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hearts of iron IV

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by TimTimTommy, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. SirMush

    SirMush cool kid

    you're pretty bad at france
  2. disrespect me one more time and scg wont be the only forum you're banned from.
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  3. TimTimTommy

    TimTimTommy birds are my fetish

    i took a class in economics and now i can play victoria 2

    i actually really like victoria 2

    laissez faire
  4. MibNic

    MibNic Guest

    fascist babylon>the world
  5. Lt. Dan Taylor

    Lt. Dan Taylor Active Member

    adam smith here 2 help!!
  6. what you don't just randomly select whatever comes up on your election screen?

    what are you fuckin gay?
  7. TimTimTommy

    TimTimTommy birds are my fetish

    cuz why play a country with a "democratic system where the people vote???"
    that's disgusting
    the invisible hand fixes everything
  8. Lt. Dan Taylor

    Lt. Dan Taylor Active Member

    people talk about luxembourg world conquest but a much more difficult one would probably be bhutan or nepal

    i mean seriously bhutan has like 300k pop and is next to india and tibet rip resources and factories

    nepal sort of has the same situation
  9. lol Tibet is easy to take over, from there u just take over the Chinese warlord states as fast as you can and maybe go for the communists
  10. TimTimTommy

    TimTimTommy birds are my fetish

    wtf Luxembourg is hard as dick I can't take on Belgium 1v1 and I'm not calling in Germany cuz I want the Belgian chocolate to myself
  11. Belgian troops are shit though, all you have to do is try and pocket the majority of their troops and then rush to Antwerp
  12. TimTimTommy

    TimTimTommy birds are my fetish

    unless they made changes within like the last update to the AI of beligum or something all I remember is trying to conquer Belgium as Luxembourg like 5 times and failing almost every single time.

    I could only raise up about 5 divisions, with a 3x3 infantry template. And I spent alot of time building up land-forts in Luxembourg, and my goal was to have the Belgians continuously attack me while at a huge disadvantage cause of the forts so my troops would gain experience but whenever I pushed it always ended up poorly for me.
  13. use artillery I guess

    edit: idk isorrows production did a pretty legit luxemborg strat

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