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Other Grailed

Discussion in 'Other Interests' started by TimTimTommy, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. Generisk Løytnant

    Generisk Løytnant Active Member

    i have a few things from colosseum

    they're pretty good with comfortable shit
    idk how affordable, i bought my stuff ages ago
    shouldn't be awful

    e: disregard their site is fucking trash, they only show shirts and i'm too tired to figure out where the pants are
    but they have really comfortable shirts and pants
    i recommend
  2. chuck

    chuck king of private sector Crusader Active Member

    jesus christ, what an awful website with an evenworse selection of clothing. fashion isn't hard, just wear stuff that fits and matches color-wise. if you're fat and uncomfortable with how you look, lose weight and dress differently

    look at these scum. they're going to grow up to be overweight women beaters, which is commendable, but disgusting in those camouflage-painted gimp suits.


    look at these cunts. i'd love to see them with a couple'a welts on their faces.
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  3. kief

    kief kind bud Templar

    a lot of people in florida dress this way
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  4. Aflac

    Aflac Big Guy Crusader

    got some fly new kicks in my usual size and they're too small
    13 is the largest size they sell
    feels bad man
  5. u got some big feet??
  6. Roth

    Roth 45 Spesiale Maatskappy Crusader Active Member

    hahaha canoe feet
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  7. MibNic

    MibNic Guest

    full rick
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. TimTimTommy

    TimTimTommy birds are my fetish

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  9. TimTimTommy

    TimTimTommy birds are my fetish

    bought a Gosha scarf

    I fucking love scarfs
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  10. chuck

    chuck king of private sector Crusader Active Member

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  11. kief

    kief kind bud Templar

    i cop y-3 polo :pP
  12. chuck

    chuck king of private sector Crusader Active Member

    no you didnt i did
  13. MibNic

    MibNic Guest

    u cop gosha shirts tho ;)
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  14. TheFancyAlchemist

    TheFancyAlchemist World famous hl2rp connoisseur Active Member

    Just bought some chubbies for summer wear. They actually go pretty well with the tiger print shirt I bought.
  15. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Staff Member Head Moderator Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    i just get cheap shit off end f i don't gotta pay duties

    if i'm a brokeboi then i just get some adidas t's off eastbay

    edit: lol i've spent $300 in the last 4 days on clothing. bout to spend another $60 for [​IMG]
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2017
  16. kief

    kief kind bud Templar

    i bought some gosha and some more cdg this month, copped me some gosha socks (but not used of course!!!)
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