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Hey there!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by RenegadeYT, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. RenegadeYT

    RenegadeYT Clockwork Customer

    Hey, my name's Sasha. I'm a community owner from the not very lovely state of potatoes.
    I have a quick question - what host would you recommend for a HL2RP server? (I don't have access to the Support Desk yet.)
    Hope y'all have fun!
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  2. Viz

    Viz Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    I would recommend NFOServers.com or Nitrous Networks. Used both for a long period of time and never had any issues, plus both have excellent support.
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  3. Aberidius

    Aberidius Chief Technology Officer Staff Member Administrator Store Support Active Member

    I vouch for Nitrous Networks. I used them for all the servers I ran. Fast and helpful support. Serenity Servers was good but they turned bad when they didn't wanna take responsibility for their system faults and blamed it on being something on the client's ("me") end.
  4. Schulze35

    Schulze35 At 23, I bought it all just to make sure. Clockwork Customer Active Member

    NFO is doing great for me ;)
  5. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Staff Member Head Moderator Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    personally I always go the route of personal servers over game server providers, but if its your first time owning a server I would go with nitrous as well.

    pretty much literally anything except kemerd's hosting.
  6. Sixx

    Sixx presidential #1 Legend

    Nitrous are the best UK based host, I've used them since like 2012, but NFO is the easiest to use I think, only really recommend those for US servers.
    @RJ are you still hosting servers? Last time I used them they were pretty sweet, could pay a little extra for CW installation too if iirc
  7. RJ

    RJ no pay Legend Crusader Templar Clockwork Customer

    I sure am! My website is right here: https://hosting.jonathandroogh.com/

    The Game CP has a bit of learning curve to it but the price is very affordable imo. The Terms of Service is also very simple, it may seem a bit harsh but as I mention in the ToS it's simply to protect myself from troublesome customers.
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  8. Bender

    Bender Clockwork Customer Active Member

    NFOservers or bust. A little on the expensive side, but they have effective DDoS protection, will help you with just about anything you need, their support guys know what they're doing, and ticket response times within 10 minutes, absolutely wonderful service.
  10. Maniac

    Maniac Clockwork Customer Active Member

    There's another host called Crident.
  11. Hello :)
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