no gas zones near your position."
  12. 1. Got to install the armor plugin as well, the armor-hl2rp one is just a separate download to add HL2RP themed armor items (as I also got FORP themed ones).

    2. I broke gaszones somewhere. Working on a fix that should solve buggy zones forever for everything (and provide more features). It'll happen at some point.
  13. YourAdHere

    YourAdHere Clockwork Customer

    How have I only just seen this.

    What the fuck I've been looking for plugins like this for so long.

    Thank you.
  14. @Gr4Ss

    Checkpoint doesn't seem to download via the plugin center.
    Got a link?
  15. It should download from plugin center... Try again, reuploaded it to be 100% it's all correctly formatted (and keep in mind it downloads into clockwork/plugins, not your schema's plugins).
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  16. Legend, cheers.

    Also the Radio Re-work,
    May need to note in the plugin center version that it won't work or is broken without the whole bunch of other stuff that is listed under it in this thread.

    I found out the hard way :S
  17. Blizzard

    Blizzard Clockwork Customer

    Hey G4, How would I remove the [CP] tag from all the CP commands? Thanks!
  18. Got to edit Checkpoint for that (easiest way, but you'll miss out on updates/have to redo it after every update) or make another plugin that overwrites all the "cp_*" chat classes (which you can find in cl_plugins.lua).
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  19. @Gr4Ss

    This is in the Clockwork category, however i have RJ's older one and that was in cwhl2rp, they're kind of similar.

    Does it go in clockwork or cwhl2rp?


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