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Lemonpunch server possible virus?

Discussion in 'Fast Threads' started by OG Fatty, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. duck

    duck Phant0m Legend

    A bunch of accounts that are 0 days old and someone named Ranosh in this thread, lol. Pretty sure this whole thing is a troll.
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  2. guys i was on the fake LP server i was forced to type !ranos by the staff team and then a task opened in my PC and shut down 2 seconds after nothing has happened yet but im scared i think they infected my pc
  3. Aspect

    Aspect Who I am depends on who you learn it from. Active Member

    Scan for viruses?
    Backup your files?

    Hide your wifes
    Hide your children
    The Ranos is coming
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  4. Aspect

    Aspect Who I am depends on who you learn it from. Active Member

    Finally someone who agrees.
  5. Ranosh

    Ranosh worlds best rper

    no I dont think so
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  6. Aspect

    Aspect Who I am depends on who you learn it from. Active Member

    Now that I think about it they might have made accounts today to warn others about this.

    Or it's just a troll.
    Oh well.
  7. No me and Ranosh played on the server we are friends IRL and we know each other well we tought maybe lp relaunched? we were like OMG not true and joined and then it said !Ranos and then ranosh made a account on Cloud Sixteen and warned you guys and told me to do the same we are not trolls even other people saw it and i think my pcs infected guys how do i fix a lua virus?
  8. Reagent

    Reagent The Reagent Menace Active Member

    lol this is all fake & people are being led on by new accounts. good troll though, i won't lie.

    my favorite part is when someone is convinced because of a 2014 entry on a virus encyclopedia
    gullible asf haha
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    Last edited: Jan 4, 2018
  9. klark

    klark α Active Member

    no dude it is real they hacked me and stole all my csgo skins :((((((
  10. Pistol P

    Pistol P Active Member

    We all know who the real culprit is.
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  11. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Clockwork Customer Active Member

    ya'll dumb
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  12. dead flag blues

    dead flag blues "...ours is a world of nuclear giants..." Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Maybe @Sixx was behind it?!
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  13. It's fake. I'm settled with Monolith, and am not going to launch LemonPunch again.

    This Zomba guy in the thread also apparently made a fake Steam account of me with the LP tag and tried to push some "grand reopening" of LP, so he's probably involved.
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