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HL2RP How to spawn backsword 2 weapons

Discussion in 'Support Desk' started by BetaDesh, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. BetaDesh

    BetaDesh Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Hey so I'm a little confused right now. In the clockwork base files there's all these backsword 2 weapons but in game I can't seem to find a way to spawn them, there's not a section in the Q menu for them.
  2. cash wednesday

    cash wednesday do you know who the fk i am??? Staff Member Manager

    Do you mean you want to spawn them as items? Or just spawn them straight from the weapons menu?
  3. BetaDesh

    BetaDesh Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Either way.
  4. BetaDesh

    BetaDesh Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Preferably through the weapons menu though
  5. cold

    cold here we go yo, so what's the scenario Active Member

    AFAIK, Backsword 2 was never completed, I think @Zig was making it but I dunno how far he got? Better to ask him directly anyways.
  6. BetaDesh

    BetaDesh Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Damn, I was hoping to make a plugin using it for a few custom weapons, but I can't really do what I wanted to with the clockwork weapon base, and the only other viable option would be M9K which most people don't like.
  7. Zig

    Zig Active Member

    I think as of now they're in the development folder, and not installed automatically in Clockwork due to them being very sloppy code wise and unfinished (which was my fault because I made the base extensions a while ago). I'm working on a rewrite of the base currently, but afaik the weapons that are included work fine. So, simply drag the Backsword 2 folder in the development folder into Clockwork plugins and they should all load up properly in the spawn menu.

    The whole thing is a picky subject, but I plan to release the rewrite to the workshop and keep the entire base as optimized and effective as possible. It's going to take a while, but soon there should be a valid and acceptable weapon base to come out of it. There's multiple versions of Backsword 2 in the development folder, don't use 0.07.
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