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Item List

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Daniel, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. Daniel

    Daniel Clockwork Customer

    Hello, I would like to request plugin which will add to Q Menu Item List. Basically, you can see all the custom Items and scripts in the tab
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  2. NoahtheBoah36™

    NoahtheBoah36™ Clockwork Retard Clockwork Customer Active Member

    I am told such a thing exists, but I don't believe it actually does as the person I found this out from was a minge/troll who was trying to sell it but then started just causing trouble, and upon being banned made this ban appeal: https://boahnetworks.mistforums.com/thread/loigh-as-fucks-ban-reappeal-356827

    Anyway, all that aside, if you do find such a thing, please do share it with us! That could be a godsend for event makers.
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  3. BananasTheKing

    BananasTheKing Clockwork Customer

    It does in fact exist. ._.
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  4. Freelok

    Freelok Guest

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