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Half Life 2 RP Temporary Decoration Staff Applications

Discussion in 'Content Suggestions' started by Lung, Mar 2, 2019.

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  1. Lung

    Lung Moderator Staff Member Moderator Active Member

    C16-HL2RP Temp. Staff Decoration App.
    Hey everyone, we're getting closer and closer to server launch. So we figured it's time to set up temporary positions for decoration when the server comes up in it's early stage. Below will be some questions for an application that you can fill out and send to staff members via conversations @Lung, @Sixx, @vexus. If you do manage to get the position, it includes having PET flags for a limited amount of time to help the server staff decorate. Compensation for helping will allow you any whitelist of your choice, as well as 1000 IC Tokens. (Do note, that a staff member can and will briefly take those away if abused or used irresponsibly.)

    Do NOT post your application in this thread.
    General Questions:

    • Firstly, how much experience do you have setting up decorations for a roleplay map? Specifically Half Life 2 Roleplay? i.e Have you ever set up decorations on a successful server?

    • Why do you think you might deserve one of the positions? What ideas do you think you could bring to the table that haven't been thought of? This is important.

    • Do you know how to maintain a stylistic consistency to keep the flow of the map?

    • Do you understand that optimization is important and crucial? And that the devil is in the details when it comes to prop limits?

    • And lastly, do you understand that this is an important position regarding the server? And that if lack of interest shows and little to no work is done, and that if the position isn't taken seriously it will be revoked?

    Screening Questions:

    • You and another staff member and or decorator get into an altercation about how to decorate a specific area of the map, how do you handle this situation personally?

    • You notice another decorator going in and moving props / decorations that have already been agreed upon and are not to be touched. No one else is on. What do you do?

    • You feel that an area does not look correct, or does not feel true to the flow of the map. How would you handle this?

    • And last, you do understand that this position is temporary and in no way means that you will get to keep PET flags after it is said and done?

    Thank you everyone for taking the time to read the application, depending on the amount that do come through it will take some time for staff to choose and to weigh in on the right candidates. Good luck! And thanks again.
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  2. Lung

    Lung Moderator Staff Member Moderator Active Member


    The applications are now CLOSED
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