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[HEAVY WIP] rp_city41_v1a

Discussion in 'Mapping' started by Aspect, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. Aspect

    Aspect Hey Pal, did you just blow in from stupid town? Active Member

    City 41

    City 41 was originally a meme I did with my friends a while ago. I made a poster in photoshop for the Civil Workers Union for a Community to put on the server using /advertadd (The server was using City 11 as their map, in case you are wondering.). This is the poster.

    Some friends commented on it, asking who the man is and why he is Asian. I said I just found a random guy on google and added him.
    One of them, if I remember correctly, jokingly said that, that poster should be placed on a North Korea map.
    The I jokingly replied with "Oh! I am going to make a North Korea-Themed HL2RP map!" since I've recently got into Hammer and I liked it.
    We laughed and laughed, but the thought stuck in my mind. And after a while, I decided I will try to make it!

    The map might be an inaccurate copy of the North Korea City, Manpo. Or I might just make it how I like and ignore the whole Manpo idea.
    Satellite view of Manpo in North Korea:

    Here is my Trello that I use for my maps / servers / projects. Feel free to check it out to check for updates and development progress.
    Here is my Discord Server if you want to contact me easier or get sneak development peaks of the map if and when I post any before I post them here.
    Comment here or contact me if you have any sort of ideas, suggestions or feedback!

    Just a note, there is a high chance that I'll give up on this project either because I'll get bored or my skills won't be developed enough to achieve what I want.
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  2. Tyrex

    Tyrex Active Member

    are you human
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  3. Zig

    Zig Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    It's pretty fun.
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  4. Aspect

    Aspect Hey Pal, did you just blow in from stupid town? Active Member

    Like even if I don't complete something, I like making it and spending time on it for some reason.
  5. Aspect

    Aspect Hey Pal, did you just blow in from stupid town? Active Member

    Update. I finally started working on the map. I've been working on the layout for about 3 days now. I'm also busy with alot of other things so development of this map is kinda slow.
    The Layout may change at any time, or might be completely re-done.
    At the center of the image would be the main plaza sort of area, with left or right the Ration Distribution Centre. The Players would spawn on the road on the bottom left. Around the plaza would be different shops and on the sides 4 Residential Buildings. Two on each side. On the rest of the map I am planning to do sort of the same, except the center will be shops, a sewer entrance, a subway station or something like that. On the unfinished road on the top right would be a road that goes upwards and left towards a straight road, surrounded by Warehouses, Residential Buildings, shops or something along those lines. Behind each shop around the map would be an alleyway, for these sneaky citizens to mug or do their deals or whatever they'd like to do.

    Again, all of these ideas may change at some point, but thats what I have in mind right now.

    Hit me up if you have any suggestions or feedback.
  6. Aspect

    Aspect Hey Pal, did you just blow in from stupid town? Active Member

    Here's the latest I have done with the map.
    But in my opinion it looks kinda weird, too... un-natural. What do you guys think?

    To those who are wondering, yes I did copy the buildings off of HL2. Don't flame me pls.

    I've been thinking of re-creating the city from scratch but in a more natural way.
    Yeah my progress will all be lost but meh.
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  7. Maybe add like a big citadel and an abandoned apartment building, random abandoned / condemned buildings littered throughout. Add like a north korean military outpost with north korean wording / insignia and a shop with fake fruit.
    Also an outlands that is literally big open farm lands with farm houses and dead bodies
  8. Aspect

    Aspect Hey Pal, did you just blow in from stupid town? Active Member

    I plan on adding a sewer system rather than outlands. I personally prefer it.
  9. Hey man, your choice. But if you're actually adding a sewer system instead then at least make it spacious and big unlike some maps...
  10. Aspect

    Aspect Hey Pal, did you just blow in from stupid town? Active Member

    I'll see what I can do.
  11. Aspect

    Aspect Hey Pal, did you just blow in from stupid town? Active Member

    So I decided to re-make the city. Right now it didn't look natural at all. I am also really busy with other things too so don't expect frequent updates.

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