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Gr4Ss' plugin megathread

Discussion in 'Plugins' started by Gr4Ss, Jul 20, 2014.

  1. Clockwork. It doesn't use any Schema specific functions. It was originally even written for FORP, not HL2RP.
  2. Brandon

    Brandon ಠ_ಠ Active Member

    The radio one reminds me of Arma's radios with the channels and stuff. Nice work.
  3. DayDreamer

    DayDreamer Active Member

    I'm getting a massive amount of errors in my console while trying to use your ItemSpawner plugin.
    Here's the console log: http://pastebin.com/eR0KpLvd
  4. [ERROR] gamemodes/clockwork/plugins/itemspawner/plugin/sv_plugin.lua:26: '}' expected (to close '{' at line 20) near '['
    1. unknown - gamemodes/clockwork/plugins/itemspawner/plugin/sv_plugin.lua:0
    I'm going to assume that you edited the typeValues and made a syntax error, which broke the entire sv_plugin file which contains 90% of the itemspawner code. @Kerdizoume
  5. DayDreamer

    DayDreamer Active Member

    I forgot the comma. :D
    Sorry about that, should have known. Thanks!

    EDIT: I've got that working, now I've got another problem. Do you mind if I add you on steam?
  6. Go ahead.
  7. These plugins are absolutely phenonimal. My experience with these plugins have changed my life forever; and even bettered humanity as a whole. Upon downloading one of these magnificent plugins, I felt a tingling sensation throughout the entirity of my body. First, my toes started to tickle, and as the feeling crawled up my leg, and settled in my head, I knew this was going to be an amazing experience. I slowly became aroused upon using the program known as 7-Zip to extract the plugin into a folder, and as I booted up my FTP Program, Filezilla, I held back the urge to cum in my pants. By this point, I came to realize that these plugins could drastically change not only the world, but the drug industry. Something that gave a feeling better than being high, and for free, would revolutionize hapiness throughout the world, ridding the need of dangerous drugs- such as cocaine or meth. As I dragged and dropped the plugin's folder into my Clockwork: Half Life 2 Roleplay schema's plugin folder, I began to heavily hallucinate. Someone touched my shoulder, whispering into my ear: "Enjoying my plugin?" I turn around, seeing Gr4Ss standing behind me, smiling. Suddenly, my vision goes white, filling with the beauty of gLUA. I shed a tear, and after wiping my eyes, I come clear to see you're gone. It was just a hallucination. I sigh in content, and turn back to my computer screen, the feeling of tingling slowly returning to my weary body. As the file finishes uploading to my FTP, I orgasm; forced to change my clothing; as my server restarts- to the dismay of the players currently roleplaying. Then, something strange starts happening; as the players begin to join the server, OOC floods with complaints- if you can call them anything but complaints, of strange tingling feelings, arousal, and general perkiness. I smiled- it worked.

    I wrote this story to share with the world, so you too- can know the amazing effects of these plugins.
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  8. Toriwarior30055

    Toriwarior30055 Clockwork Customer

    Gas zones/Radiation zones are glitched out for me.

    Well gaszone and radiation zoneare supposed to create a square shape of the room you are in and create a radius of where the gas/radiatin iwll damage youwell the gas and radiation zone sometimes work but they are waaaay off of place and not in the corect way. It's like only in one specific spot. not the whole room .

    and sometimes when you write /gaszoneadd or radiationzoneadd it will say point a added add point b. then if u do it again SOMETIMES it doesnt even say gaszone added
  9. How can I make it so that players with a gasmask does NOT get motion blur ?
  10. Sim2014ftw

    Sim2014ftw le professional leaker

    Contact @Gr4Ss in Steam PM about that
  11. Ringo

    Ringo Clockwork Customer

    Can somebody send me the gas zone plugin please?
  12. I think it is in the plugin center.
  13. Ringo

    Ringo Clockwork Customer

    I've been looking for it and it's not sir :/
  14. Sim2014ftw

    Sim2014ftw le professional leaker

    Contact @Gr4Ss on steam
  15. Ringo

    Ringo Clockwork Customer

    Already done he's busy.
    I mean, added him on steam but no answer for now so, if someone has it, it would be nice to share :)
  16. Shavargo

    Shavargo Clockwork Customer Active Member

    All of your plugins are extremely useful. I currently just switched all of my armor items to use your armor base and I have been running into one issue with it.

    Whenever someone unequips an item using this base, the max armor value is reset making it always zero armor. I have tried repairing the item numerous times and it always says, "This item already has full armor!"
  17. Svensis

    Svensis Guest

    are filters broken that are on his github?
  18. BaB0N

    BaB0N Male|Customer|sex porn all Clockwork Customer

    Uhm, I dont know if I missed something, but I cant find the download link to the craft plugin..
  19. Sim2014ftw

    Sim2014ftw le professional leaker

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  20. I know you are Dev on LP but what other servers?

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