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HL2RP Gravitic HL2RP Community.

Discussion in 'Communities' started by Eva Durfort, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. https://www.gravitic.tk/
    Our Site.
    Our Discord
    A New Outlook On The Universe.
    After some years on HL2rp, I wanted to change how we interpreted the lore of HL2 in-order to make it more expanse and fresh to try out. So I eliminated Gordon Freemen success on taking on Nihilanth and anyone from Black Mesa living and escaping out into the world. Events prior to Black Mesa are canon, everything that exists in the world still does exist just different reason as to why. With this we sorta release I feel a hurdle for why servers are always a perpetuate state of now. Some may feel like it isn't a big deal but we wanna do stuff unique and a lot of these restrict us so some things needed to go. The Full timeline can found on our server if you would want to see. But to do what we want to do, We have a lot of things that we need to do some of our things, the major being just a population of people. You may have noticed that our community for some time on the server listings with around an average of 4 to 5. And those people are all on all staff and etc.
    A More Human Union.
    For a long time CP's and the entire Metro-police Force, have for the predominantly been with Divisions and later once a unit has reached a certain rank given brainwashing and arguments. We'll be eliminating these factors from our units along expanding more of it. Divisions don't necessarily exist like that do already instead it more or less works like the this, you have your Local Police, then your State, then Federal. Along with that annual brainwashing and argumentation for High Command units will be no more, It something that exists for OOC reason I feel and it makes these tense for units and the over U.U. if any unit can rouge or be corrupt. When comes to argumentation too, it makes your units who are High Command more human and more fleshy and weak in a way.
    Though once we get a high pop High Command units will be rarely seen either unless taken out for important assignments they are working on.

    Weak No More.
    The Resistance is more expanse and diverse than what they're known for, You have your usual local city cells than you Outlands cells. And in the Outlands is where we see The Resistance be expanded upon. In Our Universe, it wouldn't be common to see Outland Cells with bit more military gear and more highly trained in their field and have a leg to stand, Resistance Cells in the Outlands work with each other and fight each other at the same time. Though in the end, they're still a Resistance so they are still not on the same level to the U.U. and have a lot of hurdles to go through still. But just because they're still weak doesn't in a lot of ways mean we won't sometime in the future see the uprising come. And that's really our big thing would like to see happen is The Uprising but it started and accepted by everyone within our community, we have set of requirements for how it shall occur but all of this is for later so we'll won't get into it.

    Limitless ICly Restricted OOCly
    What it is going ICly is overall limitless of what can do, but is we are like any server gonna be restricting it with Via Auths and etc. I.E. We will be doing news cycles, which are news stories that occur around the world. Doing this to make our players feel more in a universe that is always moving on within its world, and that not everything revolves around we they are located and that their situations can change in any moment. OOCly though it's only really small events nothing that would overall affect the sorta yin and yang between the U.U. and Resistance conflict, those that will use to jump start events and mini-event series. Another thing is too is Characters with military backgrounds existing, in our server they can exist but with some limits of course. A Logical and detailed reason as to how your character lived and what they're doing now, So when I say that a Unit can have former military training while same can be said for a rebel too. But each character like this will be caulked up to an Auths Character.


    "But, Why should I join your server ?"
    I feel like people are gonna still be asking and I'll say this, We wanna do these different and unique from HL2rp. But to do that we need users, and to get users we need things that will stand us out from the others. And we have them and we're planned out already launched and ready to go. Occasional bugs but nothing major that can ruin us, The most major thing we need is players. Cause we all hate if our characters actions in end, don't matter. And wish to change that but for us to do so we need users to join in this venture of ours. So I wish for you guys to come on our server sometimes and help us get a stable population, we are always looking for help in our staff just contact our admins and tells what your skills are and if you can be useful to us, we'll be glad for you to join us.
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    Last edited: Jan 19, 2018
  2. chuck

    chuck king of private sector Active Member

    This is pretty interesting.

    Your reasoning for people to join your server is "We need players." and "We're unique but we need players."

    The concept is promising, but it's up to you not to screw it up.
  3. Aberidius

    Aberidius Can I lighten that coin purse up for ya? Staff Member Store Support Clockwork Customer Active Member

    I mean, isn't this what everyone says and then theres a bunch of people wandering around w/o anything to do?
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  4. Your right and it's problem for our server with low pop. I say I want our server's resistance to be started up by the players but the first major thing that happened for them was started by minges and it didn't turn out so good.
  5. Quintinthegr8

    Quintinthegr8 Clockwork Customer Active Member

    I actually really like your ideas, I'm just not sure how long you'll be able to stick to you plans before it ends up going in a completely different direction. You should always consider the human element.
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  6. Some of the grammar needs improvement, i.e: argumentations are supposed to be augmentations, unnecessary capitalization in the middle of some sentences, parts of sentences look like they were deleted and forgotten / not making any sense, random punctuation marks throughout paragraphs thrown in to make it look better.
    This server sounds just like any other server - bland and boring with nothing to do, where the main excuse is being told to do passiveRP. Do try to make bigger and better selling points, the flashier the better, maybe add a progressive storyline with consequences for a certain faction's actions. Also the thread needs a facelift, it looks a bit like it was thrown together with thirty minutes of writing.
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  7. It's funny how you mention a progressive storyline, for which we are doing and that's our main motif. It's just passive rp of players need the driving that moves the storyline or else it wouldn't be as engaging enough as it would be any other way. It's wanna add an emphasis on that your actions only really sometimes effect things close to you and not the world entirely.
  8. Yeah, we're replacing you, So MPF Leads are open for anyone who wants to take a jab at it.
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    Last edited: Jan 16, 2018
  9. He's been a pain in our side and just needs to be publicly embarrassed.
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  10. Hiya, I'm a senior administrator for this server. This was our bad. But this user in particular has caused many problems for us in particular, so we might of got ahead of ourselves with that comment. Regardless, what we should of mentioned in this thread is that we also have an active dev that is working on plugins/and features for this server, not only for MPF like a lot of other communities, but the citizen factions too. I'm sure we'll edit the original post to include more likeable traits our server has. We do appreciate the criticism, and its important to have them, especially on advertisements related to our community. We're also addressing the staff drama going on, and we'll keep within the STAFF ONLY from now on. :)
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  11. No, I understand you, It's just there are a time and place for that. And he continues to not understand that.
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  12. Like, Minty said, I apologize to you all for seeing that. But his opinions for what we do to the MPF doesn't matter. We'll take them as suggestions and think about it, but the final say isn't his department.
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  13. chuck

    chuck king of private sector Active Member

    if anything, you publicly castrating one of your staff makes me want to play the server even more. it shows that you arent afraid to cut the FAT out of the MEAT.

    Besides, I like the idea of a local, state, and federal police system. Sounds neato.
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  14. emms

    emms eskimo Clockwork Customer Active Member

    I'll be sure to check you out. Looks good, don't ruin it like a lot of other people do.
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  15. Freelok

    Freelok Active Member

    Your thread is riddled with grammatical errors. I'd probably fix that if I were you.
    Eva told me about his aspirations to do this project around a year ago, and he seems to be executing it just fine. It looks very, very average (after another read over), so good luck.
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  16. Reagent

    Reagent The Reagent Menace Active Member

    Honestly this is probably one of the first servers in this entire board that actually has the balls to address cancerous admins publicly. I'll check this server out today!
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  17. SmallS

    SmallS Clockwork Customer Active Member

    fuck i cant wait to raid the nexus with 15 radios and 2 pistols.

    On a serious note, though, the concept itself looks pretty interesting and I like how focused your schema is on giving players opportunities to actually do something. If you can pull this off it'd be a good refresher from the generic and frankly boring "go afk in the nexus for half an hour while admins erp in the slums with overly edgy and outlandish MPF and rebel characters" route I see a lot of servers go down. Good luck buddy.
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  18. Tomorrow, We'll be hosting, Walk-in tryouts for Metro-Police along with Our main bar opening up for people. We have Outlands locked away on our map Until we see some resistance cells form so don't expect to travel there. Overall our narrative plot line is ready to go but, at the same time, we just need our players who may join to find themselves in the world and not us direct them on what they should be or not be. But we know that means people wanting to shockcop as soon as they get on. And I say take time, I'm lead on BMD's so if people wanna get guns and etc, your actions on the server will need to be proof that you can handle having one.
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  19. chuck

    chuck king of private sector Active Member

    I'll be there! Ready to have a great time. This server looks promising. :)
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  20. Digital Junkie

    Digital Junkie Active Member

    I'm against shockcopping so I may prove useful in having a gun.
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