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HL2RP LittleClassicRoleplay.com Hl2RP

Discussion in 'Communities' started by Maxyii, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Maxyii

    Maxyii Clockwork Customer


    Name -
    Little Classic Roleplay
    Server Type - HL2 RP
    Founded - June 2015 (Under an old name of Complete King Gaming)
    Peak Time - 4pm-7pm GMT+0

    Little Classic Roleplay was founded in June of 2015 under the name of Complete King Gaming, since then we have changed our name, remodelled and relaunched our HL2 RP server. We aim to bring back the classic roleplay style of HL2 RP but at the same time making it more fun and interesting to play.


    What makes us unique
    The main problem that we found within other HL2 RP communities was that a lot of people complained about how they always had to go and actively search for roleplay, whereas it is our aim to bring the roleplay to you. We do this in multiple ways, such as via the use of our Civil Workers Union (CWU) as this faction often runs work shifts for the citizens to take part in where they get some roleplay done by ICly fixing/building something, or anything else along those lines, and then at the end of it they are rewarded. The CWU will try and make these sessions last a good length, long enough so that people get immersed in the RP and enjoy it but not so long that they start to get fed up of it. Another way we like to bring the roleplay to you is by just engaging in character with you, even if it’s something as basic as having a conversation with you, developing a backstory for yourself and sharing it or giving you a tour of the city. We believe that what makes a good Roleplay server is roleplay itself, yes it is stating the obvious but a lot of server forget it, we have been on some servers where they base themselves around collecting weapons and shooting each other than developing character, we do not ban weapons altogether as we do have them but we place character development above them as that is how things were when HL2 RP started, that is classic roleplay.

    Our server is complete, this isn’t something that is very unique but it is something that is vital for a successful HL2 RP server. Recently we have seen and been on servers that have just opened and don’t have anything built, on our server everything is done, we have working gas in the sewers, item spawners, exploits patched, full ration distribution, and completed forums. These are things that most servers do not have, even though they are public and open for anyone to join they are missing everything that makes a HL2 RP server.

    One final thing that makes our server unique is how the civil administration team has an impact on the general server. This is done by them working close in hand with the Civil workers union who create different items during roleplay work shifts. If these items are not created in time and brought to the administrators, then certain places will shut down in the map, affecting the citizens IC health. E.g: Rations are not made in time; the ration distribution terminal will be shut down. Bandages and health supplies not made; the medical centre will be shut down.

    The administration faction is slightly altered on our server to allow for more roleplay within the whitelist. There are three main roles for an administrator which they can apply for, these are Executive, Sentinel and Ambassador. These roles carry out different tasks as described on our forum roleplay documents, however their main role is to broadcast speeches, work with the CWU to get the ration distribution centre open and on time, and to help the civil protection carry out anti-citizen reports and investigations.
    Civil Protection- The Civil Protection is the protectors of civilised society, they are the sword and shield of the Combine. We use the ‘Intention’ ranking system, this is where units are rewarded for their actions with Intention points and the more of these points they gain the higher the rank they’ll be. There are different ranks, such as King, Swift or Union and the ranks go, i5, i4, i3, i2, i1 and then RL (Rank Leader), so for the rank of i4 it is 50 Intention points and when you rank up you lose your Intention points and there are many things these points could be spent on.
    Civil Workers Union- This is the workforce of the city and there are two sectors, the CWU Medical and Industrial, each deal with different things within the city and each of them have unique ranks. Citizens can sign up to join it and when they do they gain a low tier loyalist rank for helping the Union. The CWU also deals with housing citizens and selling permits for shops, this allows the citizens more freedom to make something of themselves within the city.

    There are two types of Vortigaunt within our server, Free Vortigaunts and Enslaved Vortigaunts. The Free Vortigaunts normally live in the sewers and the area of Shell Beach, they are allied with the resistance’s cause of overthrowing the Combine, or as Vortigaunts call them, the oppressors. Enslaved Vortigaunts are Vortigaunts that have been captured by the Combine and forced to work for them but they see this as a better life than what they had on Xen living under the rule of the Nihilanth.
    Citizen- This is the basic starting faction and it is also the most interesting as it can lead to many things, such as becoming a resistance fighter, a loyalist, a member of the CWU, a Civil Protection Unit or even an Administrator. Citizens have many opportunities within the city to make life better, they can run a shop and make some money or the can become a Loyalist and gain quite a bit of respect and power within the city, even possibly becoming part of the Administration team.
    Overwatch Transhuman Arm- The OTA are a very rarely used faction as they are mainly used to protect the Administration team, sweep the city during an Autonomous Judgment and even then they hardly roleplay as they are mainly used as intimidation and in s2k (Shoot To Kill), for example when Autonomous Judgement is called and the Civil Protection need assistance in sweeping the city and sewers. The OTA were once humans but no longer as they were changed by the Combine to be killing machines and nothing more as they have no emotions and only serve one purpose, to preserve the reign of the Universal Union.

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  2. chuck

    chuck king of private sector Crusader Active Member

    why do servers like these always have stupid ass names?

    what compelled you to change your server from "COMPLETE KING GAMING" to "little classic roleplay" ??? did you seriously think one was better than the other?

    anyways... joke criticism aside...

    love the idea of an administration faction. you dont ever see these. this is great

    vortigaunt whitelists are stupid and plagued with players that are awful at roleplaying as vortigaunts. be cautious when handing these out, do not give one to a player named "sigma" he is literally autistic and cannot properly roleplay as a vortigaunt.

    this doesn't explain what makes you unique, it just tell us how you deliver roleplay to the player. the one unique thing this server has is the administration faction- with that, if used correctly, you can have a lot of new and interesting roleplay.
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  3. i kinda have to agree with chuck even tho he's probably joking, the name goes from overwhelming then to nostalgic which really isn't something to sell in the case of "HL2RP," i honestly consider late 2000s to be a new thing rather than worthy of "nostalgia."
    anyway kudos to you for the S2K rules cause i looked on the fourms, i legit think you should make your S2K rules a selling point because you're just about the only lower-populated server of this caliber to cut the bullshit that is poorly-made rolling systems and play to noose and just skip to S2K on sight for certain situations.
    anyway if i may provide some suggestions or advice: ensure everyone is aware of the S2K-on-sight rules, you'll encounter some salty fuckers with item esp or aimbot, and or civil protection whitelist real quick when NBK mode happens in the slums. also ensure that in situations where s2k will be used outside of what is already pre-established do a "/event hey guys s2k mode dont be salty cause u got corpsed." maybe even with a countdown and other pre-existing warnings
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  4. SireElite

    SireElite what's the big fucking deal? Templar Active Member


    mfw sigma blocks me thinking that quote is me
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2017
  5. Svensis

    Svensis Guest

    this community sounds really amaizing????????????
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  6. BananasTheKing

    BananasTheKing Clockwork Customer

    I knew who it was, lmao. I blocked you for your comment on it.
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  7. this looks like yet another forgettable HL2RP which will crash and burn in the next 2 weeks.
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  8. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Staff Member Head Moderator Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    but it's a little classic retard
  9. redcatjack

    redcatjack Moderator and Map Developer Staff Member Moderator Clockwork Customer

    Alright guys, come'on. Try and keep it civil, I don't want to go handing warnings outs where it can easily be avoided.
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  10. god damn you guys are harsh.
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  11. Yeesh, you guys are a real buzzkill.
    Don't judge a book by its cover is what I learned. Although there is really nothing that makes this server pop out like any other server, just your basic hl2rp...
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  12. Oliver

    Oliver Some kinda has-been Clockwork Customer Active Member

    Link to your website is dead, lmao.

    And I'll agree with what's been said here - this seems like another overnight project that won't run it's course and be abandoned as an idea that never took off.

    Still, all the best to you.
  13. SireElite

    SireElite what's the big fucking deal? Templar Active Member

    gotta love the negativity cloudsixteen brings
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  14. vexus

    vexus ej rockwell's worst nightmare Staff Member Head Moderator Legend Clockwork Customer Active Member

    this is a CLASSIC post.
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