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legendary and crusader is dead

Discussion in 'Forum Council' started by Tommy, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. The Dovahneer

    The Dovahneer i can change my title Active Member

    would you rather people do shit like that in private or in public
  2. Death Zombine

    Death Zombine Derpington Active Member

    Public. If you're gonna say shit about people in public then you have balls however you're more brave if you say shit about someone who is part of the "Don't fuck with us!" club. Sometimes you will get banned for talking shit to people part of that club. example is the guy who said Aflac taking meds isn't being part of the cool kids but it was justified because the guy did say some rude stuff.
  3. Lev

    Lev certified honorable guy

    aflac was owned by sants the other day
    speak up. pay lev 50$ per day to stop aflac abuse.

    I think if L/C was given to the right people, it could make a 'good' comeback. I guess if we need to remove anything, it'd be Legendary. Crusader is really to thank people for their contributions to the forums.
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  4. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Clockwork Customer Active Member

    I think we should keep Legendary, but increase the post count needed massively. Maybe 1k. Crusader should be for people with previous staff affiliation, personal friends of Conna, and anyone else in general who has greatly contributed to the forums.

    Or we can go back to when we had Honorable, Legendary, and Crusader, where Honorable would take the place of Crusader and Crusader would be a post count group along with Legendary.
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  5. Tommy

    Tommy used to be relevant Clockwork Customer

    my opinion

    legendary should be like it was before but maybe with a higher postcount, honestly the only thing that left me on this forum before was looking into the legendary sector and seeing all the swaggy shit

    it was entertaining as fuck because it was just the raw thoughts of everyone even if it was something incredibly stupid and autistic, because there was no rules there

    it was great

    the only difference i feel should be put in place is that we bring back the "chillbro" rule me and monkah implemented, where the only guideline is refraining from just hardcore bashing on people for no reason whatsoever

    crusader could stick as an honorable replacement

    i just really want to see the legend sector active again that was my shit dude
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  6. RJ

    RJ no pay Legend Clockwork Customer

  7. Aflac

    Aflac Big Guy

    let me just spell out my reasoning for NOT having an "exclusive" free for all
    1. it encourages a hivemind that keeps out new people even in public boards (ie "Wow Aflac is autistic!" in private, but then those people carry that impression out into the public boards)
    2. it encourages post whoring
    3. it takes discussion out of appropriate public boards because people don't like certain others who aren't in the private board
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  8. Zoo

    Zoo title

    im not posting an opinion because either way too much drama
  9. Starkiller

    Starkiller OwO whats this!

    Is this thread still up? Holy fuck lock it already, this has been nothing but stalemate after stalemate of arguments.
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  10. Tommy

    Tommy used to be relevant Clockwork Customer

    an argument now and again is healthy

    people just need to bring up their opinion on both ends and i feel threads like this where people are doing so arent around enough, it's just "ur a faggot" and then locked

    stop locking the thread @Lev

    if that's the case however, then we should get rid of all of the private boards

    i like having a shitfest while also disallowing flaming on people. as long as we disallow flaming people, its a healthy environment to have a norules area. if you don't have it, you'll have shitposts everywhere, and idk if any of the other mods have noticed or even users but shitposts are getting more and more common when we made legendary a kurobux subscription rather than posts, and now just unreachable.
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  11. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Clockwork Customer Active Member

    everything tommy said is true, legendary sector was top last i had it

    only thing you need is monkah's chillbro rule and you're golden

    there was only one argument tbh and that was prussia's inconsistent babbling but now he's banned so whatever
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  12. Lev

    Lev certified honorable guy

    I locked it once >.>

    also yes I agree with Tommy
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  13. Sixx

    Sixx roleplay crusader

    +Agree with everything @Tommy put across, yo. I just wanna see the forums restored to its old, un-serious and wacky as shit glory.
    The new crowd of Legendaries we have in place of shitheads bad people like Kurochi, Soviet Jesus and he who shall not be na- Dub, (just to name a very select few) I think we can do a much better job at keeping it moderated and kept under regulation.
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  14. Tommy

    Tommy used to be relevant Clockwork Customer

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  15. RJ

    RJ no pay Legend Clockwork Customer

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  16. Delicate

    Delicate **KNOWN CLOCKWORK TROLL** Active Member

    give me crusader
  17. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Clockwork Customer Active Member

    no give me crusader i actually had it before
  18. Delicate

    Delicate **KNOWN CLOCKWORK TROLL** Active Member

    implying i didn't? scrub
  19. Tommy

    Tommy used to be relevant Clockwork Customer

    does anyone know where kurozael is he's disappeared from everything for like a week
  20. SireElite

    SireElite what's the big fucking deal? Active Member

    • Shitposting
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 3, 2015

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