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Jail Sentence Plugin (willing to pay)

Discussion in 'Requests' started by mallic, May 20, 2018.

  1. mallic

    mallic Clockwork Customer Active Member

    I would like to commission someone to make a plugin that allows specific classes to have a command to jail people. This would cause a character to respawn when joining the server at admin specified jail cell spawn points and track when a character is supposed to be released from jail. I would like it so this can only be able to be used on players that are zip-tied or unconscious. I would like the state of the character under jail sentence to be zip tied so that they cannot use inventory items. There also needs to be a command to set them free, so that their spawnpoint goes back to the normal faction spawn point. Jail command need to be able to be whitelisted to a class. I would like a command that can be used by anyone not currently serving a jail sentence to unjail someone to allow for people rping out jailbreaks. The admin command to add/remove spawnpoints should be available through a custom flag if possible. TO CLARIFY, I DO NOT WANT THIS COMMAND TO INSTANTLY TELEPORT PEOPLE TO JAIL. I JUST WANT IT TO SET THEIR RESPAWN POINT TO ONE OF THE JAIL CELL SPAWN POINTS AN ADMIN ADDS.

    Example of commands and arguments I would like to see:
    Class whitelisted only:
    /jail <jail sentence end date>
    /checksentence *shows the jail sentence end date for the person you are looking at*
    /checkselfsentence *checks your own jail sentence end date*

    Public command:
    /unjail *unjails the character you are looking at*

    Admin commands:

    I am willing to pay for this plugin to be made. I have no problem with the author of the plugin publishing the plugin as their own on here for other people to use once the plugin has been completed. I am all about helping the clockwork community grow with more useful tools right out of the gate.
    Last edited: May 20, 2018
  2. Aspect

    Aspect =) Veteran Active Member

    This isn't DarkRP man...
    I'm a nice guy and I would help you if I could but like
    Just make your cps pick up the bodies / escort the citizens to the nexus jail manualy. It's more fun like that.
    But at the end of the day, it's your server. You do you. I just wanted to give my opinion.
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  3. mallic

    mallic Clockwork Customer Active Member

    I want them to still have to do that. If you noticed, I didn't say I wanted the command to instantly teleport a jailed person to jail. What I said I wanted was that if they DC while jailed, I want them to spawn back into jail. That way, I don't have to constantly ban people for trying to DC scum the cops during RP.

    Also, I am not doing HL2RP. I am doing CiderTwo and setting up a city RP.
  4. Aspect

    Aspect =) Veteran Active Member

    Then enable the "Respawn where left" (<-- Something along those lines) config option?
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  5. Gregory

    Gregory Money Mayweather Investor Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Was thinking your last reply, best idea it too keep it as player based, more fun manually releasing people etc, I think making use of jails would be more fun then the standard, either get a beating or get killed
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  6. mallic

    mallic Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Don't want that to happen on the off chance that someone spawns in and collides with someone because some dickhead logged off in the middle of the street. I just want the people who are jailed to have their spawn be in prison. Everyone else can use normal spawns. Arguments about whether or not I should want want I want aside, I am still offering to pay someone to make the plugin.

    Since you guys seem to be unclear on my intent, below is a use case scenario.

    Cop A is arresting Perp B. Cop A then walks Perp B to the jail cell. After making Perp B walk into the jail cell, Cop A uses the /jail command and sets a time. When the time is up, the character is then free to start yelling and rping a giant shit storm until someone comes and lets him out. Cops would then have to manually let him out of the cell and run the /unjail command to reset the spawn point to that faction's default.

    Alternatively, while that person is locked up, his buddies could jail break him and run the /unjail command themselves.

    Yes, I realize that enabling spawn where last was could theoretically do this, but that adds that functionality in more places than I would want. It also relies on the server to save locations properly.
    Last edited: May 20, 2018
  7. Gregory

    Gregory Money Mayweather Investor Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Nebulous have the feature enabled, and can honestly say i've never seen that happen... You're making shit difficult for no reason .... If it's not broken .. don't fix it?
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  8. mallic

    mallic Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Eh I watched someone walk through the civilian spawnpoint yesterday on my server during testing and get stuck inside each other.
  9. Gregory

    Gregory Money Mayweather Investor Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Civ spawn point yeah i can see that being likely, that even happens without Persistent position
  10. Aspect

    Aspect =) Veteran Active Member

    If Faction spawn points are too close to eachother, that will happen. Though I have never seen in my rp career of years someone leaving the server and someone else leaving the server AT THE SAME EXACT SPOT and then both of them getting on AT THE SAME EXACT TIME in order to get stuck.
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